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Hi I'm Danielle Hedges.  I am local girl who is so happy to be on my hometown radio station. After high school, I moved to Tennessee where I went to college and met my husband.  After a few years away, I missed my family and my beloved West Virginia so I came back home. 
I am a mom to Kacey, Karee and Kaden, they keep me pretty busy.  I love trying to make desserts and crafts off Pinterest. They usually turn out pretty good (most of the time). I love party planning and decorating for all the holidays.  I collect snowmen, I have over 300!
I have always loved music and being a DJ gives me the chance to listen to music everyday!


Going Crazy over clothes

Clothes drive me crazy...don't get me wrong I love to wear them and dress up like any girl does but what I hate is having to decide and take care of 4 other people's clothes.  With 3 children that are growing... and growing fast I sometimes find it hard to keep up with all the clothes in my house.  I made a smart move about 10years ago. My husband started complaining about how his clothes were folded and hung up and he would wait till 11pm on Sunday night to say, "I need clothes washed," I told him, "do it yourself" and he does. I am soooo glad I made that decision. I have 4 people including myself to take care of and then add in the crazy temperatures that we have had recently and I have waved the surrender flag because the clothes have exploded and taken over our house. One day I will conquer the clothes!!!

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10/10/2012 12:27PM
Going Crazy over clothes
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