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Get rid of Boot Bulge, New invention may help reduce accidents, Chef Carla Hall,

6:15 Women Turning To Lipo To Fit Into Trendy Boots... are you kidding me?

It's almost boot season. In fact, I've already sported mine. I have a large calf so I understand but I don't know that I'd get surgery to fit into them.

Love those new tall fall boots but can't seem to squeeze your calves into them? Plastic surgeons are seeing more and more women who are seeking liposuction on their calves to get rid of what they term "boot bulge." Dr. David Amron told Good Morning America that while risky, the procedure is an option for women who have fat in their calves that can't be decreased through diet and exercise. It will not help women who have muscular calves.

Dr. Amron adds that some patients can take up to a year to fully recover from the specialized surgery, which costs thousands of dollars. (Check out the video from
Good Morning America)

I don't know that I'd have surgery to stop rid myself of 'Boot Bulge'.
I guess the woman in the story don't know that she can purchase wide width boots? Cheaper? Less Recovery time. I think the benefit of learning to love your body as it is---is priceless.

6:45 NO MORE NIGHT-TIME GLARE! New invention will help:

Nearly half of all accidents occur at night, despite 25% less traffic, and experts believe that’s caused by limited visibility.


A new headlight prototype developed at Carnegie Mellon University illuminates the road without blinding other drivers. The smart headlight uses a camera and processor to track other vehicles, and automatically dims before the high-beam would reach the oncoming drivers’ eyes. The programmable headlight also improves a driver’s visibility during poor weather such as snowstorms, and detects objects in its path to provide early visual warning of obstacles. The lights are expected to be on sale by 2020, following further testing. (Hear hear! The sooner we get rid of those blinding LED headlights on BMWs the better.)


7:15 Do you know Chef Carla Hall? She's a Cheftestant from Top Chef, Top Chef All Stars, and she's also one of the co-hosts of The Chew on ABC. Today she's here to talk about ways that small businesses can apply for grants and get free education from Chase and Google.

Carla gave advice and tips on turning a passion into a career.  She also discussed her involvement with Chase’s popular Mission Main Street Grants program which boasts Google as premier sponsor. The program is expanding its reach in its third year, raising the number of recipients from 12 to 20, with each selected small business receiving a grant of $150,000 – that’s $3 million in total capital for small businesses nationwide!  Carla also talked about:

  • Finding and following your passion

  • Tips to grow a money-making business

  • Tips for success as mentor and business owner

  • The importance of small businesses to the U.S. economy

    • According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, “23 million small businesses in America account for 54 percent of all U.S. sales” and provide “55 percent of all jobs and 66 percent of all net new jobs since the 1970s.”

  • How your business could be eligible for a $150,000 grant

The extended interview with even more info is here:


In 1 Chinese city of Chongqing, a ‘smartphone lane’ has been created for pedestrians who can’t wait to play on their devices. An experimental 50-meter route has been mapped out with 2 lanes on the sidewalk, one prohibiting mobile phone use and the other allowing it ‘at the owner’s risk’. The idea was apparently to give texters a separate lane to avoid collisions, but observers say the smartphone junkies don’t even seem to notice the special pavement markings because … they’re texting all the time. A spokesman for the experiment says the lanes are meant to be ‘ironic’ and serve to remind people it’s dangerous to tweet while walking. (We’re guessing they haven’t looked up long enough to get that either.)
For reals:


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National Coffee Day, What's Ello? Movies going away from Netflix on Oct 1, Who d




6:15 National Coffee Day. Go to McDonald's or Dunkin Donuts and get yourself some free coffee. That's the way you start a Monday.

I noticed that Starbucks isn't participating. Hummm.


6:45 There's a new social media site in town. Say hello to “Ello”. Here's what I know. Sorta. Go here to get more...I guess.

Everything You Need To Know About Ello

No doubt by now you've heard about Ello -- a supposed "Facebook killer" that, at one point last week was getting about 31,000 new users every hour. Ello is an ad-free, invite-only, independent social network that is still in its beta testing mode but has gained enough attention to make some people wonder if they should be leaving Facebook for this brave, new service.

We got an invitation on Friday and spent the weekend trying it out to see what all the buzz was about. The first thing we noticed is that there's no app for Ello just yet -- and that was kind of a bummer. The founders have iOS and Android apps listed as a "coming soon" feature. 

Why Ello And Why Now?

The buzz around Ello seems to have originated from the recent Facebook drama surrounding Trans members of the LGBTQ community being forced to use their "real names." Facebook even went so far as to shut down accounts that were "reported" for violating the naming policy -- which became a problem for nearly 200 drag queens who weren't using their real names. 

According to NPR, Facebook is looking into how the drag queen profiles were reported, and whether there has been a violation of another policy, like bullying or hate speech. 

Ello could be a suitable alternative for people looking to try a network that doesn't have a naming policy requiring people to fill in their real identities. 


Friend Requests

You have the ability to "friend" people and put them in one of two categories: "friend" or "noise" -- although, they won't know which category you put them in, so feel free to be honest about your relationship with the "friend."

Ad-Free Social Networking

Ello is ad free and the network's founders want you to know that because they hate ads, they don't ever plan to incorporate them into the site. They acknowledge that if they were to suddenly allow ads at some point, they would lose the community that they built.

If Not With Ads, Then How Will Ello Make Money?

Ello's FAQ or "WTF" as they call it, states:

"Very soon we will begin offering special features to our users. If we create a special feature that you like, you can choose to pay a very small amount of money to add it to your Ello account forever. We believe that everyone is unique and that we all want and need different things from a social network. So, we are going to offer all sorts of ways for users to customize their Ello experience."


Ello's homepage has a "request invite" button, but Like most "invitation only" services, once you've been invited you have the ability to invite others. Ello gives you five invitations to use.

New Features On The Way

Ello currently works like a simple social network. Users can set up a profile, create posts and comment on others' posts. Users also have the ability to manage privacy settings and easily delete your profile whenever you want. "At replies" work like they do on Twitter and you can also use Emoji. Ello lists the following features as "Coming Soon": 

User blocking
Inappropriate content flagging
Audio integration (Soundcloud)
Private Accounts
Rich (multimedia) commenting
Mobile web refinements
Repost w/ author attribution
Notification Center
Online/offline user designation
Love + Love bookmarking stream
Emoji index
Video integration (Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram & Vine)
@@ Private Messaging
Auto-push posts to other networks
iOS & Android mobile apps

 (Sources: NPR, Vox, Ello)

7:15 So you thought one night this week you might make dinner then plunk down to watch some movies on are some titles that are going away as of Wednesday, October 1st. I see this list all the time, I'm just sharing it this time. Anything here you want to see?

