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Guilty of Multitasking?

I don't know about you but I tend to multi-task. I think now that everything is available on cell phones and so we tend to use them so much more. The problem with multi-tasking with electronics for me is that I never complete a task. Instead, I end up with four tasks started and none finished.  Read this about how people use their mobile/smartphones.

In the new “multiscreen” world, more than half of American adults with mobile phones use them while watching television. According to a Pew study, 52% of all cell phone owners said they had used their mobile devices to do a variety of things while watching TV, including:
  •     38% said they used their phones to keep them occupied during commercial breaks.
  •     23% said they used their phones to text message someone else in another location watching the same show.  (I'm totally guilty of this one!..especially award shows)
  •     22% used their phones to check to see if something mentioned during the show was true or not. 
  •    20% said they were checking websites mentioned during the program they were watching.
  •   11% said they were using their phones to see what other people were saying online about a show.
  •     11% said they posted their own comments online about a program they were watching.
  •     Only 6% said they used their phones to vote for a reality show contestant.

Smartphones users were far more likely to interact with televised content on their devices while watching TV than basic feature-phone users.

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07/18/2012 6:40AM
Guilty of Multitasking?
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