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Swimmin Bears, You packed how much?

Good Mornin! You know this morning, I played Beat It by Michael Jackson and totally stood up and started doing the dance in the studio. Glad there isn't a webcam in here.


I mentioned that yesterday, an older gentleman did a chivalrous act and I thought it was pretty cool. We were walking toward each other on a narrow sidewalk. He stepped aside, motioned for me to go by...but the kicker is, he made sure I walked on the side furthest from the traffic. How cool! It wasn't till after he was past that I realized what a nice thing that was. It was a sweet moment.

Remember about a month ago, I told the story of the cows that got loose and started drinking beer at the field party? Here's the story if you don't recall.

Well, I've got another story of animals trying to hang out with the humans

Three bears found the hot tub just right. A mother bear and two cubs took a dip in a backyard hot tub in the Los Angeles area over the weekend. The momma bear and the little ones tumbled over fences and also took naps in trees. But by the time deputies arrived the bears were nowhere to be seen. Authorities say the black bears have likely ambled back toward the Angeles National Forest.

Average Woman Brings 28 Outfits During Weeklong Vacation (I'm waaay guilty of this!)

We’ve all that frantic moment where we should be rushing out the door to get to the airport and instead we’re trying to squeeze our suitcases closed tight enough to zip. A new study shows that most women do, in fact, pack a hell of a lot of clothes when they travel. A poll of 2,000 showed that the average woman brings 28 outfits for a weeklong vacation and changes her clothes four times a day while on vacation, and one in ten women wears seven outfits a day! Read more

Women wear 28 outfits during week-long holiday... that's FOUR changes every day (and they still don't wear everything they've packed!)

Things left behind at the airport...

More Than 8,000 Mobile Devices Lost At Airports

Hold on to your iPhone the next time you fly. According to a new survey, travelers in the last year left behind 8,016 mobile devices at seven of the largest airports in the country. The airports examined by Credant Technologies included Chicago O’Hare, Denver International, San Francisco International, Charlotte Douglas, Miami International, Orlando International, and Minneapolis/St. Paul. Only one of those airports reported handing the lost devices over to the authorities. More than half of the lost devices were reclaimed by their owners. But hundreds more ended up in the hands of new owners. The devices left behind the most include:

    Laptops: 3,576 (44.6%)
    Smartphones and tablets: 3,444 (43.0%)
    USB drives: 996 (12.4%)

Other notable findings:

    Five of seven airports said most mobile devices are left behind at TSA checkpoints.
    Two of seven said they found most missing devices in restrooms.
    Six of seven airports reported donating the mobile devices to charity or transferring them to another location.

Passengers didn’t just leave behind their mobile devices. Other interesting items forgotten by their owners were tires and microwave ovens.

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07/10/2012 8:35AM
Swimmin Bears, You packed how much?
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