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Moonroof vs Sunroof, How to start convo with anyone, Right hand/Left hand confus
5:45 You probably heard me talk about this stuff earlier this week...I'm in a rented car right now. I was thinking deep thoughts. This is perplexing... What's the difference between a 'sunroof' and a 'moonroof' on a car? • A 'sunroof'...
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1D News! Swimsuit shopping--Stats, NCAA invention, What's "Sharenting"?, Buh bye
5:45 Zayn Malik is leaving One Direction. Console your daughters now. 6:15 SWIMSUIT SHOPPING IS NO FUN What's worse than swimsuit shopping? Not much,...
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Less desserts, Just not that into you, New Baby Smell has been bottled, The dino
5:45 WE'RE EATING LESS DESSERT Americans are eating less dessert. But it's not because we are being more health-conscious or cutting back on sugar. We're still eating sweets – we're just not eating a traditional "dessert." The sad fact is that...
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Do this trick to remember, Wine woes!, Get snipped and watch the "madness"., Mar
5:45 Close Your Eyes To Remember Having A Hard Time Remembering Something? Just Close Your Eyes. a Study Published In The Journal legal And Criminal Psychology found That People Who Closed Their Eyes After Seeing A Video Remembered More Details...
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1st day of Spring, Kids react to VCR, Throw away your stuff!, Delish artery clog
5:45 You wouldn't know it by looking out the window but, it's the First Day of Spring. So each year, Rita's Italian Ice does you a solid and gives you FREE RITA'S!!!!!! Get the deets here:...
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Ewww. Your Beard., Cleaning out your Closet and organization, Ikea's new chargin
5:45 Ewww. Your beard is gross! BEARDS ARE MASSIVE BACTERIA TRAPS Beards might be fashionable these days, but they're also massive bacteria traps. Even when guys wash their beards, bacteria clings to the hairs remarkably well. And then they...
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Pancakebot, What your name means...sorta, What happened to Voice Mail, Madonna r
"5:45 Pancakebot Is The World's First Pancake Printer _ Now Raising Funds On Kickstarter: The Pancakebot, Which Lets You "print" Out Pancakes Into Just About Any Design You Can Imagine. | link This sounds like this will revolutionize breakfast as we...
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That's an oooold pretzel, Bracket madness, Paddy's NOT Patty's Day!!!!!, No sel
5: 45 250-Year-Old Pretzel Unearthed _ Archaeologists Have Unearthed A 250-Year-Old Pretzel In Germany (bavaria) — Possibly The Oldest Example Of The Knotted Dough Ever Found In Europe. Carbon Dating Showed The Pretzel Was Made Between 1700 And...
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Haulin Oates--No Go! Narc necklace, Dude give me a break!, Crazy Cars, Wedding c
5:45 Uh Oh, Haulin Oates is a no-go! So if you want to name your granola, it's best not to name it after 70's Super Group Hall and Oates...or you're going to get sued. Unfortunately, an upstart in Brooklyn didn't know that. Now...
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Iron Man Visits a little boy, Auto toilet seat to save marriage, Crazy Superstit
5:15 Heartwarming story to start your day. Robert Downey Jr (also known as Iron Man) delivers a bionic arm to a child who was born with a birth defect. Get the tissues. See it here:...
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Coffee regrets, Benefits of Smiling, Glamour Shot Meme, Make your workday easier
5:45 If you're like millions of Americans, you probably wake up and look forward to that first cup of morning coffee. Many of those millions use the Keurig K-Cups. Those little single serving cups that go in the Keurig machine. Well, the inventor of...
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How to make employees happy, Don't blow your tax return on this, Viral 365 day m
5:45 I complain a lot about work, we all do but this is a way to look at it in a good way, are any of you happy about where you work? TREAT YOUR WORKERS WELL, HELP YOUR BOTTOM LINE "Fortune magazine just released its annual list of the 100 best...
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The Voice Pt deux, You Lyin to Me?, Gosling's got moves, Could Parents of obese
5:45 Part 2 NBC's The Voice...yay! Local talent. I was this proud when Christian Lopez was on American Idol. Treeva Wilson and Paul Pfau on NBC's The Voice! I missed him by 5 minutes. Argh. But I'm glad to know he made it onto...
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Local singers on NBC's The Voice, DST...grrr, Prince touring again, Schools do a
5:45 NBC's The Voice—Treeva Wilson (from Frederick) made a splash last week when she was on NBC's The Voice. Also, as I saw the promo, I noticed another local singer named, Paul since they can't say anything, we'll just...
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Eww, Peeps flavored milk, Daylight Saving Time--how to make it NOT suck!, Execut
5:45 Just in time for Easter...Peeps flavored Milk. Prairie Farms is releasing PEEPS-flavored milk for spring. This week PEEPS milk will be available in three flavors: "Marshmallow Milk," reduced-fat "Chocolate Marshmallow Milk" and reduced-fat "Easter...
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