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We're still here! Jackson 5 Cartoon, Ann Curry's acts of kindess, Friday Toys

So the apocolypse never happened. See what people have posted on twitter about it...interesting (and kinda funny too!) 

NASA has warned us time and time again that the Mayan apocalypse, predicted to fall on today, 12/21/12, is not scientifically possible. Still, Twitter users everywhere are spending a disproportionate amount of time coming up with Mayan joke material. Now, there is Instapocalypse, a site that culls Instagram photos published with the #apocalypse hashtag. If a fiery asteroid does end up hurtling towards earth today – well, it was real folks! Might as well have a giggle!

So Ann Curry from NBC (who I love!), did a story about doing good in the world after the shootings that occured last week in Connecticut. In the article, she states that if you "do good, you'll feel good". This article has inspired thousands of people to do some acts of kindness. Read the story here and see what some people have done. Cool Stuff!  File this in the chapter called #neededsomegoodnews!... it made me cry.
We talked about the Jackson 5 Cartoon on the show this morning. How they would always pull something out of their afros to save the day. Whether it be an anvil, waterslide, hammer, they always had it hidden in their hair. I think.

AFter show note...apparently I was wrong. This whole time I got the Jackson 5 Cartoon confused with the Harlem Globetrotters cartoon. It was one of the Globetrotters who pulled things out of his head. See this from a blog I found...
"AAnd I remember someone saying to me, "One of 'em had a fro so big he could pull ladders and elephants from it!" That would be Sweet Lou Dunbar. cla

That said, you'll see him do it in the intro to their cartoon below.

Friday toy memory: VIntage/Older Christmas/Holiday Decorations. I loved the ornaments, lights, and especially the vintage trees with the color block twirly lights.  My only objection is that version of Silent Night from Stevie Nicks...can't stand it. Otherwise, I'm in love! See below! Rockin! ... around the Christmas tree. :)

This one has a train going around the base and a bunch of cool ornaments on it.

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12/21/2012 11:44AM
We're still here! Jackson 5 Cartoon, Ann Curry's acts of kindess, Friday Toys
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