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Yesterday and today's blog post

Yesterday: 10-15-13

6:15- Nothing. I was having serious techinical difficulties

6:45- Does Fido or Fifi seem to chow down when he/she is a little blue? It might be that your pet is an emotional eater. Yep, it's a thing.  ANIMALS MAY EAT THEIR FEELINGS, TOO 

You’re upset. So what do you do? Reach for the Rocky Road ice cream of course. Well it seems your pet may be doing the same thing. A new study says dogs and cats may be “emotional eaters.” Which means if your pet has put on some pounds it could be because they’ve been through a traumatic or emotional event. The study claims the obesity rate is as much as 25 per cent in cats, and 45 per cent in dogs. And putting pets on a diet could make them even more unhappy because you’re taking away their “coping mechanism.” But unlike humans, who tend toward high calorie comfort foods like chocolate, animals will go on a binge even if the only food offered is their usual pet chow.

7:15- This woman's blog is called "Cancer in my thirties". She has a perspective on the "pinkifiying" of everything during October. She also has some heartfelt commentary about "No Bra Day"--which was observed last Saturday. I say RIGHT ON!!!! Read the full post here. Might make you think.

8:15- Ooops. :(


Now this is what we call an ungodly error. The Vatican recently issued a medal commemorating Pope Francis’ first year, and somehow spelled the son of God’s name wrong. The medals feature a Latin phrase that Francis said inspired him to join the priesthood, but instead of Jesus, Italy’s state mint printed them with the word “Lesus.”  Six thousand of the medals were printed in silver and bronze, with another 200 in gold, and were supposed to go on sale Tuesday, but now all of them have been recalled.  Wonder if it’s a sin to not have spellcheck?

Today's show 10-16-13

6:15 These Halloween decorations were a little too real. Johnnie Mullins of Mustang, Oklahoma set uptwo fake, bloodied bodies in his driveway as part of a Halloween prank, but it seems his neighbors didn’t find it so funny. One neighbor was apparently so spooked by the bodies that she called 911! Mullins said that when police officers and firefighters responded to the call, they were nice about it and told him he wasn’t doing anything illegal. Mullins thinks his neighbors are overreacting and that his decorations are all in good fun. "It's Halloween. I don't think it's too far," he said. He’s since added another body to his display.  

6:45 -Mountain State Apple Harvest Fest-


7:15- 90% of people have admited to "Multi-tasking" in the bathroom. Do you? I know I take the time for a good game of solitaire when I'm in the can. 

What do you do?
Do you get do your biz and get out or do you conduct "other business"?



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10/16/2013 6:44AM
Yesterday and today's blog post
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