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Wearing sensible shoes...Ugh!

I saw this study about how to know if you're a grown up. Apparently I am. Who knew? I very much agree with the sensible shoes thing. I have this whole soapbox issue that you just  can't find cute shoes anymore. They are either grandma shoes with no style or skanky shoes with a 5 inch heel. I can't walk in the latter so that means, I'm forced to buy/wear grandma shoes. :(.

Here's the info

How To Tell If You’re A Grown-Up


A mortgage, making financial decisions without parents, a retirement fund, food shopping and having a will are the top signs of an adult, British researchers say. Tracy Fletcher, head of corporate communications for Skipton Building Society, said their study of 2,000 people found 50 things indicating adulthood, but almost all agreed owning a home was top on the list – something made much harder since the credit crisis in 2008. Many of the items on the list involved a home – being able to bleed a radiator, owning a lawn mower, planting a flower garden, changing a light bulb and owning guest towels. Other rites of passage and skills included:


Having children Keeping track of interest rates
Budgeting every month Finding a messy house annoying
Being able to cook from scratch Owning a vacuum cleaner
Getting married Holding dinner parties
Having life insurance Parents start asking you for advice
Recycling Wearing coats on a night out
Having a savings account Going to bed before 11 p.m.
Watching the news You iron
Doing your own washing You wash up immediately after eating
Having a joint bank account Wearing sensible shoes
Having a view on politics Being able to change a car tire

HOKEY POKEY RECORD SET _ A line of 2,569 people danced the Hokey Pokey on a bridge spanning New York's Hudson River Saturday. They broke a 2008 record set by 2,354 people in Estonia.

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06/11/2012 7:01AM
Wearing sensible shoes...Ugh!
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