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Vegas Night, Food lies we tell, New Car Technology to avoid fines, Old Wives Tal
5:45 Tonight is the United Way of Eastern Panhandle's annual fundraiser—Vegas Review. It will feature illusionist Mario Orsini, lots of fun and raffles, drawings, a silent auction and the best part will be hosted by our very own Hans...
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Spanx smuggle, Vaguebooking and oversharing :(, My boss talking smack about mini
5:45 Oh Gramma...that's NOT what your Spanx are for! A 70-year-old woman was arrested at New York's JFK Airport after federal agents found four pounds of drugs in her Spanx. Olive Fowler had just arrived on a flight from Guyana. As customs...
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2 big days in one! Creepy stuff, Oh me, Earth Day stuff, Comfort Food, Men/Women
5:15 My friend is a restaurant owner. She posted this on facebook about creepy things happening in her restaurant: "That moment when you are sitting not only alone in the office but in the locked building and a blast of cold air comes through...
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Kindergarten Day, Best infomercials ever, Find your phone by googling it!, Crazy
5:45 So today is Kindergarten Day. Do you have any memories from your kindergarten days? I remember when I was in kindergarten, my friend Sherry, was fingerpainting and I moved in on her canvas. She came up and asked me to move. When I...
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It's 4/20 day, Eat cheese--it might help you lose weight, Origins of slang, Admi
5:45 IT'S 4/20! YOU KNOW … WEED DAY? Today is April 20th. 4/20. Weed Day. Somehow, this date has become a counterculture holiday, celebrated by stoners getting together and smoking out. And since the tide is turning with more and more...
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Get up offa that thing, Make her laugh, Prank B-day card, Crazy Math Prob, Cat W
5:45 Get up offa that thing!...STAND UP FOR YOUR HEALTH: Office workers need to get off their backsides and move around more, according to a new health campaign in Britain. Sitting for long periods at work is linked to a host of health problems,...
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Lower Summer Gas Prices, Vintage Sizzler Promo, Get walkin!, Work Spouse,We're e
5:45 I'm really excited about this! I don't want to have to cry every time I fill up my gas tank! Lowest Gas Prices in 6 Years Predicted for Summer YES!!!! Not since 2009 have we seen the gas prices that industry experts are expecting this...
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Our bodies are awesome! Tax day freebies, Breakfast fast food wars!, Emails answ
5:45 Our bodies have warning senses: Our senses have warning systems to alert us to possible dangers. A bitter taste warns us away from poisons. A putrid smell alerts us that food may not be safe to eat. Our eyes close automatically when exposed to a...
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McDonald's Fashion?, Conversations with strangers, Trick yourself into getting r
5:45 MCDONALD'S HAS LAUNCHED A 'BIG MAC' CLOTHING LINE _ In the wake of Burger King releasing a Whopper-scented fragrance, McDonald's Sweden is launching a Big Mac clothing and lifestyle line. The line will consist of clothing, wallpaper, bedsheets, rain...
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Drinking Coffee can help your liver, 15 Grocery store mistakes, We want Plates!,
5:45 I read the subject line and thought the story would be something completely different. Once I read it I thought..."well, this is news you can use". Except, it took a different turn. Read on to see what I mean! DRINKING COFFEE MAY HELP PROTECT...
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Toys from the 90s, Taco Bell may begin delivery, Kelly Clarkson Rocks, Dating De
5:45 Even if you weren't a child of the 90's, you probably remember some of these toys. I had the "Bop It!" and I loved forcing people to play in social situations. This is pretty funny. Picture courtesy of Wikipedia user: Nv8200p...
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Cotton Candy Oreos, Personal issues at work?, Optical illusion test, Kids react
5:45 Oh Nabisco, you spend so much time trying to get me to buy your sugary deliciousness. What they have been up to lately is...Cotton Candy Oreos. I read a story on Huffington Post where they had people taste test them...Here are some of their...
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Your name can determine your future, Hans is messy, Tax advice from EY Tax Guide
6:15 IF you've ever seen this sketch from Key & Peele on Comedy Central. It's pretty funny. I love it. (note some of the language though. Also, this bit did not go where I thought it would...) It got me to thinking...
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Hairy dudes, The Jetsons in 2 years?,Getting over a breakup, Dancing is good for
5:45 Me man. Me hairy. Me attractive and dominant right? I'm joking. That's what a new study is saying about men...that they are growing hair to appear more dominant...and attract the ladies. Maybe According to a new study from the...
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Mad Men is back, Bathe in Chocolate, Baseball's back and so is the food!, Manneq
5:45 I'm a huge Mad Men fan. Mad Men season finale was on last night. I'm glad I got a chance to watch it. In fact, I was a friend's house and let them know I needed to be home by 10pm. It was pretty funny. Luckily, they understood! If...
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