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What can you eat in one sitting?, North Mountain Arts Festival, What would you

6:15 Asked a question to which I received NO responses.

What food is it that you can eat in one sitting”? I gave the example of eating a lot of pringles in a day.



North Mountain Arts Festival held annually  the first Saturday in June at 201 North Mary Street,
Hedgesville, WV  25427.

Located in Historic Hedgesville, West Virginia.  WhisperWood, owned by Judy Jeffares, Board member of the Heritage Craft Center represents  local and regional artists.  Featuring, pottery, weaving, wood turning,  photography, painting, jewelry, fabric art, stained glass, fused glass, dichroic glass, quilts, wall hangings, greeting cards, hand carved eggs and  many more unique
treasures discovered by Judy with her years of experience.   All are beautifully displayed for your pleasure.

For information on Mud in Your "I" please go to: or call

304 754 5727


7:15 People Would Risk Their Necks to Get Back a Stolen Phone

Would you put yourself in physical danger to get back a stolen cellphone?

Incredibly, nearly 7 in 10 would do just that, according to a survey by Lookout, a mobile security company.

Phone theft is on the rise all across the U.S. with ten percent of Americans claiming that they've had their device swiped.

Generally speaking, many people admit that it's their own fault it happened with 44 percent saying that they just simply left their phones behind in a public setting where anyone could come along and scoop them up.

However, it's not so much losing the gadget that upsets victims of theft but the personal data that's in them like photos and bank information.

A majority of respondents to the Lookout survey said they would pay $500 to retrieve that data, regardless of whether they get their phone returned.


How far have you gone to retrieve your cell phone?

Rona's story=====> One time, I went to see a band at a club and afterward, I was taking pictures of them on my phone. I was so excited to take the pics with the band, I left the phone at the merch table. I had to drive back to DC to go get the phone (which I had gotten about 2 weeks before...ugh!)


8:15- So ...this means I don't have an excuse to eat that ENTIRE can of Pringles then?...


Is Comfort Food Really All That Comforting? As much as we love food and comfort, it’s comfort food that helps us through times of sadness or stress.

However, Heather Scherschel Wagner, a doctorate candidate at the University of Minnesota, says the idea that a pint of Cherry Garcia is just the antidote to make us happy again may be a lot of bunk.

To prove her point, Wagner had participants pick favorite comfort foods like chocolate, cookies or ice cream, along with a food they enjoyed although not necessarily one that would boost their mood, such as a granola bar.

The participants later watched a short video intended to make the viewer angry, fearful and sad. They rated their feelings after watching the video, which put them in bad mood, and then ate a comfort food, a granola bar or were given nothing to eat.

Three minutes later, the mood of the participants brightened -- in all cases. Wagner and her team were surprised but the bottom line was food didn't necessarily affect their moods, adding, "Basically, comfort food can't speed up that healing process."

The finding is important, according to Wagner, because people may be eating unhealthy foods to excess when they don't have to.

Even so, the researcher and her team want to conduct a different study to see if comfort food might provide solace when people experience stress in social settings. 

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05/28/2014 8:56AM
What can you eat in one sitting?, North Mountain Arts Festival, What would you do to get your cell
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