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Why sleep with a fan on?, Purple Purple everywhere, What to do with leftover bee

6:15 Do you need white noise like a fan or something else to sleep comfortably? Why or why not? I've discovered that is was a thing. A guy I use to date always needed to have the fan on and it was rough for me because I'd always need to pull the blankets on me because I was cold, while he slept like a baby. I mentioned sleeping with a fan to my neighbor, and she says she needs to do it. What's that about?

A lot of people sleep with a fan for white noise. I decided to look it up and this is what people had to say on:


and Reddit:

6:45 I guess Ravens Fans would like this. It's an Emporium for Purple People. Ha!
Where can you go to find a purple tea kettle? A purple couch? Purple camouflage underwear? Well you go to The Purple Store, of course! Adam Sheridan opened Purple Store in Seattle WA and online because people who prefer purple had trouble finding purple things and were excited when they did. Rather than unusual stuff, Purple Store customers seem to want ordinary everyday items, only in purple. And business is good. The store survived the recession and Sheridan says that, with more fans discovering Purple Store everyday, there are now plans to add more products and locations. (Where else would you find a plush purple panda bear?)
You can see the online store here: . I first read this story on


7:15 The weekend is over, you may have some leftover beer. Other than drinking it, what can you do? Here are some great ideas courtesy of Rodale News and Samuel Adams beer. (They should know...) /r/c/r?2.1.3MK.2oN.1CWbwI.i%2ajw%2ai..H.KXRw.6es%5f.bW89MQ%5f%5fDQVGFUJ0

8:15- Pole dancing for kids? I find this questionable at best. Despite the fact it looks like good exercise, I think since pole dancing has a connotation of strippers, it's hard to justify letting little girls do it. Sorry, this one is an epic fail in my book! Here's what I read:

Little girls often take up cheerleading, dance and gymnastics, but would you let your six-year-old take pole dancing classes? A studio in the UK is under fire for offering pole dancing classes to girls under the age of 13.  The website for the LaKita Dance Academy boasts that one of their 12-year-old students placed third in last year's world pole dancing championship and shows the video of a 6-year-old performing in competition to the song "Pound the Alam" by Nicki Minaj.  Critics worry that young girls performing sexualized dances in skimpy outfits with full-makeup will be left open for exploitation. But Lauren Kenealy , who runs the classes, told The Sun: 'It is just like gymnastics but using a different piece of apparatus. It's got nothing to do with being sexual.'

Here is a look at a competition featuring a 6 year old. What are your thoughts? You can e-mail me at  I'm still thinking Um...NO!


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06/30/2014 12:13PM
Why sleep with a fan on?, Purple Purple everywhere, What to do with leftover beer?, Pole dancing....
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