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Welcome to the new year!

Dude, I think it was really stupid to put Christmas and New Year's on a Wednesday. It's a very useless day of the week and it makes it difficult to plan time off. Just sayin. Ahem, I'll climb off my soapbox now. 

This is what I discussed on the show...

6:15 The Best of 2013 continues. Buzzwords. Can you say selfie and twerk?


6:45 10 Things Food Banks Need But Won't Ask For.


Yep. I jacked this from a friend's facebook page, which she apparently jacked from another radio station. Good info nonetheless.

7:15 Told the story of the nice lady who paid for my yoga class with her family's random act of kindness pact. What random acts of kindness have you received or given? I had a nice lady call and tell me that two times she's pulled up to a fast food restaurant and the person in front of her had paid for her order. Here are some great ideas for your random acts of kindness ideas that you may want to try. 

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01/02/2014 9:56AM
Welcome to the new year!
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