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Who was your celebrity crush as a teen? , Work stress leads to poundage, Did you

6:15 Who was your celebrity crush when you were a kid or teenager? I was online and saw one of those quizzes asking which Duran Duran member you were crushing's the quiz if you need a time waster:

Mine were:

  • -Rockwell
  • -Michael Jackson
  • -I send a fan letter to Malcolm Jamal Warner on the Cosby show

I did not crush on but had posters of:

Leif Garrett

  • Fonzie
  • Shawn Cassidy
  • The General Lee from the Dukes of Hazard.


6:45 FAT CHANCE---


Your job could be making you fat!  A study of American employees found likelihood of obesity depends in part on job field and work environment.  Specifically, people who work more than 40 hours per week and who are exposed to a “hostile” work environment- meaning one in which they feel threatened, bullied or harassed- are more likely to be obese.  Obviously, working long hours means less time to hit the gym.  And experts believe heavier people’s weight may make them a target of hostile behavior at the office.  The fields associated with higher obesity rates include healthcare and social assistance, architecture and engineering, public administration and government, community and service work and protective services.

7:15 Weird inventions

April is “Worldwide Innovation Month”, so here’s a look at some preposterous products that have actually been patented. Whether they’ll ever make it to market is a different matter.
• ‘The Arm Mitten’ – A solar-proof mitten that extends from the fingers all the way up to the armpit, for people who drive with one arm leaning out the car window.
• ‘The Bumper Dumper’ – A port-o-potty that connects to the trailer hitch of your vehicle, said to be perfect for campers.
• ‘The Diaper Alarm’ – A sensor that straps onto diapers so that when baby wets, a mild electrical conduction along his/her skin activates blinking lights and an audible alarm.
• ‘Floating Shade’ – A helium-filled 3-foot disc that’s attached by strings to the shoulders, thus floating overhead to provide hands-free personal shade.
• ‘The Spoon Truss’ – Basically a spoon with an attached bracelet, so parents don’t have to be continuously picking up a utensil tossed from a toddler’s highchair.
– PA News


8:15 Chocolate Bunny Time-- USED 4-18-14

If you’re average, you consume about 5.5 kg (12 lbs) of chocolate per year. Out of 4.24 million tons of cocoa produced last year, the largest amount came from the African nation of Ivory Coast (1.51 million tons). On the other side of the equation, the Netherlands (one of Europe’s leading chocolate producers) led importing nations, bringing in 0.72 million tons of cocoa, well ahead of the USA’s 0.45 million tons.

The cocoa trade has come under criticism recently for the use of child labor in Ivory Coast, among other places. US State Department estimates over 100,000 children work in the cocoa industry. What can you do about it? The ‘Fairtrade’ logo indicates chocolate made by paying cocoa farmers a ‘fair and living wage’. (But doesn’t necessarily prevent enslavement.)
– “The Guardian”


8:45- Friday Toy Memory: S & H Green Stamps- You'd get them from the grocery store and stuff and could trade them in for products. They were around for about 50 years and people went wild for them. I remember when I was a kid, we had a whole drawer full of them, but I don't know if my parents ever traded them in for things. Hmmm.


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04/18/2014 11:16AM
Who was your celebrity crush as a teen? , Work stress leads to poundage, Did you know that April is
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