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VIral Christmas Card, Mega Millions, 12 Days of Christmas...animals, That kid is

6:15 Viral Video.

Here's the video:

Check out this parody of Will Smith's "Miami" posted by this camera-ready foursome from Raleigh, N.C. on YouTube last week! This fun frolic to catch up the family and friends of Penn, Kim, Lola and Penn Jr. through a 2013 rap has already racked almost 7million views! 

6:45 Mega Millions- I didn't win. I decided to try and figure out if I even won the 500 bucks. Um, NOPE! I had to consult this to figure out if I did in fact win or what. Later Laura called and asked if there is any

7:15 Dissecting the 12 days of Christmas song. If you took the names of some of the birds and other animals named, you'd have a name for the group. Check out the names on these sites:


I can totally see a group of owls would be known as a “parliament of owls”. Awesome! I have completely spiraled on this topic this morning!

7:45 Laura called and wanted to know if we have the info on how many lottery winners are randomly chosen numbers or are numbers they play over and over.  Anyone? Bueller?


Someone’s getting coal this year! An 11-year-old Ohio boy was arrested over the weekend for punching his grandmother when she refused to buy him a toy! The bratty child was busted by police after a witness called 911 to report the assault in the toy aisle of Rose’s Store. The grandma, 60-year-old Barbara Weeks, told cops the boy socked her in the nose after she told him he wouldn’t be getting the toy and he even tried to land a second punch, but she fled. The boy was charged with domestic violence and transported to the Montgomery County Juvenile Justice Center. He’s definitely on Santa’s naughty list. (lesson learned kid?)

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12/18/2013 1:13PM
VIral Christmas Card, Mega Millions, 12 Days of Christmas...animals, That kid is going on Santas nau
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