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Heartwarming story of kid giving soldier $, National Kidney Month and Walk, New

6:15 KID GIVES SOLDIER FOUND $20  heartwarming story

For an eight-year-old, finding $20 is a big deal. But for Myles Eckert, what he did with that $20 is an even bigger deal.  Myles found the bill in the parking lot of an Ohio Cracker Barrel and originally planned to use it to buy a video game. But when he saw a soldier dining at the restaurant, Myles, who was just five weeks old when his father, Army Sgt. Andy Eckert, died in Iraq, changed his mind.   He decided to give that $20 bill to the soldier, Lt. Col Frank Dailey,  with a note that read, "Dear soldier — my dad was a soldier. He's in heaven now. I found this 20 dollars in the parking lot when we got here. We like to pay it forward in my family. It's your lucky day! Thank you for your service. Myles Eckert, a gold star kid." Dailey couldn’t believe such a gesture came from someone so young. “It's incredible being recognized in such a manner,” he said. “I look at it (the note) every day."  Dailey says he learned a big lesson from Myles and decided to give the $20 away and plans to do more. He also hopes Myles’ story inspires others across the country to give as well.   


6:45 The Bachelor: This is exactly what I posted on my personal Facebook page...check out the commentary that commenced. I changed the names in case there is some problem with posting real  people's names comments here:

I said: Who cares if Juan Pablo did not tell the woman he's in love with her on TV? Isn't that his decision and between the two of them?


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  • Therese- I'm on #teamChrisHarrison and #team sean on's the whole point of the show! JP needs to get over himself...

  • JB-- Huh?

  • Raye - Personally. I think he's a pompous a$$hole.

  • Sam- Not when you put your stuff on TV. He is a D-Bag and she is the dumbest chick I have seen in awhile, lol. Just sayin

  • Carly-I agree with Raye! I dont care that he didn't say I love you... he just wasn't genuine these last 3 weeks.. it was like personality 360.. Jekyll and hyde

    Kim- Nikki is cute, but she is pretty dumb if she thinks this is going anywhere! He makes my skin crawl. His conversation level with anyone is around 1st grade.

  • Rona-I never even watched an episode of The Bachelor this season. All I'd heard is how much people disliked Juan Pablo. So when I happened on the finale, I was curious. I watched and couldn't believe how invested people were getting on social media. I suppose I'd want a satisfying outcome if I invested in watching it for a season too. I found I had an opinion too, so I guess the producers of that show got what they wanted...another invested viewer.



7:15 Melissa Clark from the National Kidney Foundation. Western Maryland Kidney Walk 2014 is coming up May 4th so Melissa was telling us all we need to know about it.

7:45 First, Pharrell has partnered with the UN for International Happiness Day on March 20th! Yay.



Replacing Brooke Burke isn’t the only change Dancing with the Stars is making. On Good Morning America recently, host Tom Bergeron revealed the show has added a new twist this season – for the first time ever, viewers will be allowed to vote to switch celebrities and their pro partners.  As for those celebrities, this year’s competitors include: Real Housewives of Atlanta’s NeNe Leakes; Olympic Gold medal-winning ice dancing pair Charlie White and Meryl Davis; former NHL starSean Avery; former Full House star Candace Cameron BurePrice is Right host Drew Carey;The Wonder Years’ Danica McKellarStar Wars’ Billy Dee Williams; double amputee snowboarding champ Amy Purdy; Australian pop singer Cody Simpson; long distance swimmerDiana Nyad and Big Time Rush’s James Maslow. Click here to find out who the stars are partnered with.


8:15 THE 4-DAY ICE CREAM CLEANSE _ If you've ever tried to lose weight you've probably at least considered a cleanse. There's the Master Cleanse, Dr. Oz's 48-Hour Cleanse, the Colon Cleanse... and so many more. But my new favorite is the diet cleanse made entirely of ice cream. Yep, it turns out there's a vegan ice cream shop in Los Angeles that's offering a four-day, ice cream only-diet cleanse that's supposed to be good for you. For $240 (correct) Kippy's Ice Cream Shop will give you 20 pints of its coconut-cream based, raw, organic, non-dairy ice cream, in a variety of flavors. The cleanse works out to one pint per meal, five pints per day, for four days straight.


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03/11/2014 9:37AM
Heartwarming story of kid giving soldier $, National Kidney Month and Walk, New Dancing w/The Stars
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