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Teachers reading tweets by their students...about them ,3-yr old kid that argues

6:15 I love this! Teachers read tweets about themselves made by students. Awesome!

The final pic says 'Be careful what you post online, you never know who might read it”.

Such a great way to get the point across!

6:45 Basketball terms laying around. I always wondered how sports dudes found such colorful ways to describe a simple making a basket or running up the field for a touchdown. Well, I learned something recently when I found a list of terms for play-by-play commentary. There were all these terms that made it clear, that these dudes rip off each other an there's a little bit of a cheat sheet. Hmmm. When sports dudes sound like this: )

I have no hope (but I do if I have a cheat sheet). :)

7:15 Saw this video that irked my nerve!

Kid calls his mother by her first name and is argumentative.

Danielle said her kids never have called her by her first name. I rmember being afraid of adults and always calling them Mr. Or Mrs so and so.

Or Aunt so and so if they were friends of my mom NEVER by their first names. :)


8:15 Aw, this is too bad if it's true. I feel like school dances are a rite of passage. It appears that teens are ditching school dances.

School dances used to be some of the most-anticipated events of the year.  But it seems they’re becoming a thing of the past.  Many schools have started canceling dances due to lack of attendance.  According to one school administrator in New York, students don’t go to dances anymore because they’d rather stay home and interact with one another via text, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat.  Plus, while teens of the early 2000s were limited to the family computer if they wanted to chat with their friends online, these days most kids have their own laptops and smartphones, which means they can do so from the privacy of their rooms.  School officials say that while dances used to be a prime opportunity for kids to socialize, technology has changed all that.   Fortunately- or unfortunately, depending on how popular you are- most schools still at least hold an annual prom.

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03/13/2014 8:33AM
Teachers reading tweets by their students...about them ,3-yr old kid that argues with his mother, Ba
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