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Hi I'm Danielle Hedges.  I am local girl who is so happy to be on my hometown radio station. After high school, I moved to Tennessee where I went to college and met my husband.  After a few years away, I missed my family and my beloved West Virginia so I came back home. 
I am a mom to Kacey, Karee and Kaden, they keep me pretty busy.  I love trying to make desserts and crafts off Pinterest. They usually turn out pretty good (most of the time). I love party planning and decorating for all the holidays.  I collect snowmen, I have over 300!
I have always loved music and being a DJ gives me the chance to listen to music everyday!


Valentines day Pressure.

Every boyfriend or husband has the pressure to get a gift for Valentine's day.  When my husband married me he got double pressure, my birthday is February 13th the day before Valentine's day. I use to tease him and call it my "birthday, Valentine's extravaganza."  To top it off, my sister was born on my birthday so my family has two birthdays to celebrate.
My birthday extravaganza pales in comparison to my kid's birthdays. My girls' were born close to Christmas.  So now every year we celebrate the "Thanksgiving, birthday, Christmas, New Year's, birthday extravaganza.  Because of the kids closeness to the holidays we actually celebrate 1/2 birthdays. Nothing big, we just do something a little special for them, like have their favorite meal or let them pick out something they want from the store.  Talk about pressure!
Good luck to all you Valentine's shoppers! Don't give into the pressure.

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02/11/2012 2:05PM
Valentines day Pressure.
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