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Fun Stuff from the show today

Men lie...more than women.

Men are more likely to lie than women, at least according to one survey. The average man tells 3 lies a day – or a whopping 1,092 a year, whereas women fib just twice a day or 728 times a year, research by BMW Financial Services revealed. But a role reversal happens when it comes to hiding new clothes from a partner, in that situation, 39% of women feel the need to lie about their latest wardrobe additions, compared to just 26% of men. Women are also most likely to pretend to be busy to avoid a phone call, 50% admit to this opposed to just over a 33.33% men.

How passionate are you about your car? You know every neighborhood has one. You know this person, they spend their evenings and weekends washing, polishing, and gazing at their cars because they love them so much.  If you are one of those people, read this...

Some drivers are taking their love for their car to the extreme – choosing to spend their free time with their vehicle over friends and family, according to a poll by The poll asked drivers how they like to spend their “free time” during evenings, weekends, and days off and found that 12% spend it washing and polishing their car, and taking it for a spin. The poll also found that 5% of drivers made their spouse/significant other wait at least a year before letting them behind the wheel of their car – and 20% made their partner wait at least three months. But it doesn’t stop there; motorists were also asked if they’d seek revenge on a partner’s car if a relationship went wrong. A staggering 1.6 million said they’d already taken revenge on their partner’s car, or would definitely think about it. The top five revenge methods were:

1. Scratch / damage the paintwork (41%)
2. Let the air out of the tires (29%)
3. Smash a window (26%)
4. Damage the tires (24%)
5. Leave messages / pictures in the dirt on the car windows (20%)

Poor Carnie Wilson can't catch a break!

A new sign for Cairine Wilson Secondary School  in Ottawa read “Carnie Wilson Secondary School” before it was quickly fixed. Cairine Wilson Secondary School was named after the first woman appointed to Canada’s Senate (pictured on the left). For a short time, though, it appeared as though the school was named after the Wilson Phillips singer (pictured on the right). The sign was repaired Saturday morning. (the correct sign below)

09/05/2012 10:18AM
Fun Stuff from the show today
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