Here’s just part of the list of titles leaving Netflix on Oct. 1:

28 Days (2000)

The African Queen (1951)

Battlestar Galactica (2003-2009)

Barefoot in the Park (1967)

Body of Evidence (1993)

Center Stage (2000)

Crimson Tide (1995)

Dead Man Walking (1995)

Eden of the East (<==This is the one I thought was East of Eden, Oops!2009)

Fatal Attraction (1987)

Ghost (1990)

Ghostbusters (1984)/Ghostbusters 2 (1989)

The Hunger Games (2012)

Law & Order (1990-1997)

Law & Order: Criminal Intent (2006-2011)

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (2006-2010)

A League of Their Own (1992)

Major League (1989)

Mean Girls (2004)

Primal Fear (1996)

The Thomas Crowne Affair (1999)


8:15 You don't say? I totally agree with the Journalists and media people. We love us some coffee!

The jobs that consume the most java, based on a new Pressat poll of 10,000 professionals …
10. Drivers.
9. Retail staff.
8. IT technical support.
7. Telesales.
6. Company executives.
5. Nurses and medical staff.
4. Plumbers and trade workers.
3. Teachers.
2. Police officers.
1. Journalists and media staff.

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Words you are mis-pronouncing, Kid skills, Weekend's here start drinking and pum

6:15 I love that there are words that the pronunciation has changed over the years. My favorite on this list is Dr. Suess. I just can't imagine pronouncing it in that way.


✗ ‘Banal’ – You’ll be the butt of the joke if you pronounce this ‘BAY-nul’. It’s correctly pronounced ‘buh-NAHL’.
✗ ‘Bowline’ – You’ll sound like a sailing rube if you pronounce the knot used to affix a boat to the dock a ‘bow line’ knot. It’s ‘bowlin’ (rhymes with rollin’). And they are called lines … not ropes.
✗ ‘Celtic’ – An initial hard ‘K’ sound is correct but linguists say an ‘S’ sound emerged as far back as the 17th century. You’ll sound ridiculous (even though correct) if you say Boston Keltics.
✗ ‘Comptroller’ – This word sounds just like ‘controller’. If you’re tempted to pronounce that silent ‘pt’, please comptroll yourself!
✗ ‘Forbade’ – The past tense of ‘forbid’ was originally supposed to be spelled and pronounced ‘for-bad’. But then people (incorrectly) started spelling it ‘forbade’ and rhyming it with ‘made’.
✗ ‘Niche’ – When this word was borrowed from French in the 17th century, it was quickly Anglicized to rhyme with ‘itch’. The true French pronunciation is ‘neesh’.
✗ ‘Seuss’ – As in Dr Seuss, the kids’ book author. You’re wrong as the deuce, and you shouldn’t rejoice; if you’re calling him Seuss, cuz he pronounced it ‘Soice’ (or ‘Zoice’).
– Condensed from 

See the full list here:


6:45 Well, this is a little disheartening. Kids Are Better With Tech Skills Than Life Skills :(

Kids these days are more comfortable using a smartphone or tablet than they are carrying out basic life skills According to a London-based study from Lenstore, more than half of children between ages two and 10 feel more confident using a tablet than reading, swimming, telling time, and tying their shoe laces. In fact, the only skill that kids felt they could perform more confidently than either use a smart phone or tablet was riding a bike. (Daily Mail)

Check It Out here are the findings:

What Can Your Child Do Confidently?

  • 60% Ride a bike

  • 59% Use a tablet

  • 57% Work a mobile phone

  • 53% Tie their shoe laces

  • 52% Swim

  • 49% Tell time



7:15 Yay! The Weekend is almost here! That's good because I just read that the weekend is for Drinking and Exercising.


Working out on the weekends often seems to be accompanied by bending the old elbow.

In other words, hitting the gym or exercising from Thursday through Sunday is also when fitness buffs usually consume more alcoholic beverages, according to
David E. Conroy at the Center for Behavior and Health at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.

Conroy had 150 participants ages 18 through 89 keep a diary on smartphones of the occasions they worked out and drank (presumably not together) over three 21-day spans during the course of a year.

The result, says Conroy, is that it’s "on days when people are more active they tend to drink more than on days they are less active." And the less active days are Monday through Wednesday.

Interestingly, the pattern was the same for all age groups, regardless of their levels of physical activity.

Conroy says the next step is figuring out why these two disparate activities appear to go hand-in-hand.

Okay, read the story here:


8:15 Starbucks Is Testing Out a Latte That Tastes Like Beer


Like to start your morning with the taste of Guinness? You're in luck: Starbucks is testing a new latte flavor called Dark Barrel, which contains a syrup reminiscent of a dark beer, the Independent in Ireland reports. It's also got whipped cream and dark caramel sauce. And don't fear a hangover: There's no actual beer in the drink, which is only available in selected areas at the moment, BuzzFeed notes.

How is it? Twitter is divided: "The dark barrel latte from Starbucks tastes just like beer & I might be in love," notes one user, while another says it "tastes like fruit flavored coffee." If you live in Columbus, Ohio, or some areas of Florida, you can try it yourself, Music Times reports.


8:45- Friday Toy Memory- Knight Rider! Remember that show? Now comes word that the movie is in production and wait for it............................................. Justin Beiber may be the voice of KITT in the new Knight Rider movie.


Read more here:

Look at this pic, the boys are hanging out together...Whaaa?

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Pizza Hut testing Skinny Slice Pies, Follow ups: 3 breast girl, Downton Abbey c

6:15 PIZZA HUT TESTING 'SKINNY SLICE' PIES _ Pizza Hut is testing out a lighter pizza in two U.S. cities. The tests of "Skinny Slice" pies began this week at several dozen restaurants in Toledo, Ohio, and West Palm Beach, Florida. The pies simply use less of the same dough used for regular pies and are lighter on the toppings. This is all fine and good but the thing is, I'm just going to eat MORE of it so I'm not sure saving that 30% of calories is beneficial for me.

