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Phillip Phillips - Home 04:45am
PREVIOUSLY PLAYED Shania Twain - That Don't Impress Me Much 
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Jeff Bridges puts you to sleep, Are you lying to me?, Lays Do Us A Flavor, No Bo
5:45--Some of your probably still just want another couple of minutes of shut eye. Here's something to help with that. Actor/musician Jeff Bridges has come upa with a new album called “The Sleeping Tapes” . You can hear a sample of the...
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Lemme take a selfie course, Ways to De-ice your windsheild, Heartwarming Soup-er
5:45  If I told you, you could perfect the selfie, that you could pay someone to teach you how to do it, you'd think I was lying right? Well, I'm not. There's a course in London where students can learn to take the perfect selfie. The...
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Camels, Viral Uptown Funk, Coffee for Sleep?, 50% Friday, Big Game bad for your
Opened the show with the new GEICO commercial with the camels at the zoo. Getting harrassed by onlookers. It's pretty funny. I don't know who does their ads but they are brilliant!!!!! (here it is if you've never seen...
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Muppets rock "Just a Friend"!, Lefties earn less?, Get back at your ex OR show y
5:45 This is awesomeness! Rolf from the Muppets doing Biz Markie's “Just a friend”. Awesome!   6:15 Well that sucks! I'm left handed and hate to think that I'll earn less over my lifetime due to my brain wiring....
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Snow day... Bye Bye Sky (mall), Brosiery
Since it was a snow day, I didn't get much done (in terms of content).    5:45 Over the weekend, I heard that SkyMall was going away. It's that magazine that's stuffed in the  back of the seats when you fly. It's always...
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Friday AM Dance Party!, Invisible Boyfriend is a thing!, Take your vaca, Fat bot
5:45 I was at the gas station this morning. And I pulled up to my pump and the guy next to me gave me a knowing look. I got out of the car and realized what was going on. He was jammin to this! I looked around at the gas station and every person who was...
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Good Food News!, New "it" Veggie, How often do you change your jammies?, Ever h
6:15 Good food news and bad food news:   Good News: Cauliflower is the new “it” food of 2015! Food trend watchers say versatile cauliflower is the superfood that’s poised to become the next kale. The lush, cruciferous...
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Great stuff!, Women's voices make dudes tingly!, Daily Grind Wake-up call, Thing
  5:45 How I got sucked into trying insulate my windows last night when I should have been packing my clothing. hands are covered in this gunk. Word to the wise, if you use it, USE GLOVES!!!! *as directed on the can...I didn't...
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Big game ads are going up!, Ways to rock your resolutions, Belty, Undo text mess
  5:45 Can you believe how much it costs to buy and ad for Superbowl? The big game rakes in big bucks every year. SUPER BOWL ADS ARE 95 PERCENT SOLD OUT _ NBC says that its in-game advertising for the Super Bowl is 95% sold out, with costs to...
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Skinny jeans could hurt you!, Wake up call, Tropical Smoothie food drop...mmmmm,
  5:45 Skinny Jeans could be harmful to your health! So says a Dr. Karen Boyle from Greater Baltimore Medical Center. ABC News interviewed her and she says she's recently seen cases of women suffering pain from wearing tight jeans....
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Golden Globes, The first, "97.5 WLTF Daily Grind Wakeup call winner", Belfiestic
6:15 Golden Globes Recap...Aunt Phoebe calling me and talking through the Golden Globe awards. I just wanted to see Prince but intstead, she just kept yapping about peoople who I don't know and who died, and who had a baby, and who retired and blah...
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What's Dry-uary? Skivvies from Christmas trees?, Christian Lopez, Heads Up Game,
6:15 DRY JANUARY Have you heard of Dry January or Dry-uary?? I hadn't heard of it until a friend of mine posted something about it on Facebook.   Basically, a lot of people choose not to drink for the month of January – after...
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Tech-ni-cal difficulties!!!!!! Manspreading, SWV Reunited!, We rely on e-mail a
Wow this morning was one thing after another of technical difficulties...not to mention icy roadways and snow closures! Argh. Here's the skeleton of what I talked about on the Morning show...but be warned, it was sochancy with computer issues, I...
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What's digital amnesia?, Flu is dangerous, Men don't eat blue foods, Your Kid's
5:45 So if you lie just a weensy bit on social media, you might be prone to “digital amnesia” according to a new study....
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First Snow day of 2015! Kims NY Resolution, Stop FB copyright thing, Bash these
6:15 My friend had a really cool new year's resolution for 2014. This is what she posted online: “I DID IT! 2014 New Years resolution is complete. On this very day last year I made a vow TO BUY NOTHING NEW FOR ONE YEAR! I made a few...
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