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Why do we laugh? Things you don't know aboutr Girl Scout Cookies, Velveeta shor

  • 6:15- We are strange and wondrous beings as humans. Here are a few things that we do as humans that science STILL doesn't quite understand like laughing or blushing. I totally get the laughter and the dreams thing. See what it has to say here:

6:45- It's Girl Scout Cookie time. It's time for us to start thinking about those precious little faces pushing our favorite cookies. Here are some facts you surely didn't know about Girl Scout Cookies.

Check out this entertaining little video:


7:15- There's so much cool stuff coming out of the Consumer Electronics show in Vegas. Last year, they unveiled the HAPI fork. A bluetooth enabled fork that monitors how fast you're eating. This year a couple of interesting bits of technology have been unveiled.  Check out the show website here:

Here are two of the items that debuted at the CES- SMARTPHONE-CONNECTED TOOTHBRUSH _ Say goodbye to gingivitis and cavities with Kolibree, the "world's first connected toothbrush". The Kolibree is able to provide users with details on their brushing habits, helping them to improve their overall dental health. The toothbrush can be connected to an app via Bluetooth, and each brush stroke is digitally recorded. 

Also for your binge watching pleasure: Dish Network unveiled the latest additions to its Hopper DVR line. The newest model has 8 tuners, which means you can record 8 shows at once.

01/08/2014 12:17PM
Why do we laugh? Velveeta shortage?OH NO!!!
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