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Food Food Food

Maybe I'm realizing I need to diet? Look at the subject line of today's blog post...Hmmm.

I read the story of this little 9 year old girl in Scotland who is changing how we think about school lunches. While she's in another country, the same thoughts apply. Little Martha Payne has become a blogging sensation for posting reviews of her school lunches online. Her blog "Never Seconds" has over 100,000 followers and has even attracted the attention of Jamie Oliver. Martha photographs her lunch tray daily and gives it a rating out of ten. Her score card includes price, healthiness, how many mouthfuls she took, and whether or not the meal had any hair in it. The pint-sized foodie has since started asking students reading her blog to submit their own school lunch photos and ratings. Here's her blog called "Never Seconds"

This doesn't necessarily have to do with food but it has to do with that ever popular topic of weight loss. This is the deal. WWW.FATBET.NET give you a way to create a goal for yourself, a wager you have to place and the accountability. Say I want to lose 10lbs by the end of June (doable I think). I would bet that I can lose that amount and if I DON'T, I'll donate $100 to one of my favorite charitiies (we'll say The Maryland Ensemble Theatre for purposes of this example). If I don't lose the weight, I'll have to pay that amount at the end of the time. If I bet against a friend Joe can be that if he doesn't lose the weight by the set date, he'll run naked through a baseball game.  So you can see how it can be a motivator right? Here's

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05/22/2012 7:41AM
Food Food Food
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