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Since the iPhone5 is on everyone's lips, I thought I'd look up how much we spend on our phones when they are damaged. LOTS it turns out....

iPhone Accidents Cost Americans $5.9 Billion

SquareTrade has released a new study showing that damaged iPhones have cost Americans $5.9 billion since their introduction in 2007. Based on a survey of more than 2,000 iPhone users, the results combined the cost of repairs, replacements and insurance deductibles for cracked, dropped, pummeled, kicked and water-damaged iPhones. The study also found that in the last 12 months alone, 30% of iPhone users damaged their device. As iPhones become an increasingly central part of our daily lives, accidental damage is 10 times more common than loss or theft. The study also shows that younger consumers are clumsiest with their iPhones: half of iPhone users under 35 have had an accident. The top five iPhone accident scenarios according to the study are:

1. Phone dropped from my hand
2. Phone fell into a toilet, sink, hot tub, swimming pool, lake, etc.
3. Phone dropped from a lap
4. Phone knocked off a table
5. Phone drenched by some liquid

The study also found that due to the often-costly expenses associated with repairing damaged iPhones, many consumers often resort to “desperate” measures. For example, 11% of iPhone owners are currently using a device that is cracked and 6% have taped up their iPhone as a solution.

Nomophobia...yes, there's a wikipedia page for it!

A California addiction center says it is creating a recovery group for people suffering from nomophobia – the fear of being without personal technology. The program is in response to customer demand from people with nomophobia – “no-mobile-phone-phobia” – Morningside Recovery Center in Newport Beach said. Studies suggest two-thirds of the population suffers from nomophobia, and as new mobile devices and technology hit the market nomophobia is on the rise, up 13% from two years ago. Staying connected has become an obsession for a growing number of people, and losing their cellphone, running out of battery life and dropping signals brings on fear and anxiety, experts said. Morningside psychologist Elizabeth Waterman said she has seen a deep increase in her “nomophobe” patients.

How much do you sleep in on the weekends? I could make it more difficult for you on Monday...

People who sleep in on Saturday do not catch up on sleep lost during the week – and it makes them sleepier Monday morning, researchers say. Dr. Gregory Carter, a sleep medicine specialist at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, said the daily or circadian cycles guide the body’s  weekends, the brain’s circadian clock can be delayed up to 2 hours, making it tough to get to sleep Sunday and even more difficult to wake Monday morning. Carter said turning in earlier was more effective than sleeping in later.<======== My commentary. Be that as it may with this study, I'm NOT waking up at 3:45am on Saturdays unless I have to pee. :)

Friday Toy Memory-Slip n Slide. Wheeeeeeeee!  Disclaimer: Don't try to make this at home! I'm just sayin, when we were young, our parents put us on essentially a  glorified tarp and let us slide around in the backyard for hours. Thank God we didn't injure ourselves. least I didn't injure myself.  The video below is of a kid who clearly has a degree in engineering our creating products. Wow. (scuse some of the language, I didn't make the video)

We are almost finished with September (where the heck has this month gone?). It's World Alzheimers Month. This month you've probably seen signs, commercials, and other information about Alzheimers disease. In fact today is Alzheimers Action Day. You are supposed to wear Purple clothing to work to raise awareness of the disease. If you need a little quick tutorial here's some info for you.

There is cookie stealer among us...
Police in Baltimore County, Maryland, are looking for a couple of cookie crooks who stole 24 pounds of goodies from a shop in the Towson Town Center mall. Officers say surveillance video shows two men hopping the counter and ripping off Great Cookie early Tuesday morning. Authorities say the same cookie shop was hit by hungry thieves in August. <========== My commentary: Why didn't they just come to Lite 97.5, where we have hit the motherlode of Girl Scout Cookies...for free. We would have gladly shared!

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09/21/2012 7:41AM
Sleep news, iphone madness, Friday Toys
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