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Why Mondays suck, Great dad one-liners, Wake up call age, Smart Shoppers buy gen

6:15 Monday's suck. They just do. We can help ourselves by adjusting our sleep schedules. Check out what “social jet lag” is and tips to fight it.

6:45 It's pretty much a bunch of one liners but they are sure to put a smile on your face on a sleepy Monday. Such as:

What do you call a pony with a sore throat?

A little horse

Where does Fonzie like to go for lunch?


Get more here:


7:15 Do you recall the time when you decided to take better care of yourself? A recent study of 2,000 people showed that 36 is the age when you get the health related wake up call to shape up and take better care of yourself.


8:15 We waste $44 Billion a year. Here's how to stop that! Stop wasting your money and buy generic like the smart kids do. A new study (Tilburg University in the Netherlands and the University of Chicago) found 9 times out of 10 doctors buy generic aspirin over the brand-names and the majority of professional chefs buy generic, store-brand sugar and baking powder over the brand name ingredients. The study found Americans waste $44 billion a year on name brands when store brands cost half the price. Read more here:

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07/28/2014 12:26PM
Why Mondays suck, Great dad one-liners, Wake up call age, Smart Shoppers buy generic
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