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David Letterman retires!, Song lyrics even a kid can get, National Waiter/Waitre
5:45 -DAVID LETTERMAN: The Final Late Show. David Letterman retired last night. It was emotional and a fun star studded night. Even better was all of the living Presidents of the United States paying tribute to Letterman with a quote by President...
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Could you lose weight while you sleep?, Advice for new grads, Human attention s
5:45 LOSE WEIGHT WHILE YOU SLEEP It's time to cool things down in the bedroom – when it comes to the thermostat, anyway. Sleeping in a cool room not only helps you sleep better – it boosts your metabolism, letting you burn calories...
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Felines seeing films!, Spring Clean your computer, New Smores Oreos, Living like
5:45 I love it CAT CINEMA: Following the huge success of cat cafés in Europe, avid cat and film lovers Paula Siedlecka & William Piper are seeking to open 'Great Kitten' in London, the world's 1st cat cinema, and they've have taken to...
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Tough jobs keep your mind sharp!, What if you could BLOCK your spoilers? Mad Men
6:15 WORKING WORLD: A Tough Job Keeps Your Mind Sharp--May 3, 2015 According to a new study, climbing the career ladder and constantly challenging yourself at work not only pays off now with promotions and increased earnings, it also decreases your...
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Bitten by a black widow, Messy desk=more creative, BB King, Food baby, Spring de
5:45- A friend of mine (who lives in Las Vegas) was putting on her work uniform and she got bitten by a black widow spider. Ouch! This is what she posted on Facebook.. "Have you ever been bitten by a black widow spider? Or do you know someone who has?...
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Toothbrush test for health, 80's music is boring?, Virtual 'rents in cars, Husba
5:45 TOOTHBRUSH TEST: Your toothbrush could someday warn you about the onset of diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer's, technologists say. Tiny microchips – known as nanopore sequencers – can decode DNA into a digital format that can then...
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I wanna know..., Are we on a date? Bestie Row, Sneaky spicy Doritos®, Break up
5:45 Simple question: I gotta know! A recent survey said: About 54% of people say they fold up their toilet paper before using it. I wad.. Do ya fold, do you wad it up or the unmentioned or wrap it around your hand? I saw this question...
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Tote bag Turducken, Purse Turducken, Longer life tips, American Idol, Rehab for
5:45 It started like this: A few weeks ago, a friend of mine posted Tweets O' the week from women. This post started it all: Alexandria Symonds‏@a_symonds "it is a truth universally acknowledged that a single woman in possession of...
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Prince, in concert! Top Baby Names, What does the song Budapest mean?, Hans and
5:45 I had such a great time at the Peace 4 All concert in Baltimore last night, I'm NOT firing on all cylinders I loved it! Here's what I said on the air. A couple of things I forgot... You weren't allowed to...
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How much sleep we need, Adele, Types of moms on Facebook, Crazy key fob intel, V
5:45 Here's a hilarious look at how much sleep we need as we go through life. Of course, it's from Buzzfeed. Notice they stop at about 30 years old? Because I guess life stops at 30? Anyway, it's pretty funny. Here are a few examples:...
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Prince!!!! Tough Mother Challenge, Hamburglar, Moolah spent on Mom, Sugar bombe
5:45 I'm going to see PRINCE!!!! Tickets were announced on Tuesday, went on sale Thursday at 5pm and my friend Lisa...with fast fingers ...she got em! Here's an article about his tour and the show he's doing in Baltimore. I'm so...
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"No Diet day", E-mail Mistakes on the job, Bark for Life, Foolish $ mistakes, Fu
5:45 No Diet Day and other Weird delights. One of these is sure to make you feel old: Do you have a Cinco de Mayo hangover? What's the best hangover cure? It's No Diet Day. What's your favorite cheat food? It's...
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How? Who created the original Margarita?, Bike your clothes clean, Stop your par
5:45 I was just singing "Something About You" by Level 42. I was singing it like it was 1980-something. How come I can remember the lyrics but can't remember what I walked into a room for? Ugh. 6:15 Today is Cinco de mayo...W00t! Which...
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May the 4th be with you, Kard-ashian block, Avoid the office 15, IKEA Couples th
Uh...May the 4th be with you!...and oh yeah, tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo. 5:15 Paint the Town Purple. Danielle will be downtown at noon for reading of the proclamation. Go on down and say hi to her. 5:45 KARD BLOCK: New Site Plans to...
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Paint the town purple, Debunking Mom's health myths, Comic Con and Free Comic Bo
5:45 Promote Danielle at Paint the Town Purple 11:30-1pm- Monday May 4th. All events benefit American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. Details here: 6:15...
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