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Would you name your cat Mr. Schnickelfritz?

I'm boring. I had a cat named Cleo. She was a given to me so she came with the name. However, I'm not sure I'd name her something wacky. It's hard to get a cat to respond to Mr. Fiddlesticks. That said, I just saw that Veterinary Pet Insurance decided to announce the most clever, creative, and quirkiest pet names nationwide. Take a look at the list and let me know in the comments if you'd name your cat or dog one of these names. Or even better, tell me you wacky pet name!

Wackiest Dog And Cat Names Of 2012

“Bella” and “Max” topped the list of most bizarre dog and cat names in 2011, but there are millions of pet owners who looked for more originality, unusual, weird, wacky and downright bizarre pet names for their furry, four-legged friends this year. Veterinary Pet Insurance has announced the most clever, creative and quirkiest pet names nationwide. The 10 Wackiest Dog and Cat Names of 2012:

Dogs                                         Cats
1. Chew Barka                           1. Pico de Gato
2. Nigel Nosewhistle                   2. Dingleberry
3. Sir Maui Senqkey Schwykle    3. Dumpster Kitty
4. Spark Pug                              4. Schnickelfritz
5. Agent 99                                5. Koobenfarben
6. Stinker Belle                          6. Sassy Pants Huska
7. Vienna Sausage                     7. Vincent Van Furrball
8. Furnace Hills Dante                8. Kitty Gaga
9. Senorita Margarita                  9. Beefra
10. Trigonometry                        10. Mister Bigglesworth

The changing face of Road Rage!

According to a new survey, women and young people are most likely to experience road rage.

  -  61 percent of female respondents said that they had experienced road rage compared to only 56 percent of males.

 - And, 68 percent of adults aged 25 to 34 admit having incidents of rage, while only 47 percent of those over 55 years old agreed, making them the mellowest group in the study.

Here's a link to the article.

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07/26/2012 7:28AM
Would you name your cat Mr. Schnickelfritz?
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