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Twerk,derp, selfies,Jorts, Robot Bartender, Mom sells One D tickets

Today on the show:

I love when new words hit popular culture. For example: Twerk. Because of Miley Cyrus, everyone knows what Twerk means now. What most people don't know is that the word twerk was in Justin Timberlake's Sexyback in 2006 a full seven years ago. 

Check out some of the fun words that have been added to The Oxford Dictionaries Online (ODO) officially added the definition to the word “twerk” to its website yesterday.
The site also added trendy words like “emoji,” “selfie,” “derp,” “bitcoin” and “space tourism.” But not just any slang term could make it into ODO – there is a vetting process involved. "Each month, we add about 150 million words to our corpus database,” said Angus Stevenson, the head of dictionary projects for ODO. “We use this database to track and verify new and emerging words and senses on a daily basis."  

Personally, I'm fond of
  • jorts
  • fauxhawk
  • derp

6:45  File this one under “essential life skills!”  Researchers have determined the best tactics for getting a bartender’s attention. They have recorded behavior in various bars to understand what works in terms of getting a bartenders attention.  According to their study, bartenders are most likely to serve customers who are standing directly in front of them or facing the bar.  This subtle body language cue was found to be more effective than when patrons looked at their wallets or gestured at the bartender (by waving or snapping) to signal they needed a drink.  The study is part of research that seeks to develop a bartending robot (named James) that can spot thirsty bar-goers and serve them in the fairest order. So I guess that means I can quit snapping my fingers then huh? 

7:15- Don't mess with mom! 
An irate mother in Australia is teaching her lying daughter a very public lesson by selling off her and her friends One Direction concert tickets on eBay as punishment for lying about having sleepovers when they were actually hanging out “like little trollops” at an older guy’s house. The miffed mother wrote a detailed and humiliating note on the eBay auction site saying in part, “You can thank my daughter’s self-righteous and lippy attitude for their sale. See sweety? And you thought I was bluffing. You may hate me now…but I don’t care. It’s my job to raise a responsible adult…not nurture bad habits in my teen age child.” 

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09/26/2013 6:59AM
Twerk,derp, selfies,Jorts, Robot Bartender, Mom sells One D tickets
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