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What's your guilty pleasure, 5 second rule, Avoid your friends with this app, He

6:15 What's your guilty pleasure? 'Guilty Pleasure.' What's your guilty pleasure?

I can eat an entire can of black olives.

TV: I really love Lifetime Movie Network. I can watch several of them back to back. It's one of my favorite things to do


6:45 G'head and eat it!


 A new study lends scientific backing to a commonly-held theory: the five-second rule.  It found that the amount of time a piece of food is on the ground does in fact have significant impact on the level of bacteria it picks up!  So go ahead and eat food off the floor- just remember, timing is everything. Read more here:



7:15 When I get out of the gym, the last thing I want to do is see people. I'd do anything to avoid them. Think about it, I'm sweaty, probably wearing something not very flattering and I very well may stink. No thanks to social interactions. Now I have a way to avoid people, there's a new anti-social network. The app Cloak links with Foursquare and Instagram to find out where your friends are and then helps you avoid them. I'm feeling this! Read about it here:


7:45 As you may know, Hedgesville H.S. Boys Basketball team is headed to Charleston on Thursday to take on Parkersburg HS for the State Tournament. Go Eagles!! 

If you are interested in tickets $8/adults and $6/students, they are on sale at the school:

Today(Tuesday) from 8am-3pm

There's also a fan bus. If you have interest in the fan bus, call the school. (304) 754-3354,wv)/basketball/home.htm



Not the breast excuse! A female driver stopped by police in England told them she wasn’t wearing her seatbelt properly because it hurt her boobs. During the traffic stop, officers noticed she had the seatbelt tucked behind her arm. They gave her a warning and explained that wearing the seatbelt incorrectly could end up causing more harm than good. Even if she does have those two airbags in front…

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03/18/2014 8:09AM
What's your guilty pleasure, 5 second rule, Avoid your friends with this app, Hedgesville rawks it,
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