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What advice would you give to your 20 year old self?, Self serve coffee shop, Of

6:15 I want to get a little deep here for a minute: Sometimes I see little quotes that just stick with me this one was a good one:


☎ If you could give your 20-year-old self 3 words of advice, what would you say? (since I never follow directions, I went way over 3 words....following the directions, I'd say HAVE NO FEAR)

I'd say: 

-it's okay, this weight, is probably as low as you're gonna get—enjoy it now!

-You will never know how much you don't know, so enjoy what you don't know and enjoy the ride in getting to know more.

-Don't be so afraid to try things, you just might succeed,now especially since you have less barriers, obligations right now.

Susan- “Don't take yourself so seriously. Thinking you know so much & so forth...”

Pam- “Don't get married...go to school.”

Greg- “Stay away from the Jagermeister. The guy you see today is pretty much the same guy as I was then. Then after a moment of careful introspection he said...”Also, go ahead and go do it!” He had an opportunity to go work on a cruise ship and he didn't take it then, but instead joined the military.”

Marc-”Be more flexible. Think more flexibly”

Danielle- “I would go back to my 16 year old self instead. I'd tell myself that just because you don't have a boyfriend or you're not popular, it doesn't matter when you get older. My 20's were great! It was my teenage years that were harder.”



There’s a newly-opened coffee shop that has no staff and uses the ‘honor system’ … and it actually works! The Vault coffee shop in Valley City, North Dakota doesn’t have any staff or cash tills; customers serve themselves and are asked to leave money or swipe their credit card to pay for what they take. Amazingly, people actually do that and pay a little bit more, about 15%. And no thefts have been reported despite the fact that coffee, snacks, a library of books, and even 2 pianos are there for the taking. The owner only stops by the shop occasionally to keep it stocked up. How honest are you? Would you pay for coffee if you didn’t have to?
I would but I'd bet tempted to be dishonest. I'm not gonna lie. I'm sure at some point, I'd jokingly want to make off with the piano, just to see if anyone would say anything to me about it.

Read about it here:


7:15 These days, it's kinda tough to figure out what to wear to work. Since the tech boom of the 90's , things have changed and there are differing views of what's appropriate for the workplace. Check this out:

What is corporate casual? 

We need dress code transparency! In many workplaces employees are advised that ‘corporate casual’ is the official company dress code, but just what does that mean? Corporate casual evolved in the early ’90s, when Silicon Valley nerds got rich and realized they had enough money to go to work dressed however they wanted. But if you Google the term, the gist of every article you’ll find is that no one really knows what it is. A few tips from style watchers …
✓ Black jeans may be okay but blue jeans are definitely not.

✓ No skinny trousers.
✓ No shorts unless they are upscale designer wear.
✓ Men should only wear collared shirts, and they must be tucked in.
✓ Shoes should be clean and polished, never scuffed.
✓ No flip-flops.
✓ Do not overexpose your body.
✓ And this one we can all agree on … wearing a 3-piece suit to work in mid-Summer is essentially a definition of masochism. (And what’s corp-casj mean to you?)
–I got the story here:


Want to see what I mean about the fact that there is no concensus as to what Business Casual is? Check this out (one hint, Wikipedia doesn't know either):

8:15- You really couldn't make this up! If you're thinking you want you favorite pair of jeans to look a little distressed...

‘Distressed’ jeans often go for triple the price of regular jeans after they’ve been battered by factory machines. But now you can own a pair of jeans personally shredded by lions and tigers and bears. Introducing … ‘Zoo Jeans’. The Mineko Club, a volunteer group in Hitachi City, Japan is selling jeans mangled by animals at the Kamine Zoo to raise money for wildlife conservation. The critters are given toys covered in denim to tear into, thereby creating a ‘worn-in’ look. The denim is then sewn to create the jeans which are being auctioned online. Bids on jeans ‘designed’ by a tiger have risen well into the thousands. (Too bad, you've already missed your chance to buy pants covered in lion spit.  The sale ended earlier this month)

NET: /

I wouldn't believe it if I hadn’t seen it myself.


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07/24/2014 8:43AM
What advice would you give to your 20 year old self?, Self serve coffee shop, Office dress codes, wh
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