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The things the kids don't know today!, Have my car call your car, Olive Garden'


Things your kids will never understand:

The joy of calling the guy/girl you're crushing on and having worrying that their parents will answer the phone.


6:45 The Department of Transportation is working on making it a requirement for cars to communicate. The government plans on eventually mandating a wireless technology called V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle…get it?) in cars. The DOT says V2V allows cars on the road to talk to each other and share info on things like speed and position a lot faster than you can. The technology might prevent up to 80% of crashes. No word on when your car will drive itself though.


7:15-Need a date night TONIGHT? Tonight only! Olive Garden to the rescue. They'll pay for your babysitter.


Never-ending salad and breadsticks aren’t the only perks of eating at Olive Garden.  Have date night at the chain this Friday, February 7 and they’ll pay for your babysitter too!  It’s part of a promotion they’re doing with children’s fitness center My Gym.  Adults who have made advance reservations (and paid a refundable deposit) can drop off their kid at one of 145 participating My Gym locations before going out to eat.  When they come to pick up their child after dining, they simply present their Olive Garden receipt to get their deposit back.  The promotion is on a first come, first served basis and is limited to 30 children per My Gym.  While it’s mainly an attempt to boost dwindling profits, it seems the chain also recognizes that many parents are unable to enjoy an adult night out because of the cost of childcare. Of course, most parents these days just bring their kids with them when they go out...not that we recommend it. 

8:30 ish---I am not that excited about the Olympics starting tonight but that doesn't mean that it's not going to keep going on. Here's a quick run-down of the athletes you might want to know in the coming days... tonight. This is lifted directly from a FANTASTIC daily newsletter I get called “The Daily Skimm”. Sign up for it here. (you'll love it as much as I do!, promise!)

 Let’s talk sports. Sochi’s a good time to find new athletes to root for. And don’t worry, there will definitely still be team camaraderie, especially in the bathrooms.

Lara Gut: Not Lindsey Vonn. The Swiss athlete wanted to best the champion skier last time but got injured; this year, the table’s are turned and Vonn is the one out. Gut is expected to have a very good two weeks.

Ted Ligety: Four-time world champion and US gold medalist who you may have never heard of.

Mikaela Shiffrin: This 18-year-old is a lot more talented than you. She is favored to win a gold in slalom and poised to be the next Vonn.

Bode Miller: Someone you know because he’s won a lot of medals. He’s alsokind of over being at the Games.

Gracie Gold: Would really like to be America’s fan-favorite and has the right last name to do it. She’s a perfectionist. She was not in “The Cutting Edge.”

Ashley Wagner: She really does not like Russia’s anti-gay laws. A lot of people aren’t thrilled the American skater is in Sochi because she had a really bad performance last month.

Patrick Chan: The Canadian is expected to bring home the gold. He also loves to insult his Russian rival.

Yuna Kim: She took gold for South Korea in 2010, took a break from figure skating, and now the 2013 world-champ is aiming to be the first woman to keep the Olympic title since 1988.

Shani Davis: Goes VERY fast. Has a chance to make some US history and win three consecutive gold medals for the same event. He was also the first black athlete to win an individual gold medal at a Winter Olympics.

Lolo Jones: Apparently when the track and field star has a bad day she just watches “Cool Runnings.” And then switches Olympic sports. She comes with baggage in the name of critics who think she only made the team because of her celebrity.

Women’s: The US and Canada are probably going to end up playing each other in the finals. They are VERY big rivals and often end up in major brawls on the ice.

Men’s: Just remember the name ‘Alex Ovechkin.’ He’s a member of the Russian national team but has also won MVP while playing with the US’s Washington Capitals. No pressure for him. At all.

Shaun White: Same red-head, different haircut. Was going to compete in a new event — snowboard slopestyle — but pulled out at the last-minute so he can focus on bringing home a third gold for the halfpipe. Priorities.

Jamie Anderson: She’s an X Games star and teaching everyone at home what
slopestyle means.

8:45 Friday Toy Memory—Totally stole this from Marsha. Paper Dolls!Rockin. Who woulda thunk that her girls would have loved to play with something that has abolutely NOTHING to do with the Internet on a recent snow day?

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02/07/2014 8:24AM
The things the kids don't know today!, Have my car call your car, Olive Garden's going to give you
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