6:45 Two things:

  1. You can get married at the Downton Abbey Castle. It's true.

  2. That woman that claimed that she had surgery to obtain a 3rd breast was exposed as a fraud.

It was all just a prosthesis that they found when she lost her luggage. Read the story here:



Nice guys (and gals) finish first!  Despite today’s competitive job market, which seems to reward aggressive, intense personalities, an increasing number of companies are seeking genuinely nice people as job candidates.  In fact, many executives say their most positive, generous workers are their highest performers.  According to one HR professional, the best employees- and those that need the least amount of micro-managing- are those who have a good attitude and a willingness to help others.  Several companies, including Panera Bread, actually go as far as to specify “No Jerks” in their job listings!  Nice people don’t just make better employees…they also make better coworkers.

8:15 Call yourself what you want at work.

Works for me...

Chances are if you’ve got any sort of job title at work, it was one that was bestowed upon you. 

But what if you could pick your own title? Dan Cable, professor of organizational behavior at London Business School, says that a self-reflective title system is much more preferable to employees than having the boss tell you what you’ll be called at work.

According to Cable, workers able to pick their own titles are less stressed, feel prouder about their job and don’t experience status barriers that can be morale busters at other workplaces.

What’s more, it’s not just subordinates that benefit from a self-reflective title system. Cable believes that it also gets managers to think about their own titles and whether they’re either too generic or bureaucratic. 

Cable says that the system can work with both long-time employees and new hires and is particularly helpful during team projects by allowing workers to accomplish their tasks more enjoyably and effectively.

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New Cuddlr App, Little boy has dating figured out, I bet you DON'T know how to d


Cuddlr Is a 100% Real App for Spooning With Random Strangers

Get more details here: SOURCE

But it's not for sex! The app promises! 

Have you ever had the overwhelming urge to spoon with a complete stranger in a public place? Anybody? We’ll take that silence as a resounding maybe!

Cuddlr is a location-based app that finds people in the immediate vicinity who are game for a strictly “platonic” cuddle. Users are shown a name and picture (because cuddling compatibility knows no age) of potential snuggle buddies. If you approve one another within a 15-minute window, then you can send a message about where to meet up and then see real-time walking directions of where the other person is as he or she approaches. (You can also block a user at any time.)

Founder Charlie Williams talked to Salon about the app’s unique offerings (it’s not for sex, he promises!):

A cuddle is longer than a hug, but shorter than a date, so you’re not faced with having to sit through a drink or two if you’ve decided someone isn’t for you: you can politely end a cuddle any time. People uninterested in dating, whether because they’re already in a relationship, or not pursuing a relationship, will enjoy having a way to experience a connection with someone without any pressure to dress up, find an activity, exchange numbers or even see each other again.

This concept adds a whole new, fun level of “is this cheating?” to modern relationships.

Post-cuddle, users can then rank their partners’ performance … just like AirBNB.


6:45 Little Boy Has Dating Figured Out

A photo posted on Reddit yesterday (September 23rd) shows a "How To" page filled out by a little boy titled "How to Pick Up Chicks," and the little guy seems to have dating all figured out. It reads (with spelling fixed):

"How To: Pick up chicks 
First: Talk to her, ask her name.
Next: Make sure she is not my cousin.
Then: Ask her to go for a walk to the sandbar.
Last: Then walk her home and say good night. Then do it all over again."

Not bad. If we're being honest, we'd probably admit that it's better than some dates we've had. And making sure you're not cousins? It never hurts to check.


Makes total sense to me!

I didn't use this but I keep meaning to. I'm so guilty of this in my friendships and relationships. These are tough words that I need to hear and advice I need to follow. How about you? I may use this in the future so if I do, don't hold it against me!


The Silent Treatment Could Spell Bad News for Your Relationship

If arguments with your man often lead to the "silent treatment," whether you're getting it or giving it, it could spell bad news for your relationship.


Interestingly enough, researchers found that the silent treatment is the most common way people deal with conflict in their marriage, but in analyzing 74 studies based on more than 14,000 people, that found that keeping silent or shutting down emotionally causes both emotional and physical harm. Texas Christian University communications Professor Paul Schrodt, who led the study, found that couples who use the silent treatment have lower relationship satisfaction, less intimacy and poorer communication, which is also associated with divorce. Some of the studies even found physical effects, like urinary, bowel or erectile dysfunction. Seattle Pacific University psychology Professor Les Parrott describes the silent treatment as "manipulative, disrespectful and not productive." (USA Today)

Suggested way to break the silent treatment pattern include:

  • Be aware of why you're doing it and how it affects the other person.

  • Avoid name-calling.

  • Use "I" instead of the accusatory "you" -- "This is how I feel when you stop talking to me."

  • Agree to take a timeout.

  • Offer a genuine apology as soon as you are able. 


7:15 I'm always spiraling when I'm surfing the web. Fact is, I get so drawn into all these articles. I'm prime “click bait” candidate. Anyway, one such article was the “6 Ways You're Doing Laundry Wrong”. Well, I KNOW how to do laundry...don't I? I thought I did until I read this article. Here are a few of the tips:


  • Using Too Much Fabric Softener

  • Leaving Washing In The Machine Too Long

  • Over-Using The Dryer

Read the rest here:


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Best TV Theme Song, Spinach ends cravings?, Surgery for fame?, Over 500 Batmen R

6:15 Prep: TV Show Theme Songs. So this is the real transcript of a conversation that took place on Facebook. I've removed the links and only left first names to protect the innocent! Ha. So funny.


It began with Jaime saying “I think the Family Ties theme song may be the most perfect TV theme song ever penned.”

  • Dean-Sorry, Golden Girls already has that title.
  • Cary-Two words: Duck Tales.
  • Scott-Three words - Greatest American Hero
  • Amy -Firefly
  • Dave-But it's not as plot-informative as, say, The Brady Bunch, Gilligan's Island, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, or Mr. Belvedere
  • Scott-Whoa...hang on a sec...if we're talking about theme song plot relevance, then let's not forget The Jeffersons, Diff'rent Strokes and Silver Spoons! Boom.
  • Amanda- have to be with Scott on this one. I started singing the Greatest American Hero song in my head as soon as I read it, followed by Diff'rent Strokes. But let's not forget The Facts of Life...
  • Jaime  I mean sometimes you take the good, you take the bad.. but I dunno.. what would we do baby.... without us 
  • Scott -Don't mean a thing 'cause believe it or not I'm walking on air...
  • Amanda- The world don't move to the beat of just one drum, what might be right for you, may not be right for some...
  • Tanya- I  the theme songs from Taxi and ***Mash***. I did do at home karaoke every week when Family Ties came on though.
  • Rona -I was more fond of the Night Court theme.
  • Jaime-The Barney Miller theme is pretty tight too
  • Tanya -Yes, Barney Miller is on point.
  • Charles-Happy Days.
  • Hugh-Mary Tyler Moore Show
  • Shannon-Tied with Growing Pains.
  • Jason- Show me that smile again!
  • John -American Horror Story!!!!
  • Jason -sha la la laaa
  • Kellita -And there ain't no nothin' we can't love each other through ooooo
  • Shelby -My vote goes to the Golden Girls!


