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Who was your celebrity crush as a teen? , Work stress leads to poundage, Did you
6:15 Who was your celebrity crush when you were a kid or teenager? I was online and saw one of those quizzes asking which Duran Duran member you were crushing's the quiz if you need a time waster:...
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KFC Chicken Corsage, Jellybean Flavored Milk just in time for Easter, It's a Sma
6:15- I bet you never thought you'd see this. KFC Chicken corsage! Imagine the chicken chain trying to make it easier for teens to get a prom date. They have this new product, it's a corsage with a drumstick and baby's breath attached. Can...
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33 things that tell you, you're turning into your mother, scratch and sniff jean
6:15 Ha! Here are the 33 ways to know you're turning into your mother. These are very on target. I am completely #12-- You talk about how cold it is all the time. Wait, are they watching me or something? How do they know that? Which one are...
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Tax day freebies, Egg Heist...Yikes!, New versions of Baby Got Back, Help for yo
6:15 Here's a Tax Day stumper: Would you rather pay your taxes — or eat a cookie? ...
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Galileo Vierira from Microsoft with tax tips and apps, I'm Old, French people ha
6:15 This was so good, I decided to run it again. Galieo Vieira Senior Product Marketing Manager, Windows Store Microsoft Corp. He stopped by to chat about several apps that can help you with your taxes and to get your financial house in order. Here is...
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Fun & Crappy Old Commercials, Dove is at it again, Galileo Vieiera with Tax Apps
6:15 Remember these old commercials? Kurt Kronke and I were talking about this the other day and it made me think of how bad the commercials were at that time. For example: Carvel Ice Cream-Fudgie the Whale...
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Heartbleed Internet bug is a serious problem, This is what Americans think of mu
6:15- Superbug Heartbleed, could be a big old issue! What you need to do is change your password for all the sites you log into consistently. Just in case. Here are a few articles that give you some insight. It's a BIG DEAL!!!!!! If you don't...
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So THAT'S why we buy cereal?, 11 Strange Doggy Products, This is how you're blow
6:15 BOWLED OVER Cereal companies are up to some dirty Trix when it comes to marketing to children. It's a well-known fact that grocery stores arrange items specifically to appeal to target customers. For instance, more expensive items are...
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Tax Tips from EY Tax Guide, Fun Facts about Cats,
6:15-Earlier you heard me chat with Greg Rosica, the tax expert from the Ernst Young Tax Guide. Check out the site, there's great info on: -50 of the most easily overlooked deductions -25 common tax filing errors -Important dates to remember when...
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Put a hat on or you'll catch a cold! NOT, Punkin Chunkin, Martinsburg--we gotta
6:15 You know how your mom always said "Don't go outside without a hat on your head, you'll catch a cold"? Yeah, that's not exactly right. Here are 10 facts that we all believe are true...but aren't....
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We're so busy...and we like it! All Christian Lopez and Story Stomp Grass, Humbl
6:15 GET BUSY These days, it seems everybody is SO busy. Our culture has become obsessed with efficiency, employing technology to make everything- working, eating, exercising, communicating- faster. But are our schedules really that packed, or do...
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8 Phrases NEVER to say at work, Mom tries to teach her daughter a lesson, Allerg
6:15 8 Phrases You Should Never Say at Work There are some things that are better left unsaid. DailyWorth shares phrases you should ditch while you're in the workplace. Choose Your Words...
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Hipsters get beard implants, when did you decide to stop being trendy?, Lion Kin
6;15 I recently read that: wannabe hipsters are getting......wait for it..................beard transplants! Get this, if you're longing for a hipster beard, but just don't have enough fuzz to fill it out, try a facial hair transplant! Apparently,...
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Pharrell on the Voice, Cupcake vending machine, I met Roseanne Cash!, Health Ben
6:15 I played Happy by Pharrell Williams (who is going to be the new judge on NBC's The Voice.) PHARRELL REPLACING CEE-LO ON THE VOICE NBC announced yesterday that Pharrell Williams will replace CeeLo Green as coach on season seven of The...
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My very first baseball game, Ugliest Animal named :(, April fools pranks you can
6:15 I told the story of my very first baseball game in Atlanta Georgia. My best friend Tanya's uncle was getting married in Atlanta, GA. We took a busload of people from the DC area. We had a few hours on our hands the day before the wedding so...
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