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So you think you're clever huh? I hate that sound!

Today we had lots of little gems in our show. We talked about how people are stupid enough to choose very simple bank PIN numbers. They also have the nerve to be surprised when someone figures out those PIN I.D. #'s for either their banking or even to unlock their cell phones.

Tech consultancy company DataGenetics has analyzed the popularity of numeric passwords. What they found confirms that most of our four-digit PINs are way too predictable. DataGenetics analyzed nearly 3.4 million leaked four-digit passwords – such as those used for banking or to lock your phone – and figured out which are the most popular. These are PINs you should not use, because they’re incredibly predictable.

Almost 27% of all passwords could be guessed by attempting just 20 combinations!
So out of the 10,000 possible combinations for four-digit codes, which is the most popular? Nearly 11% of the 3.4 million passwords were 1234. Other high frequency PINs are years and dates. Here are the most popular PINs:

PIN     Frequency     PIN     Frequency
1. 1234     10.713%     11. 9999     0.451%
2. 1111     6.016%     12. 3333     0.419%
3. 0000     1.881%     13. 5555     0.395%
4. 1212     1.197%     14. 6666     0.391%
5. 7777     0.745%     15. 1122     0.366%
6. 1004     0.616%     16. 1313     0.304%
7. 2000     0.613%     17. 8888     0.303%
8. 4444     0.526%     18. 4321     0.293%
9. 2222     0.516%     19. 2001     0.290%
10. 6969     0.512%     20. 1010     0.285%

Researchers also discovered other interesting patterns – people apparently prefer even numbers to odd ones. As for the least frequent PINs, 8068 was the rarest combination,

(used in just 0.000744% of those surveyed).

There are some sounds that just annoy you. One of those sounds for me is the sound of styrofoam when you open a package. Not the little peanuts but the big block of styrofoam that rubs up against the other piece and makes the awful noise. A new study from WEB MD says that it's your brain that hates that sound.

        Most Annoying Sounds from WebMD
A new study shows annoying sounds trigger a highly emotional response in the brain.  The results suggest that a heightened emotional response in the brain to certain unpleasant sounds may alter people’s perception of them.
The results, published in the Journal of Neuroscience, show the top 10 most unpleasant sounds
2. Fork on a glass
3. Chalk on a blackboard
4. Ruler on a bottle
5. Nails on a blackboard
Researchers say this spike in emotional activity heightened people's perception of annoying sounds compared with soothing ones, like bubbling water or a baby laughing.
The study also shows that sounds in the higher-frequency.
range of around 2,000 to 5,000 Hz were rated as most unpleasant. 
Check out this not so annoying sound...


10/17/2012 12:28PM
So you think you're clever huh? I hate that sound!
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