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What we do in the bathroom, Rent a room in your home for a night, Ease your Spri


6:15 WHAT WE DO IN THE BATHROOM _ Reading, sending text messages and talking on the phone are among the things we do most when using the bathroom. With the exception of the intended uses, reading is the most popular toilet activity with 39 percent of us taking books, magazines or newspapers into the littlest room in the house. Twenty-one percent of those quizzed for the survey owned up to both sending text messages and chatting on their phone, while 18 percent ponder their next meal and six percent say they 'meditate'.


6:45 Would you rent out a room in your home to a stranger for a night? People are doing it all over the world. It's called “Air BNB”. It's sort of a virtual (but real) bed and breakfast.

After the success of Air BnB, someone thought of Air PnP in New Orleans during Mardi Gras. Meaning you can rent out your potty to revelers during the festivities. Whatever floats your boat. Go ahead and take it for a spin yourself:

7:15 Do you suffer from springtime allergies?

10 best tips to ease spring allergies

It's about that time: Temperatures rise, trees  bloom and your nose starts to run. It itches, too; you keep sneezing or coughing, and your eyes won't stop watering. These are all signs of seasonal allergic rhinitis, also known as hay fever and most commonly caused by tree pollen that iritates your nasal passages. Pollen from birch, cedar, cottonwood and pine are particularly big allergy triggers. And if you feel as if your symptoms are getting worse every year, you're not crazy: Research shows pollen counts are slowly rising and expected to double by 2040. Also, if you suffer from migraines and could swear you get more of them when your allergies attack, you might be right again: Recent preliminary research linked nasal allergies and hay fever to an increase in the frequency and severity of these painful headaches.


7:45 Whats the deal with people posting something about I just won $7,000 in scratchers. Tommy Jordan

Why is it that a ton of my Facebook friends have posted that they won $7000 on a scratcher?? Where are these scratchers at??? Tell me!!!!!


Rona Mensah I noticed that too. What the heck? Is it one of those "I'm going to Canada on a moose" type of hidden message and it means something else?


Tommy Jordan Yeah I'm starting to this we are missing something here Rona lol


Rona Mensah Yeah, I'm always outta the loop.


Jennifer November Yeah it is one of those stupid things. Chain letter type stuff.


DeAnna Smith I think its one of those tag games. You like or comment then they inbox you that youre it and then you have to pick from a list of statuses, then continue the vicious cycle


Mellisa Robinette Zaluski

Another stupid fb game |

Another stupid fb game - So I commented on a friend's status and was sent this. ...See More


Tommy Jordan Awww boooooooo....I fell for a stupid FB tag game??? I just got dumber by 90%




OCEAN CITY, Md. (AP) — No cussing like a sailor on the boardwalk. Visitors to Ocean City this summer will be getting a reminder to watch their language. The Maryland resort's town council has approved "No Profanity Please" signs. They'll be posted every block along the boardwalk and available to business owners who want them. The city attorney advises that passing a law against foul language wouldn't be constitutional. But Councilwoman Mary Knight says the signs will show that "Ocean City cares."

03/27/2014 8:32AM
What we do in the bathroom, Rent a room in your home for a night, Ease your Springtime allergies, Du
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