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Hotel Intel, Mosquito "Pest" Fest, Coolest Cooler Ever!, Strange Celebrations ar
6:15 I'm the freebie queen. I love the free stuff you get at hotels, soap, lotions, shampoo and conditioners. So when I read this blog post, I thought, that's all you're ever supposed to take from hotels. Too bad that people get greedy and...
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What advice would you give to your 20 year old self?, Self serve coffee shop, Of
6:15 I want to get a little deep here for a minute: Sometimes I see little quotes that just stick with me this one was a good one: ☎ If you could give your 20-year-old self 3 words of advice, what would you say? (since I never follow...
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Bad Grammar could trip you up in your job search. Noooo, not Krusty!, Lay's Do u
6:15 Bad Grammar On Social Networks Could Cost You A Job If you think the way you phrase your tweets doesn't matter in the real world, think again. A third of HR managers responding to a CareerBuilder survey said they have taken an applicant out...
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Why we itch, What your coffee choices say about your personality, Single? Date a
6:15 I was working in my yard yesterday pulling weeds. I pulled something that I was a little concerned might be poison ivy. Then all of a sudden, I started itching. It wasn't poison ivy (just a bunch of bug bites) but I was wondering why we itch. I...
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Weird Al 8 vids in 8 days, Eww. Clean your earbuds, Get to work on RocketSkates
6:15 Talked about my weekend, what's coming up on the show and what Danielle and I will be giving away. I was bleary eyed and couldn't think...sometimes that happens. But I suspect you probably understand it and live the same reality on some...
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Would you track your child's every move?, Sweet n Sassy Girl's Night Out, Trendi
6:15 Originally, I was going to give travel tips to frequent flyers. After starting to get into it, it occurred to me that there was a huge flight disaster the night before. I figured that it might not affect anyone in our area but it seemed sort of...
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Office Excitement and lost wedding ring found by the uh dog, Make sure to stay h
6:15 Yesterday, we had a lot of excitement here when we started to smell something that smelled like it was burning. Anyway, we called the fire dept who investigated the smell and they advised us to turn off the AC. Funny since we are always complaining...
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Live without your cell phone, toothbrush or deoderant?, Weird Al is back, Do you
6:15 Smartphones Are Indispensable to Many Americans Smartphones haven't been around all that long, but they're almost as important to people as an arm or a leg.Maybe even more so if the findings of a new poll are to be believed. On behalf...
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Worst Team Building Exercises, Trap a bug by drawing around it?, Weird Food Laws
6:15 Worst Team Building Exercises EVER!!!!! This past weekend the theater group that I'm with went tubing. It's one of the few things we do during the year to build camaraderie. Anyway, thank goodness we don't do any of those awful...
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Whew, crazy rains, Weird Food Rules, Things that will always happen when you vis
6:15 Anyone else get stuck in that crazy rain last night? Whew! I had something else I wanted to talk about but, I didn't sleep much so I rambled about this: Told the story of getting stuck in the very heavy rain storm and my friends (Tad and Gene)...
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Crazy Kickstarter, What's a Kalette, Today is Free Food Friday, What do you do w
6:15 Krazy Kickstarter Campaigns. Did you hear about the guy who wanted to collect donations to make Potato Salad? Yeah read on...
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Keep your phone cool this summer, An apple a day keeps halitosis away?, What you
6:15 The other day, I was driving and I noticed that my cellphone was really hot. I pulled over and noticed an icon on the phone telling me that it was cooling itself down. Then I came across this story. Excellent tips to keep your phone cool during the...
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Germiest places in the kitchen and how to clean them, Crazy Impersonation guy, T
6:15 Eww. Last week, I covered the germiest places in the house. Now, I'm back and talking about the Germiest items in the kitchen and how to clean them.
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Bizarre things your body does while you sleep, Find a clean restroom app, Rate
6:15 I went to sleep extra early last night, knowing that I had to wake up early today. Unfortunately, I woke up at 2 am and didn't get back to sleep for an hour. When I did sleep, it was hard, deep sleep. So my most annoying alarm was going off for...
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All about Independence day baby! 4th of July fireworks, Fireworks Playlist, Sum
6:15 As you know, tomorrow is 4th of July/Independence day. Here are some activities in our region. Fire on the Mountain Fireworks Display will be held on July 4, 2014 in Deep Creek Lake Area. The Garrett County Chamber of Commerce presents the...
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