What do you think is the best TV Theme song?

Here are a few for reference..


6:45 Spinach Extract Ends Cravings, Boosts Weight Loss (I have to admit, I'd try it.) It's no secret that spinach does a body good, but now scientists have found a spinach extract that can help boost weight loss by up to 43% and cut cravings for unhealthy foods by almost 95%.

Scientists at Lund University in Sweden discovered the extract, which contains green leaf membranes called thylakoids. They studied 38 overweight women for three months. Every morning before breakfast, the women consumed  a green drink. Half of the women received 5 grams of extract, while the other half, the control group, were given a placebo. Those in the control group lost 3.5 kg while those taking the extract lost 5 kg. The participants did not know which group they belonged to.

Charlotte Erlanson-Albertsson said, "The thylakoid group also found that it was easier to stick to three meals a day – and they did not experience any cravings."

The thylakoid gradually slows the digestion process down giving the intestinal hormone ample time to be released and signal to the brain that the body is satisfied. (Daily Mail)

It So...It begs the questions...
  • Do you think the claims about this extract sound legitimate?
  • Are you willing to try just about anything to lose weight? (I've tried some pretty outlandish things)
  • What's the craziest thing you've done to lose weight? (I'd rather not disclose)

I'm judging and I don't care!!!!! While it is HER body, I do think her priorities are mixed up if she's going to alter her body mainly to get on TV. Just sayin.


Woman Undergoes $20,000 Surgery to Add Third Breast, Wants MTV Reality Show

Jasmine Tridevil spent $20,000 on plastic surgery to enhance her cleavage ... with a third breast [via 9 News].

"It was really hard finding someone that would do it too because they're breaking the code of ethics," says Tridevil, who just turned 21 shortly after the surgery. After calling more than 50 doctors, she finally found a surgeon willing to do the procedure. Tissue from her abdomen was sculpted around a silicone implant in the center of her chest. The surgeon couldn't create a new nipple, so Tridevil simply had one tattooed on. 


Tridevil's dream is to have her own reality show on MTV, and she's hoping her triple breasts will bring her one step closer to realizing her goals. But she said there's a second motivating factor behind her breast triplets: "I got it because I wanted to make myself unattractive to men. Because I don't want to date anymore," she said." Most guys would think it's weird and gross. But I can still feel pretty because if I wore makeup and cute clothes, I can still, you know ... feel pretty." As long as you're happy with it, Jasmine Tridevil, that's all that matters.

You want to watch this woman walking around with her search for fame? Here you go...don't say I didn't warn you that it's all for attention though.

Want to read more about this woman?


8:15 Guinness Record Set for Biggest Batman Gathering [PIC]


CALGARY, Alberta -- A Canadian company kicked off its United Way campaign by dressing 542 employees in Batman costumes for a Guinness World Record.

Nexen, an oil and gas firm in Calgary, Alberta, celebrated the start of its "From Suits to Superheroes" United Way campaign Thursday by dressing 542 employees as the Dark Knight and having them counted by an official Guinness adjudicator.

The crowd was also peppered with workers dressed as Batman rogues including the Riddler and Poison Ivy.

The same company previously set a similar world record in 2011 by gathering 437 employees together and dressing them as Superman.

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Predictions from 1901, New BFF's, It's called what?, Straight Stats, Jeters Ball

6:15 So you always wonder what people of previous generations thought would happen in the future. Well we do have some idea when it comes to old movies and such but how about in things like magazines? In Ladie's Home Journal, in 1901, they predicted what they thought the year 2001 would be like. In some cases they were on target, and in other's they were sooooo off the mark!

Crazy Predictions from Ladies Home Journal. Some happened, some..not so much!

7. On convenience eating- Ready-cooked meals will be bought from establishments similar to our bakeries of to-day. They will purchase the materials in tremendous wholesale quantities and sell the cooked foods at a price much lower than the cost of individual cooking ... The meal being over, the dishes used will be packed and returned to the cooking establishments where they will be washed ... These laboratories will be equipped with electric stoves, and all sorts of electric devices, such as coffee-grinders, egg-beaters, stirrers, shakers, parers, meat-choppers, meat-saws, potato-mashers, lemon-squeezers, dish-washers, dish-dryers and the like.

5. On temperature control-Hot or cold air will be turned on from spigots to regulate the temperature of a house ... Rising early to build a furnace fire will be a task of the olden times.


2. On stature and life expectancy-The American will be taller by one to two inches... He will live fifty years instead of thirty-five as at present.

The article was right to think increased medicine and sanitation would have a salutatory effect. In fact, they underestimated the height evolution. Although not specific to America, worldwide the average man has grown four inches from 5'6" in 1900 to 5'10" in 2000. As for the life expectancy, not only did the article low-ball our modern life spans —74.4 years for men in 2001— it also under-reported the 1901 life spans which, these days at least, are estimated at 47.6 years.

Get the full list here:


6:45 Talked about my new radio BFF Rich Perry. He's a guy from Martinsburg who took time to come to Frederick to come see me in the play that I'm in currently. Clybourne Park. If you're interested in seeing the show, click here:

7:15 48 Names for Things You Didn't Know Had Names - mental_floss on YouTube (Ep. 26)


  • glubella-thing between your eyebrows

  • petrichor- smell after the rain

  • parasthesia- pins and needles you feel

  • Google Ganger- person who shows up when you google yourself

  • aglets—things at the end of a shoelace to hold it together

  • ferrule-metal thing that holds eraser to pencil

  • scroop- sound that ball gowns make (made by silk) (get out! who knew?)

  • tittle- dot over the i

  • box tent- thing you get in pizza


7:45 Babbled about Shamon. That I say it every time I play or talk about Michael Jackson.

Then babbled about nothin in particular.


