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What Moms want from their media

Moms & Media

Meredith’s Parents Network has announced exclusive new findings from its second “Moms & Media” survey.  The survey explored moms’ various media behaviors including preferences, consumption, and motivation. “Moms & Media 2” finds that for moms born between 1977 and 1994, there is no part of their lives that is media free. From the bathroom to the bedroom, these moms are checking Facebook, streaming television and reading magazines everywhere and anywhere they go. Findings include:

Moms Really Love Their Smartphones

    They take their Smartphones everywhere – 21% of Millennial moms use their phone in the bathroom and 12% use it during sex!
    81% of moms said shopping was the No. 1 way they use their Smartphone.
    Moms have an average of 13 apps loaded on their phones.
    Two-thirds of moms say that less than half of their apps are for their kids.

Moms Have A Love Hate Relationship With Facebook

    The number of millennial moms on Facebook continues to rise – more than 8 in 10 moms are on the site.
    38% of moms said status updates with too much personal information is their No.1 Facebook pet peeve.
    22% of moms think that their Facebook Friends make too many political statements.
    72% are frustrated by all of the recent Facebook changes to its format and privacy policies.
    Moms have a love/hate relationship with Facebook, with 53% saying that they feel like it wastes their time.
    96% of moms say it’s important to control who sees their personal information on Facebook.
    55% of moms have de-friended companies on Facebook, too many messages and ads being the No. 1 reason.
    In 2010, 22% of moms kept Facebook open on their computers all day; now 44% do, a 100% increase.
    A year ago, moms had an average 151 Facebook friends, now she has 209.

Moms & TV

    Moms spend 16 hours watching television weekly.
    55% of moms watched live television in 2010 and now only 41% do.
    Streaming is on the rise. 16% of moms streamed television in 2010. That number is now up to 23%.
    Moms love their DVRs. 29% watched programming via DVR in 2010 and now 36% do.
    84% of all moms avoid commercials when watching live television.

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05/10/2012 8:30AM
What Moms want from their media
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