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Funny Teacher Stories, Yawns are contagious, Top 100 Guitar Riffs, Don't Live in
6:15 Teaching stories. Now that we're back in school, teachers have all kinds of funny stories of things that happen in their classes. Some of these are NSFW/ you're getting an exclusive here!...
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In flight FIGHT! Class of 2018 Mindset, Why you shouldn't top off your tank
6:15 Dispute over "Knee Defender" Leads to Mid-Air Fight, Emergency Landing :( This is the link to the product, which is banned on most US flights so...might want to save your money. A 22-dollar...
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Sleep Drunk, Perfect Looking Pizza Pie, Line Painting debacle, New Music from Pr
6:15 Have You Ever Been "Sleep Drunk"? (my answer: YES! Definitely!) We had no idea this was a thing. Apparently, one in seven people suffer from being sleep drunk, meaning that they have trouble coming to full wakefulness after sleep, accompanied by...
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Back to school rap, YOLO to the dictionary, Facekini's, Beer as your resume, Fr
6:15 "BABY GOT CLASS" IS HOLDERNESS FAMILY'S LATEST VIRAL _ The Holderness Family is cooler than yours. Back at the holidays the family of four dressed in Christmas jammies and gave us the digital version of a family newsletter. The video has been...
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Clothes-Ugh, Kids Drawings, Be More Productive at Work
6:15 I was recently trying on some clothes...I was pissed because it should have been the right size but NOOOOO, the clothing designer made it much smaller than the it usually runs. I was pissed. I feel like trying on clothes is such an ordeal sometimes...
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Don't Ignore Mom, Aromafork, No story time for you!, Facebook Messenger app, MTV
6:15 Mom's never have to worry about NOT getting a hold of their teens again. There's a new mom created app...App Forces Kids To Pick Up When You Call If your teen never picks up when you call, you need the app "Ignore No More." The app is the...
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Get rid of Skeeters!, New Sleep drug, Cast Suck!, Quit wrecking your diet at din
6:15 Yesterday, I went to water my plants in the backyard and you know what? I got 6 mosquito bites. What the? This is what I need... SKITTER RIDDER: Want to repel mosquitoes? Several new phone apps emit ultrasonic frequencies designed to...
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Back 2 School organization apps, Illusionist Mike Super, Ultimate Dining Hall Ha
6:15 Today is back to school day for Berkeley County Public Schools. Can you believe the summer has already gone? Sad. Aaaannnyway, since it's that time, everyone has got to get their head back in the game when it comes to getting organized and ready...
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Personality Dating, Help Me out Rona!, Maroon5 Lullaby, Drive the deck chair, F
6:15 Willow, that focuses On Personality first. Willow dating app hopes to get its users to look beyond the photo and focus more on personality. Willow, forces users to answer personality questions before allowing them to see member photos. One of the...
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#IceBucketChallenge, BOOM!, Hear Hot or Cold?, Twitter-vorce
6:15 #IceBucketChallenge...what is it? Here are 6 not silly questions you've been asking about the #IceBucketChallenge 6 Not-Silly Questions You've Been Asking About the...
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Bridezillas, U R 92% Crap, Camel Fun facts, Multi-tasking
6:15 Why you're not invited to my wedding. I don't want to call this woman a bridezilla or nothin but... What happened to civility huh? Read what this woman posted on Facebook in ADVANCE of sending out her wedding invitations.=====> I...
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R.I.P. Robin Williams, 11 mundane things more dangerous than sharks (since it's
6:15- Yesterday the entertainment world lost a huge shining star. Robin Williams passed away. Unofficially, by his own hand. This makes me very sad. Not only for the loss to the entertainment world but also because it means the loss of a very serious...
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Smile--but don't fake it, Pheremone perfume works!, Group Dinner Drama, Wait? Yo
6:15 It's Monday Smile...but don't fake it. That won't make you any happier according to researchers. It's What Are You Smiling At? The old saying "Smile and the world smiles with you" may have some kernel...
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Back to school trouble for one teacher, Sundae in a can?, Seinfeld in 2014, We
6:15 Uh oh. Someone is having problems...A teacher friend of mine sent this to me. Teacher Shows Up To First Day Of Work Drunk And Without Pants An Oklahoma schoolteacher reportedly showed up for her first day at work drunk and pantless. As...
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Deep Thoughts Thursday, Beyonce'logues, When is the best time to buy a car, Brea
6:15 I was doing "Deep Thoughts Thursday". I posed the question, If you could accomplish anything in the next 12 months, what would it be? For me it would be to clean up my house!!!!!. Seriously, I'd park a dumpster up to the back door and...
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