8:15 Here are some straight stats for ya: (I might be giving more straight stats later in the week...we'll see if I'm up to it).

• 90% of moms think that they are good drivers but are concerned that others are not.
• 48% of parents say they considered having a 2nd child almost immediately after sending their 1st off to school.
• 30% of us say what we miss most about the pre-digital world is the ability to be unreachable.
• 22% guys of go without deodorant.
• 20% of parents admit they have hidden from their kids in the bathroom.
• 10% of humans – and 40% of cats – are left-handed (pawed).


8:45- I'm no sports fan but even I know Derek Jeter is retiring. Check out this video of a little girl who throws Derek Jeter's foul ball back. Needless to say, the crowd freaks out (including her parents). -Rona

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Obsessing over a song, Grandmaster Grandmas, Your dawg ate what?, Drinking gadge
6:15 Told the story of obsessing over finding the song “Loops of Fury” from the Chemical Brothers.

I started to think of this song yesterday. I tore my house apart looking for the CD I had with the song. Unfortunately, I didn't know the name of the song, but I thought I knew the artist (Chemical Brothers or Crystal Method---or some band of that ilk of that time period). I spent a lot of time searching through CD's all over my house, in my car, looking through Youtube videos until I fell alseep, and more.  It ends up that I had the CD in a bag of CD's in my car the whole time!!!! Gah!  So this morning, I decide to try and listen to the various CD's in this bag on the way to work and lo and behold, the first CD I pop into the player in my car is the one I was looking for with the song on it. This is the song Loops of Fury by Chemical Brothers. Whew! I can let that one go!


6:45 Grandmas On Facebook Keep Accidentally Tagging Themselves As 'Grandmaster Flash'

Anyone who's used the "tag" feature on Facebook knows that once you start typing a name, the social network suggests other users you might be trying to tag. So for instance if I start typing Rona (Ronald Reagan may come up as a suggestion and if I'm not paying attention, I can tag Ronald Reagan in a post when I mean to mention myself...get it?) Moving on.

Well it seems grandparents are clicking on one of those suggested names too quickly. A lot of grandmas and grandpas who have started to type "Grand", have accidentally been tagging themselves as "Grandmaster Flash." The confused Grandparents are even signing their posts as Grandmaster Flash as well. Hilarious. See graphic for an idea of how cute it is!

And of course there's a Tumblr for it! 

(Elite Daily

7:15 Dog eats thongs! Repeatedly. D'oh!

When I first got my cat, within the first 6 months, she had to have emergency kitty cat surgery because she decided to eat 5 rubber bands. Ew. You always hear of dogs eating random things.

A family in england had to go through the same thing when their pup, ate a pair of thongs...not just one actually 4!!!

A pants-pinching pooch had to have an emergency operation after eating three thongs.

Brian ate his owner's knickers off the bathroom floor and then tucked into two of her daughter's for good measure.

The four-year-old Samoyed, owned by Kaye Banks from Rotherham, had to have a two-hour emergency operation.

After four days at Abbey Vets in Barnsley, Brian returned home only to steal yet another thong just days later.

Kaye, who lives in Brampton Bierlow, said: "We just couldn't believe that after an operation and four days at the vets he comes home and does it again.

"From now on all underwear is put straight into the washing machine. He's a lovely dog but he's into everything."

Tony Duffy, of Abbey Vets, said: "It never fails to amaze me what dogs will swallow, but swallowing three thongs in such a short space of time must beat them all."

Related Stories Dog eats 43 socks, loses eating contest


8:15 Drinking gadgets. I especially like the beer gut and the Digital Koozie! See them all here:

Digital Beer Koozie ($20)

koolernautBeer Outlaw

So much real-time data in this world, and here you are drinking beer without knowing its exact temperature.

The Kool-er-naut brings the tried and true Koozie into the 21st century, with an LCD thermometer and a freezable ice puck that slips into the bottom of this newfangled apparatus for some extra coldness. As a bonus, there’s a chart on the back of the Kool-er-naut that tells you the optimal temperature for various styles of beer.

[Kickstarter (ships October-ish)]

BeerBelly Booze Smuggler ($29.49) (Heck, I'll take the hot guy wearing it too!)


I’m no mathlete, but it seems like this fake beer gut would pay for itself before halftime at any exorbitantly-priced sporting event. Simply funnel 80 ounces of your favorite libation into this wearable polyurethane bladder, slip it on under your shirt and waddle through the turnstile looking like any other overweight American. For the ladies, there’s this wine-holding sports bra, too.



8:45-- Friday Toy Memory- Perfection!!!! It was an exercise in early onset anxiety as a child. You were racing against the timer and the little board with the pointy puzzle pieces would jump up out of the board and make a huge clatter. Also there was a slight hazard in eye damage but whatever, it was the 70's we didn't care! Ha.

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Dont' trust your kids! Look Ma! Get dressed with no hands, How often do you chec

6:15 Trust your kids? You shouldn't! Why? Because By Age Six Or Seven Kids Learn To Lie, Distrust

Little kids really pick up on things fast, including the ability to lie.. A new study reveals that kids learn to lie and distrust by the time they're age seven. University of Minnesota researchers studied 69 kids between the ages of three and nine. They found kids were able to infer what others were thinking and then strategize with this information when they were between the ages of six and seven. Also, kids in that age range learn they don't have to trust others, nor be truthful themselves. Additionally, the findings reveal that the strategic thinking of a 6.5 year old is nearly as sophisticated as the strategic thinking of an adult.  

 Read more here: Newser

Thoughts to ponder:

  • What skills do you think a child needs to learn early?

  • What is the worst lie you think your kid could ever tell you?

  • What method would/do you employ to teach your kid when it's ok to lie and when it's not ok?

Case in point, this little girl and her adorable alibi.

6:45 There are some people who just have too much time on their hands...this guy has found a rather "dancy" way to put on his pants.

• And a YouTube video of a young guy putting on his pants without using his hands has racked up nearly a million hits. The supple Chinese chap bends and arcs his body into a variety of shapes to ease his trousers up his legs and over his rear end. And with the clip set to a Muzak version of Europe’s 1986 hit “The Final Countdown”, it’s nearly impossible not to admire. (This is what passes for accomplishment in the digital age.)


7:15 This App Will Tell You How Addicted You Are To Your Smartphone (September 17, 2014)

So you're not sure if the kind of person that's so addicted to your phone that you need your own sidewalk "lane," huh? Here's the thing, this new iOS & Android app "Checky" will actually be able to measure how addicted you are to your smart phone, simlply by noting how many times a day you check your phone.

