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sleep deprived + 21 of the worst things EVER! Hilarious

This should tell you how sleep deprived I am. I posted (on a Tuesday) "Happy Wednesday y'all!" on Facebook. Ugh.

Here are 21 of the Worst Things Ever! As classified by
Buzzfeed. I cracked up when I saw some of the pics listed on the right! These are some of my faves! By the way, I don't agree with the last one on their list!

Do you hate getting your cell phone bill and realize that you've gone over your minutes or data plan allowance? It happens to me all the time. The Federal Communications Commission has launched a new website designed to help wireless customers keep track of how close they are to their monthly usage limits. The website tracks how the major U.S. wireless carriers alert you when you’re at risk of going over your usage limits for voice, data and text. An FCC survey says that 30 million Americans – or one out of every six wireless users – has experienced “bill shock,” when they unknowingly went over their limit. Under an agreement reached between the FCC and the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association, four major carriers and six others (Cellcom, Cellular One of Northeast Arizona, Clearwire, Illinois Valley Cellular, SouthernLINC Wireless and U.S. Cellular) will provide customer alerts in at least two of the four categories by October 2012, and all four by April 2013. Here's the site!

I walked in this morning and there was a big old chocolate cake from Sam's Club here. Of course I needed to have some before 6:00am. The first thing that crossed my mind was the Bill Cosby "Chocolate Cake" sketch. I remember my cousin and I used to recite the whole "Bill Cosby; Himself" album. Below is the video.  Funny stuff. I was singing "Dad is Great, Give us the Chocolate Cake". You can just hear the song at 7:14 in the video.

How much of our brain do we use?

I'd always heard that we only use like 10% of it. Well, my sleep deprived little brain came across this article that said that we use more than that. Who knew? Read more here!

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04/24/2012 6:29AM
sleep deprived
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