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Hi I'm Danielle Hedges.  I am local girl who is so happy to be on my hometown radio station. After high school, I moved to Tennessee where I went to college and met my husband.  After a few years away, I missed my family and my beloved West Virginia so I came back home. 
I am a mom to Kacey, Karee and Kaden, they keep me pretty busy.  I love trying to make desserts and crafts off Pinterest. They usually turn out pretty good (most of the time). I love party planning and decorating for all the holidays.  I collect snowmen, I have over 300!
I have always loved music and being a DJ gives me the chance to listen to music everyday!


What To Have For Dinner?

Whether you are single or married, have kids or none at all we all have to make a decision "What do I have for dinner tonight." This is been a question that has been brought up in conversion many times this week. I am not talking about the question it's self I am talking about talking about the question. I have talked to my husband, my mom and even this morning Greg about what do you do about dinner?

My husband would like to have a menu. Monday we have homemade little pizza, Tuesday we have noodles and hamburger and so on.  I am not that kind of cook. I grew up with eating all different foods, not a set pattern.  I am a big mood eater. Maybe I don't feel well or the baby is crying then I want to make something simple. 

My mom just the other day said, "After 37 years of cooking I am tired of picking out what to have." In fact last Sunday she tired something that I thought was cool.  She gave my father and brother two choices, gave them a slip of paper and told them to write down their choice. Do you know that they wrote, "Whatever you want."  That phase makes me want to scream sometimes.

When I talked to Greg this morning he said it is hard for even a single person sometimes to decide what to have.  He pointed out "Why would I want to take the time and make a big meal for just one person?"

Not taking anything away from Greg, but I think it is a lot harder to make food for 4 other people in the house.  Sometimes in our home we have a "fix your own night."  Right now that means you pick what you want and Mommy will make it for you.  Hopefully one day that will mean make it yourself night. 

We even encounter this problem when eating out.  The person your with says "where do you what to eat?" and you say "I don't care, whatever you want."  My husband says that there should be a restruant that is called, "Whatever you Want," and you could get just that.  Now that I think about it, maybe that is already called Ryan's smiley.

Until we get food machines in our houses like on the Jetson's or Star Trek,  I guess we will always have to ask, "What's For Dinner?"

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01/28/2012 1:36PM
What To Have For Dinner?
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