The description in the iOS app store reads:

"Checky answers a simple question: how many times a day do I check my phone?
By giving you insight into your phone checking habit, Checky helps you become more aware.
This awareness can help you make changes to your phone usage, if you feel you need to make a change!
It's also fun to find out exactly how much you are using your phone, and to compare your stats with friends."

Bit Idea

We agree with that last statement, compare your addiction level with other people on your show, or your spouse, teenage kid, etc! Or better yet, make a bet to see who is truly more addicted to their phone. 

(iOS App Store)

Check It Out







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Bucket List cross offs, Strange things stolen, Bored is Good!, Facial toner mach

6:15 A friend recently had a health scare. It got me to thinking about deep things. Things that I should be doing with my life. What are my goals? What's on my bucket list. I was happy to think about some of the things on my bucket list that I had already accomplished, like zip lining and travelling to Nova Scotia.

What have you accomplished on your bucket list?

  • Rona- zip lining and traveling to Nova Scotia
  • Pam-Going on a cruise
  • Danielle- going to Disney
  • Wes- traveling to the Alaska and the Panama Canal
  • Mike- Taking a helicopter tour of Sedona Arizona and seeing the Red Rocks. (Cool!)

6:45 Recently, I read about these two stories where kids had been growing vegetables and the veggies were stolen.
Thief Steals 100 Onions Grown by 5th Grade Students for Charity Project
A fifth grade class in Maine is "very sad" a thief stole their onions.The Albert S. Hal...

Thieves Steal Pumpkins From Patch Tended by Preschoolers
PORTALES, N.M. (AP) -- Thieves have picked clean a pumpkin patch that had been tended t...

That got me to thinking about what other strange things that people steal...hmm.

Manhole covers? Really?

Here's another list with more weird things people steal:


7:15 Do you like to be bored? Well even if you don't, there is a silver lining, two new studies suggest that if you're bored at work, it might make you more creative! Yay! So type up those TPS reports everyone! Remember those from the movie Office Space?


Didn't Use- How boredom can make you a better worker. More creative.

8:15 Walkman-Like Device Prevents Wrinkles

StriVectin is introducing a new way to stave off wrinkles. It looks like a Walkman, and it's called the Facial Toner micro-current. The device, which is FDA approved, directly targets facial nerves and muscles by delivering 30 milliamps of currents through soft medical-grade gel pads on either side of the face. The end result is stronger, firmer skin.

The Facial Toner hits the marketplace in September where it will be available at Ulta stores for $199. (Jezebel)

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Tips for Calling in Sick, Funny rap proposal, Keyboard could affect how you name

6:15 No content. I was stuck in traffic behind this colossal oversize load truck on the Interstate. Ugh. Add that to the fact that I feel like I'm getting a cold. :(


6:45 Speaking of getting a cold. BS TIPS FOR CALLING IN SICK:
If you’re going to call in sick to work, make it something your boss will be too afraid or embarrassed to question, ie:

• Organ rejections. “My body is rejecting the pig aorta I got when I was 17. Did you know I had a heart defect that caused me to need a pig aorta?”

• Anything you can contract from an animal … ‘Cat Scratch Fever’, ‘Squirrel itch’, ‘Monkey Pox’, ‘Canine Nausea’. Two of those are real.

• Choose any African or Asian country or city and add the word ‘flu’ to it. “My doctor says I have the Kinshasa Flu. I guess I could come in but it’s apparently contagious …”

• Any previously eradicated disease works extremely well as long as you don’t go with something most people know about. Try diphtheria or typhoid.

• Make up your own illness: Gapping Craw, Cranial Flenitus, Lymphatic Asynchronaeity,  Juniper Circle. Be creative!

• Food poisoning. Be sure to sell it by going into grueling detail about how you got it and where.

• Any emotion combined with a body part is weird enough to illicit zero questions. ‘Excitable Neck’ or ‘Sad Foot’ might work.
– Adapted from

7:15 A man proposed to his wife by doing a freestyle rap routine over the newly popular rap song "Hot Boy" by Brooklyn rapper Bobby Shmurda (NSFW by the way). In the proposal, Kabir Iyengar said to his girlfriend of seven years, "In truth I got a big question. This ain’t a joke, I hope you know I’m not messin’. And if you say 'yes,' You know I got dinner! And imma rap, cuz you know I’m not a singer. I’m tryin’ to put something hot on that hot finger." Iyengar titled the rap, "Hot Finger." Throughout the rap, his girlfriend looked rather baffled and in the end, when he asked her to marry him, she said that she had to think about it. She eventually said, "yes." What would you do if your boyfriend's proposal was downright awful or offensive? If you were a guy proposing and your girlfriend told you that she had to think about it, what would you do?  Proposal video is here and it is safe for work!:



8:15 This is just bumbleplucky!!!!


Your Keyboard May Have Affected The Name You Chose For Your Baby. If you had a child in the last 24 years, there's a chance that child's name was influenced by your "qwerty" style keyboard. Yep, technology is apparently affecting us in plenty of subtle and creepy ways. Researchers say that people seem to be favoring names that use letters from the right side of the keyboard most often. But why? We associate the dominant side of out body with "good" things, and most people happen to be right handed. The line dividing the keyboard into two sides runs between the letters "t" and "y", "g" and "h" and finally "b" and "n." Some examples of popular "right side advantage" names that have risen to popularity since 1990 include: Sophia, Emma, Olivia, Noah, Liam and Jacob.

(Find the info here: Daily Mail

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Guinness Records, iRobots...creepy!, Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett

6:15 When you're bored, you probably think up things to do with your time. You may have even thought, “I should try to break a record for the Guinness World Book of Records. Well, I'm here to tell you, you've got some stiff competition. They've just released the new one the 60th Edition last week. Check out some of the highlights.


The “2015 Guinness World Book of Records” came out last week, and it includes a number of new musical feats, such as …
✓ Eminem has been cited for squeezing the most words into a song (1,560 in the track “Rap God”).
✓ Katy Perry has the record for ‘Most Twitter Followers’.
✓ Metallica is honored for being the 1st and only band to tour all 7 continents, an achievement completed last year after playing a gig in Antarctica.
✓ Miley Cyrus is listed as ‘Most Searched Pop Star On the Internet’.
✓ One Direction has earned the distinction of being the 1st act to debut at #1 with its first 3 albums.
✓ Shakira has ousted Rihanna as ‘Most Liked Person on Facebook’.
(Not listed: Sam Smith, ‘Loneliest Loser in Show Biz’.)




