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We're so busy...and we like it! All Christian Lopez and Story Stomp Grass, Humbl

6:15 GET BUSY 

These days, it seems everybody is SO busy.  Our culture has become obsessed with efficiency, employing technology to make everything- working, eating, exercising, communicating- faster.  But are our schedules really that packed, or do we trump it up and wear our stress as a badge of honor?  Some experts believe the latter is true, and that for all our complaining, we actually like being busy- and talking about it to anyone who will listen.  In fact, some say citing your busy schedule as an excuse for pretty much anything is a passive-aggressive way of saying you expect praise for working so hard.  Move over, #humblebrag…these days it’s all about busy-bragging.

6:45 Kid gets into 8 Ivy League!


7:15 Christian Lopez (love that kid) came into the studio and we had a great time chatting and promoting the the show “Story Stomp Grass” on August 2nd. It's gonna be great with Christian Lopez Band, Jim Avett, and Grace and Tony. Check out the website and get your tickets at:


8:15 If you've never heard this term. I had a difficult time describing it but here's what Urban had to say about it:humblebrag : Subtly letting others now about how fantastic your life is while undercutting it with a bit of self-effacing humor or "woe is me" gloss.

Uggggh just ate about fifteen piece of chocolate gotta learn to control myself when flying first class or they'll cancel my modelling contract LOL :p #humblebrag “

Here's a great page that shows celebrity humble brags: #jerks


Friday Toy Memory: Benji. Need I say more? This dog rocked waaaay before Spuds McKenzie, or that Taco Bell Dog. He had his own movies!

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04/04/2014 1:00PM
We're so busy...and we like it! All Christian Lopez and Story Stomp Grass, Humblebrag, Friday Toy Me
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