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Candy Chat, Rude Bride!

Brrr...It was super cold when I got up this morning. I had to scrape the windshield a little and that didn't make me happy for a Monday. Not gonna lie, the first few minutes of MOnday,  I was bitter. Now I've downed a cup of joe and I'm happy. Here's what was on the show today:

6:15- Candy is notoriously bad for you. Here are some of the worst according to Womans Day Magazine. (kill joys!)

7:15- Bridezilla says "I shelled out so much for my wedding reception per person, you owe me"!
The boildown:

This greedy bride bride basically tried to guilt her friend into giving a wedding gift because no one should attend her wedding for free (and also her baby shower)!!! The nerve of some people! The guest (and now former friend), who had lost her job right before the wedding, wasn't able to give a gift then, but said she would make up for it. She was so appalled by the bride's attitude after the wedding, she wrote this letter tearing the bride to shreds, and gave her a penny as a gift! 
I say Bravo!

There's more in the story including back and forth texts

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10/28/2013 9:52AM
Candy Chat, Rude Bride!
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