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What was your fave TV show?, Duck Tape/Guiness Record, Cell Phones Hacked and he

6:15- What was your favorite TV show?

After Anne B Davis from Brady Bunch passed away over the weekend, it got me to thinking about my favorite shows as a kid. My favorites were:

-Brady Bunch

-Three's Company

-Soul Train!



Threes Company-


Soul Triain-


6:45- If you're a fan of duck tape, making a stylish outfit could win you $500!
The Avon Heritage Duck Tape Festival is going for a new world record on June 14 in Avon, Ohio. Organizers are looking for at least 250 people to show up wearing a Duck Tape outfit. The maker of Duck Tape is headquartered in Avon.


7:15 Cell Phones, Cell Phones, Cell Phones! Hacked, Killed etc.

Hackers Reportedly Locking iPhones for Ransom

Most people can't go a minute without checking their smartphones, so some savvy hackers are exploiting that by reportedly locking the devices remotely, then texting or emailing a ransom note to unlock the cellys.

On an Apple support forum, one user from Australia reports, "i was using my ipad a short while ago when suddenly it locked itself...I went to check my phone and there was a message on the screen...saying that my device(s) had been hacked...and he/she/they demanded $100 USD/EUR (sent by paypal) return them to me."

It would appear the hackers are taking advantage of Apple's cloud, possibly via official-looking "phishing" emails that trick users into revealing their AppleIDs. With that information, hackers can use the "Lost My iPhone" security measures to lock the devices.

Apple so far hasn't commented on the problem. "More than likely, in Australia, there is a breach that has nothing to do with Apple," Robert Siciliano, an identity theft expert with McAfee, told ABC News.

Siciliano said the hack could have began in a single place, such as at an university or an online retailer, where people may log on using their .iCloud, .Mac or .Me domain email addresses and use the same password. He warned hackers can use iCloud credentials to "own that person" and clones their devices, making copies of personal photos, videos, emails and any other data users back up to Apple's cloud system.

What can you do?: Siciliano recommends that people immediately change their passwords and set up two-factor identification for their Apple accounts. The bottom line, he said, is that, "critical accounts should always have different passwords."

To that end, Smartphone companies making anti theft devices. Many of the major cell phone companies and cell phone providers have agreed to add a “kill switch” to most cell phones. This would make it impossible for thieves to take the phone and reactivate it. It would render it useless. This should be on the market in July of 2015.

8:15-Desk Jobs Really Weighing People Down

Are you becoming one with your work desk?


If you're spending long hours in front of your computer while the rest of the world seems to be doing something else, you're probably among the 58 percent of respondents to a survey who complain they're overweight.

That's how the majority of 2,900 people who are deskbound feel. If it's any consolation, 51 percent of the 1,100 questioned who don't work at a desk also say they're heavier than they should be.

However, the gap is wider when people were asked whether they've gained weight at their present job. Almost half tied to a desk admit they have while only three-in-ten of non-desk workers say they've added some poundage.

Despite their expanding girth, desk workers say there are certain pluses, including earning higher pay, having access to more technology and better communication with their superiors than those who don't sit down to work.

Also read this for more insight:


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06/04/2014 9:30AM
What was your fave TV show?, Duck Tape/Guiness Record, Cell Phones Hacked and held for ransom, Phone
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