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Colbie Caillat - The Christmas Song (feat. Justin 06:56pm
PREVIOUSLY PLAYED Nat_ King Cole - Deck The Halls 
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Best Alarm Clocks, Turn signals, What are your phobias, Becky Linton with Christ
6:15 The best alarm clocks for heavy sleepers:,,20506099,00.html Blender Alarm Clock-- Do clocks with calming, beach-scape sounds have you dreaming through your scheduled alarm? Ditch the vacation...
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Texting's bad for back and spine, Normal Barbie, Jennifer Jolly from USA Today H
6:15 When you're texting with your friends, do you dip your head down like this? It could be hurting your spine and back according to new info. Texting Can Damage Your Spine.Think about all the time you spend texting and looking at your phone....
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I'm a postin fool! 3-D Peanuts movie, Don't waste your cash, Insane huge roller
As you can tell, I was a postin fool today! 6:15 New 3-D Peanuts movie in the works... When The Peanuts Movie arrives in theaters next year,...
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Turkey Stats! The Royals are coming! What's a Quicket?, I had the cassette, No P
6:15 It's Time to Talk Turkey Fewer turkeys this Thanksgiving means grocers will be paying more for the bird than at any time since the Department of Agriculture began keeping tabs on prices in 1993, according to Bloomberg News. But the good...
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Band Aid song is 30 yrs old! Device tracks what you eat, What up with fast food
6:15 Band Aid-30! Can you believe that it's been 30 years since the group of musicians got together as Band Aid and recorded "Do They Know It's Christmas"? Now Bob Geldof has convened a group of today's artists to participate in Band-Aid...
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Act like you NEVER google'd them, Bono D'oh!, Things we do that we don't admit,
6:15 Have you ever googled someone, then realized later when you were talking to them, that you already knew what they were telling you? The struggle is real in the tech world these days so what you have to do is pretend like you don't know anything...
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Best Cover songs? Google Health? Things that people who are cold understand, Wha
6:15 BEST ALL-TIME COVER SONGS: (I will say I don't know that I agree but perhaps this list was compiled from a bunch of indie music aficionados or some such...who knows, interesting nonetheless). The top music makeovers ever remade, according to a...
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Get productive! Concert of Valor Shockers! What cartoon friend would you want? T
6:15 I don't know about you but I'm inconsistently productive. Sometimes I have full on lists to keep me organized. Sometimes I do things like lay my clothes out can't be bothered. At any rate, from The, I came across the 6 things to...
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Veterans Day Concert of Valor, More freebies for vets, Milennials want digi-gift
6:15 How am I just hearing about this? The Concert for Valor in honor of Veteran's Day is on the National Mall today. Some of the major names performing: Rihanna, Jessie J, Eminem, Bruce Springsteen, Carrie Underwood, Dave Grohl and more! If you...
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6:15 Interview Eddie Contreras and Cas Marsburger. They are part of the Truth Tour. Encouraging young people to avoid starting to not smoking.You've seen the commercials where they are pretty jarring with statistics about Tobacoo...
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You have been waiting for years, but it is officially here! Christopher Nolan's newest film: "Interstellar". Lucky for you, 97.5 WLTF is giving away free tickets to see it on Free Movie Monday tomorrow. If you don't win tickets, don't worry....
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What CAN'T WD-40 do?, Not everything should be made pumpkin flavored, Move over
6:15 Sooo, I can imagine a mom came up with this list of stuff that WD-40 can solve. The list is huge and where I found it amused me. "Guru's Man Cave"? Ha! Here are just a few of my favorites from the...
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Workplace Bullies, Chamber Dinner C. Leslie Golliday Award, Woman eats dog food
6:15 Have you ever been bullied in the workplace? Well, A new survey finds bullying is not just a neighborhood or schoolyard problem for kids; it's also a problem facing many adults in the workplace. CareerBuilder found that these are just a few...
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What do you miss from the 90's, Gavin MacLeod from The Love Boat, Info on the
6:15 What do you miss from the 1990's? Name 3 things you secretly miss from the '90s. How about … This list cracks me up! • Netscape Navigator • "Married with Children" • Sony Discman • Grunge • "Power...
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Cash on the highway! FIx my toilet please!! Catchiest Pop Song ever, Election in
6:15 Must Be Nice: Drivers On Maryland Highway Stop When A Bunch Of $$$ Flies Out The Back Of An Armored Truck - Yeah, this happened in my town...and where was I? Taking a nap. Argh. Ha! Read the whole story here: ...
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