6:45 I'm still stuck on the same topic. Here are some interesting tidbits...


Think your tongue is long? Or that your cat Whiskers can jump incredibly far? You and Whiskers could apply to be in Guinness World Records, which just released its 60th anniversary edition book last week. But having an official title will take some elbow grease and cat-like patience.


The folks behind Guinness World Records in London spill the beans on how records come about. First, they receive nearly 1,000 applications a week and their internal database holds more than 40,000 records. Among the newest 2015 record holders are the longest tongue, at 3.97 inches from tip to closed lip.

Whether you have the longest tongue or happiest father, to set or break a Guinness World Records title, you start by registering your record proposal via But don't expect a call from Guinness World Records the next day. The free application service can take as long as six weeks for existing records and 12 weeks for new record categories.

If you cough up $700, you can "fast track" your application for a response within three working days.

7:15 So there are so many robots that are in production these days. For about the one that will load your dishes in the dishwasher? Look at that hand in the picture for the article. Creeeeepy!

Or the one that will vacuum your home. Crazy.

Vacuum cleaner-maker Dyson is launching the world’s 1st smart robot vacuum with live cameras to map your house. The ‘Dyson 360 Eye’s panoramic lens features 360° vision from cameras that capture 30 images per second to build a
picture of each room. It then uses mapping software to plot its route around the house, and sensors to stop it from bumping into obstacles. As it operates on caterpillar tracks, it can move between different floor types. Owners can also remotely control the Eye with a Dyson Link smartphone app; and you gotta love this … it even puts itself away. It ain’t cheap though, costing approx $1,200 when it goes on sale next Summer. (Well that er … sucks.)


8:15 Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett putting out an album together. They were on the cover of the Parade Magazine this past weekend. Doesn't she look like she stepped out of a 1970's lounge act? I love it. I'm glad they've teamed up, I think it'll be good for her career to not be so outrageous. The article sheds some light on that too...


Read the article here:




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Food Friday- Black Burger, Taco Bell Fried Chicken?, Star Spangled Banner Birthd

6:15 Burger King in Japan has come out with the Black Burger.

Would you eat something like this? I don't know why they came up with it but its certainly interesting to look at. I'd try it because I like gimmicks. Burger King restaurants in Japan have released a brand-new burger featuring a pitch-black bun, and garnished with a black pepper and a matching slice of cheese.

The Japanese-language website Nari Nari reports the Kuro Burger's bread and cheese get its black coloring from bamboo charcoal, and a special sauce is colored with jet-black squid ink, to boot. 

Back in 2012, fast food restaurants in France debuted a limited-run Darth Vader-colored bun as a promotional tie-in to the release of Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace 3D.

6:45 More food! Taco Bell is Working on Fried Chicken Battered With Tortilla Chips

Read more at:

Taco Bell has ground beef, grilled chicken, grilled steak and now…fried chicken?

Arguably the unsung hero of last week’s unveil of the Biscuit Taco was the looming availability of fried chicken at the world’s largest taco chain. The mention of “crispy chicken” during our tasting was understated and almost got swept under the rug. When they talked about it, it was only in reference as a meat option for the new Biscuit Taco. You can order it with country gravy or jalapeño honey. That was awesome and all — but before we knew it, they were already talking about the next product…

Then we prodded them for more – wait, FRIED CHICKEN? Go back to that please.

And go back they did — mentioning that the distinguishing factor in their new protein option was that it was battered in tortilla chips, something they hope makes their version of chicken easily distinguishable from their competitors.

The feeling we got in the room was that the new crispy chicken option was likely going to be part of future menu items outside of breakfast. Can you imagine a 7-Layer Burrito with fried chicken? How about a Fried Chicken Enchilada or Fried Chicken Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Taco?

They confirmed that they had plans to continue the testing of their crispy chicken in the hopes of making it a staple meat option for their menu.

Their new fried chicken is being served with jalapeño honey poured on it.

7:15 Okay so on Sunday, the Star Spangled Banner is 200 years old! Who knew? So there have been celebrations going on for the past several months. The events will culminate on Sunday, September 14th with a big huge event in Baltimore...where the song was penned.

5 myths about the National Anthem

Get all the details about the commemorations here:

Press Release that gives the gist:

8:15 D'Oh! Duff Beer Pulled from Stores 

It took more than two decades for an officially-licensed version of Homer Simpson's famous beer to reach store shelves, and barely four months since its release, Australian authorities have ordered Duff pulled from stores.

According to the Herald Sun, the Land Down Under's Alcohol Beverages Advertising Code has ruled the Woolworth Liquor Group's beer -- made to look exactly like the orange cans from which Homer Jay swills -- would be too tempting for underage fans of The Simpsons. (D'oh!)

Stores which still have stock are allowed to sell off what they have, but no more will be made, and that's good news to the panel's Sondra Davoren, who said, "Through its creation and subsequent promotion in The Simpsons, there is no doubt that Duff Beer is going to be attractive to children and young people. That is why it is really important that alcohol producers are not allowed to target kids."

Incidentally, Brewing company Lion Nathan sold its own unlicensed Duff Beer in the 1990s, but were shut down after being successfully sued by Simpsons producer Twentieth Century Fox. (D'oh!)

While Simpsons creator Matt Groening reportedly refused to allow canned Duff to be sold in the U.S. also to avoid underage drinking, Universal Theme Park's Simpsons attraction does sell three kinds of Duff on draft -- although true fans know Duff, Duff Lite, and Duff Dry all come from the same tank.

Friday Toy Memory: Remember this? Deputy Dog? I could be plopped down in front of the old TV and watch the old dawg for some time!

Check out this clip that features his some of his other "varmints" like Muskie Muskrat and Moley Mole Ha!

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Gmail Passwords leaked, Eating to support a friend, 9-11 Commemorations, Trusper
6:15 5 Million Gmail Passwords Leaked To Russian Website (September 11, 2014)

It's time to change your passwords! On Tuesday evening, while everyone was talking about the Apple announcements, nearly 5 million Gmail usernames and passwords were published on a Russian Bitcoin forum called

Don't panic yet, though. The Daily Dot reports that Google reps said the "leak" is more like an old collection of hacked credentials that are likely out of date. Meanwhile, the person who published the list claimed over 60% of the passwords were working ones.

