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We spend a lot of time primping, Pot weddings?, You did what behind the wheel?,

Blah blah blah...

6:15 So interesting. Boildown: Women spend 6 ½ hours a week on our appearance. Men spend 4 ½. Teens girls spend almost 8 hours a week and Teen boys spend 4 hours. (no surprise there).



 Looks may not be everything, but they sure do take up a lot of time.  Women spend an average of 55 minutes per day  on their appearance- that amounts to six and a half hours a week, or about two whole weeks a year!  In fact, women worry more about how they look than their finances, health, relationships or careers.  

The majority of women have complained about their appearance to someone else at least once in the past month.

 And almost half say social media makes them extra self-conscious about how they look, with

60% having negative thoughts about their appearance every week.  

Of course, guys aren’t entirely innocent of self-obsession- men spend four and a half hours a week on their looks, and 36% have negative thoughts about themselves weekly.  Here’s one thing men and women can agree on- both sexes worry about their stomachs.  Women’s top appearance concerns are their skin, thighs, hair, cellulite and butt, while for men, it’s their hair and skin.  



In Colorado, having an open bar is no longer good enough for a wedding. With this year’s legalization of marijuana, more and more couples are finding ways to incorporate pot into their special day. Options include vaping stations for guests and pot leaf bouquets for the bridal party. And instead of just Bud in a glass,  groomsmen can enjoy  “bud-tonnieres,” made with a cannabis bud.  Explained  Edible Events founder Jane West, “After the formalities of the ceremony, they can remove the item, put it in the wedding party gift, which is a pipe, and smoke it." And it sounds like guests are all for it. A recent poll on The Knot showed that 67% of those asked would love to go to a weed party. Well, it certainly would be a smokin’ hot bash. Oh dear...


7:15 I'm a serial flirter and eater behind the wheel. Not at the same time mind you. Clearly I'm not alone! People have admitted to getting busy on the roads (in their car)

A new online survey measures just how much actual living goes on in cars -- whether it is eating, applying makeup, flirting or having sex.

As a result, according to the Harris Interactive survey conducted for a company called Scout GPS, drivers are still distracted despite all the attention paid to the risks.

The survey finds that

-11% of the the 1,832 U.S. adults participating in the survey admit to "having participated in a sexual activity while driving." (getting freaky)

-Predictably, men were three times more likely to admit -- boast? -- that had, at 17%, compared to women, 5%. By a percentage point, those age 35 to 44 were the leading age group for acknowledging their sexual exploits in moving cars. Those 18 to 34 were next.



-Some 19% say they have eaten using a fork, spoon or knife while driving,

-10% have applied makeup and

9% have flirted with another driver.

Those who have read a book behind the wheel represent only 4%.


While Harris is a respected polling organization and 1,832 is a lot of respondents, the results are not considered scientific. But they are interesting.


7:45 Yesterday there was a press conference to announce the new concert with Jim Avett, Grace and Tony, and The Christian Lopez Band. Cool. This is a great “get” for him and the band. And for us who gets to go to the show.

8:15 We've got remotes coming up. Come see us somewhere!

8:45- Have you seen this video for “First Kiss” it's so.... read this then watch the video

STRANGERS KISSING VIDEO GETS 7 MILLION VIEWS IN A DAY _ How does a clothing brand get 7 million YouTube views in one day? By getting 20 strangers to kiss each other. The video, titled First Kiss, features strangers - all wearing L.A. fashion label Wren's fall 2014 clothing collection - meeting for the first time and kissing on camera. Yeah, that's it, but there's so much more. First the people meet, realize they have to kiss each other and cope with those feelings. There's lots of awkward banter, nervous laughter and hesitant movements. Finally, the couples start kissing, and the game changes. Some kisses are hesitant, some are quick, some are intimate.


RONA'S THOUGHTS===========>The best quote I've hard about this so far “It's like the hipster Bachelor.

These people are models who have been hired to portray strangers. Nevermind, that loses some of the kitsch and cool factor for me. Also since I didn't see this before and think it was a
real social experiment, I'm okay with knowing it's a set up for a clothing ad.




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03/12/2014 9:46AM
We spend a lot of time primping, Pot weddings?, You did what behind the wheel?, Christian Lopez Band
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