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The new face of telemarketing, It's snowing, Love in flight, Girls Night,

6:15 Yesterday, I received a robocall for a home security company. I almost didn't know it was a robocall. I'd received one before. But the fact is, these are interactive. They're made to sound like a person on the other end of the line and they react to you. Ugh.


6:45 So I know the date is March 26th but isnt it nice that we still have temps in the 20's and snow flurries this morning? Yes, I'm being sarcastic. I got a call from someone on Rt 7 and she reported that it was affecting the roads. In fact Frederick Co Virginia schools are on a 2 hour delay today. :(


7:15 Woman looks for love in flight. Does she find it? She won't say! Argh. I need a conclusion to this! 

Have you ever met someone on a flight and wanted to keep in touch? I know I have. In fact, I was on an international flight about 5 years ago. I met a guy and we've kept in touch. While it isn't romantic, it was a unique situation. Weird right? Hope the woman finds love in Clauco.


7:45 Margarita and a Movie! With What's NXT. Girls we are setting up for a GNO! "Girl's Night Out" with our buds at What's NXT. The date is April 25th at Leitersburg Cinemas for the a Margarita (yum) and a movie (fun!). Get your tickets now!


8:15 EMPLOYEES WASTE TIME ON FACEBOOK? NOOO! _ Checked in on Facebook? Then you're among the many being blamed for $260 million a day in lost productivity, according to a study (of 3,500 UK companies). The study concludes that 233 million hours a month are squandered because employees are "wasting time" on social networking sites. 

03/26/2014 7:43AM
The new face of telemarketing, It's snowing, Love in flight, Girls Night,
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