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What's your get down song? Men just don't get it!

Just to prove no one reads this...I will give the first person who responds a "goodie bag" of WLTF stuff if you write to me at and tell me you read this post!

Now what song do you like to "get down" to? There was a study from USA Today a few months ago and the findings were surprising. Click here for the full list!

Some notables that I don't understand on the list are...

The top 20 songs that people listen to for whoopee:

1. Dirty Dancing soundtrack

3. Ravel, Bolero

13. Rodgers & Hammerstein, Sound of Music

14. Tchaikovsky, 1812 Overture

15. Grease soundtrack

18. Abba, Mama Mia

20. Star Wars soundtrack

Men just don't understand or remember a lot about the women in their lives, so says a study from in the UK. Think your guy knows everything about you? think again. A new survey by British beauty retailer Superdrug found that a whopping 40% of couples have fought over the fact that the guy can’t remember super important details. Twelve percent of men surveyed don’t remember their other half’s birthday, while 39% don’t remember her bra size. An additional 10% have no clue what their significant other does for a job. Cell phone numbers top the list of things men forget about their wives of girlfriends at 54%.  Here's a link with more.

12/04/2012 6:42AM
What's your get down song? Men just don't get it!
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