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Cringe-worthy words, Halloween Scrooge, Brad Sherwood, Friday Toy Memory

I Love Fridays! I will resist the urge to sing Rebecca Black's horrid song "Friday" because I love ya. Ha.

Today on the show:

6:15--Words that drive you nuts! It drives me up a wall when I hear people mention certain words and phrases and use them incorrectly. For instance the term “Supposably”. I don't think that everyone knows its “Supposedly” but it still bugs me.  Here are 17 words that are made up and make me want to scream...or at least some of them do.


6:45- Halloween Scrooge! Oh No She Didn't! Instead of candy this year, a woman in North Dakota handed out letters to trick-or-treaters who she deems overweight. Wow.  While this “concerned neighbor” may very well have a point, I think her way of going about it was inappropriate. If she has an issue with sugary treats being given away during this age old tradition, she could have given away something that isn't food related like pencils, pennies, or something healthy. Kids (of all sizes) have been trick or treating for years, so why choose now to almost target the "fat kids"? Why the anger and shaming the kids and parents now? She does have a point about the fact that unhealthy sugary foods are part of the tradition, but to send a note when all the kids wants is a little fun is a little low. If it takes a village to raise a child, make a step by not offering candy to any kids. Who knows, the skinny kids of today may develop unhealthy eating habits later too. Argh. This really fired me up!   You can read the letter here

UPDATE: I GOT AN E-MAIL FROM ONE OF OUR LISTENERS WHO SAYS IT MAY BE A HOAX!!! Here's what I was able to scrounge up regarding this story: Click Here!


7:15- Brad Sherwood Interview-If you've ever seen the show “Whose Line is it Anyway” you know how quick and funny these guys are. One of the long time improvisers Brad Sherwood is traveling the country with his cast mate Colin Mochrie in the “Two Man Group” show. This Sunday they are coming to our area to the Weinberg Center in Frederick. Here's the full interview (even parts that didn't run on the air).


8:15- Friday Toy Memory (courtesy of Marc Richards). Fisher Price Little People. Remember these little guys and gals? They were cute and little but all of a sudden they were much bigger. I think someone finally realized that little kids like to stick stuff in their mouths and those cute little people were probably quite the choking hazard. It's like they are super-sized them.


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11/01/2013 7:31AM
Cringe-worthy words, Halloween Scrooge, Brad Sherwood, Friday Toy Memory
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