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What up Monday peeps?

On the heels of Father's day, hope you had a great day either with your dad, honoring your dad, or putting your feet up if you are a dad.

Do you consider yourself to be stressed out? Read this...

WE'RE STRESSED OUT _ Our stress level has been mapped between 1983 and 2009, and the news isn't good. As you might expect, stress levels for both men and women have shot up dramatically -- 25% for men, and 18% for women. Women feel greater stress overall, though. There is good news: stress lowers as we get older. Folks in their 20s were more stressed than those in their 30s, and so on. Read more here.

Going on vaca this summer? I'm not sure I am. Here are some interesting stats from an online survey. I find that I fit into some of these categories definitely.

Summer Vacations


Whether the economy is improving on a large scale or not, a majority of Americans are planning to take a summer vacation by September 2012, according to the Morpace Omnibus. An online survey revealed that 58% of Americans will be taking a summer vacation this year, with 26% not planning to take one and 16% undecided. Among those who are planning a summer vacation, 61% plan to travel within the U.S. and more than 100 miles from their home. Some vacationers will take multiple vacations (such as long weekends) but closer to home stating that they will travel within a 100 mile radius of their home. Surprisingly 17% plan to travel internationally. The Morpace Omnibus also found that:


  • About 42% will be vacationing for “more than a week” (which could include multiple trips) and 35% plan to vacation for “about a week.”

  • 51% of vacationers plan to stay in hotels, motels and inns. The next highest response was 28% who would stay with family or friends.

  • July is the most popular month for vacations, with 44% of Americans taking at least one summer vacation during July.

  • Americans are still watching their budgets – 34% will spend $2,000 or more and the study had an average summer vacation spending of nearly $1,850 per respondent.

  • The majority of vacationers will use funds from savings accounts (72%) and/or credit cards (43%) to pay for their vacations.

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06/18/2012 7:04AM
What up Monday peeps?
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