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I still have my stupid allergies. In fact, this morning, I woke up at ....wait for it...... 2:36am. Argh!

I found this map of pollen across the United States. Now I understand why I've been sneezing, having and itchy throat, and watery eyes for the last few days. We are in the "medium" pollen range. Here's a link to the map.

I always love when I see these new terms added to the dictionaries. There are a few on here that I've never heard before.  My fave by far is AMAZEBALLS!!!! Awesome. I will be finding a way to use this in many times as I can. Check out some new additions to the (From Harper Collins)

Who here would eat 20 year old cheese? Read on...

AMERICAN CHEESE AFTER 27 YEARS _ A guy on the social news website Reddit has posted a photo of some really old fake cheese. The man and his mom were going through boxes from their last move -- in 1985 -- and found two wrapped slices of American, looking more like an eighth-grader's science project than actual food. Ew.

Update....Remember that dude that I reported wanted to sing a patriotic song 911 times? Read on...

Update: Utah Man Sings 9/11 Tribute Song 911 Times
A Utah man finished up his 911th rendition of Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA” on the 11th anniversary of the September 11, 2001, terror attacks. Alan Foote’s voice was steady as he completed his patriotic tribute when the first hijacked jetliner struck the World Trade Center in New York City 11 years ago. The approximately two dozen people on hand at Staheli Family Farms applauded the Washington City man as he finished the epic musical tribute he started Sunday morning. “I will never get sick of [the song],” Foote said. Foote’s wife Sandi said he slept for 3 hours earlier Tuesday after getting far enough ahead on his schedule to be assured he could achieve his goal on time.

09/12/2012 7:56AM
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