  • The database also contained user credentials for a popular Russian search engine called Yandex.

  • Both Yandex and Google maintain that their systems have not been compromised and that the leaked credentials were stolen through the hears.  

Here's what you should do. Change your password and enable two-factor authentication on Google and any important accounts you have.

(Daily Dot)

Check It Out

  • Was your Gmail password leaked? Go to this site and enter your Gmail address -


6:45 Guy vows to eat a chipotle burrito each day to raise funds for his frat brother. #heartwarming.


What would you do for a fraternity brother in need?

That’s the exact question 22-year-old Joe Gallo asked himself upon hearing the devastating news that fraternity brother Bret Grund had been recently diagnosed with stage IV glioma.

Joe, a recent graduate of Bowling Green State University, set out on a mission to raise money to help offset some of the costs of Bret’s medical bills by eating a Chipotle burrito a day for 100 days.

To help spread awareness of the fund, Joe would post a video of his last bite on Instagram every day, with the hashtag #100daysforgrundfund.

We caught up with Joe around day 70 and followed him down the homestretch. On day 100, we hosted a fundraiser for him at Ainsworth Park in Manhattan, to celebrate his accomplishment and raise additional funds.

Surrounded by family, fraternity brothers, and after receiving a special video message, Joe finished the last burrito like a champ.

To donate to the GrundFund page click here.


Watch him here:



7:15 As you well know, today is the 13th Anniversary of 9-11. It's a day that has been marked into our memory. It's hard to believe it's been so long and it's a day that you feel solemn, reflective and maybe even melancholy. I was looking for events or commemorations for the day. This page from has everything you could want to know:


Also, here's an interesting article from the AP about how the commemorations have changed over the years.


8:15 Danielle got me hooked on this new app called Trusper. It's pretty much just tips for life or Life Hacks. She was looking at it yesterday and I couldn't help but download it too. Next thing I know, I'm finding out the best way to

  • braid hair
  • remove skin from potatoes without peeling them etc.
  • Make hotdogs utilizing a pringles can
  • and much more...
Thanks Danielle!

Trusper can be found here:

Share and discover tips, tutorials and how-to guides on beauty, wellness, DIY and more from Trusted Helpers with friends, family and fans. Introducing Trusper,...



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Pumpkin Spice Oreos, Eat breakfast has no benefit?, Work Buzzwords, Kale for you
6:15 It's NOT fall yet but that's not stopping Oreo cookies from coming up with a new fall concoction. Enter Limited Edition Pumpkin Spice Oreo Cookies. I saw an article on and they had some interesting commentary after doing a taste test:

Among TIME staffers, responses were largely positive.

It tastes like fall!” one staffer exclaimed in delight. “It tastes like a Yankee candle!” Another agreed that the cookies were “amazing”and another, initially a bit skeptical, said, “I’ve had far worse.” One reporter said they tasted just like pumpkin pie, and another said they reminded her of chai lattes. If you want to find out for yourself, they’ll be available at retailers nationwide beginning Sept. 24 for 6-8 weeks, or until supplies last."

Read the rest here:


6:45 Yeah, well somebody needs to make up their mind! WAS MOM WRONG? Or Are these Scientists full of phooey?
Breakfast might NOT be the most important meal of the day after all. Scientists at Britain’s University of Bath have found that the morning meal doesn’t kick-start the metabolism or aid weight-loss. In fact, breakfast has been found to have no impact on metabolism or calories eaten later in day. That goes against the long-held theory that skipping breakfast means we’re likely to gorge later on in the day. However the researchers acknowledge that people who do eat breakfast may be healthier in general, but that may be due to their overall diet regime. (Yeah whatever … eat, make your mother happy!)
Read more here:


7:15 The Top 20 Buzzwords to Avoid at Work


You know when your boss has been to an “empowerment/leadership conference” and they come back into the office with catchphrases that make everyone gag? Yeah, they suck. Here are 20 that everyone should avoid!


It doesn’t matter where you might have picked up certain buzzwords that you use at work, just make sure to dump them in the trash.

That’s the advice of 600 Human Resource managers interviewed by Accountemps, who wanted to learn what office catchphrases and clichés drive supervisors up the wall.

For instance, if you’ve ever used “pick your brain,” your boss may be ready to pick you up and drop you out a window.

The recommendation of HR people is to use simple language during conversations, not the hackneyed office jargon that does little to impress anyone.

Here are the 20 most annoying and over used phrases and buzzwords in alphabetical order:

"At the end of the day"
"Circle back"
"Crunch time"
"Deep dive"
"Employee engagement"
"I am overwhelmed."
"It's above my pay grade."
"It's not my job."
"Let me get back to you."
"Out of pocket"
"Pick your brain"
"Think outside the box."
"When am I going to get a raise?"

The one that irks me is “Team”--Rona



Kale for your nails? (I say NO, put it in yer belly instead!)

The leafy green superfood is creeping out of salads and juicers and making its way into the beauty aisle where it can now be found in creams and other products thanks to its antioxidant properties. Kale hasn’t displaced other botanicals, which remain a small segment of the multibillion-dollar beauty industry. There’s a wide range of plant life and consumables in beauty products, and now kale is joining them in face masks, skin-brightening serums, creams, and nail polish; pushed along by the march to healthier living and the frenzy to fend off aging. Observers say it’s not unusual that kale is so popular. History has shown that it’s quite common for food trends to trickle into beauty care products. And kale offers the advantages of being organic, vegetarian, and  … cruelty-free. (Unless you’re a mama kale that just lost her babies!)

Also, after playing the Rembrandt's I'll be there for you, I mentioned a Jimmy Kimmel Sketch with some of the cast of Friends. Watch it here. So cute.

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Olive Garden Pasta Pass, Best cars for Dogs, Fanny Packs are Back!, Hagerstown S

6:15 Get your carb on!

So Olive Garden was absolutely brilliant. They came up with something called the Never Ending Pasta Pass where customers spend $100 for a pass that allows them to eat pasta, salad, breadsticks, and coca-cola products for 7 weeks. Well, the darn things ran out in 45 minutes. Read more about it
here. Brilliant!


...aaaand how many calories do you think you might consume during this “Never Ending Pasta Bowl” promotion? Find out here:



“Autotrader” says that 55% of visitors to its website seek out cars and trucks that can accommodate dogs, and 75% of its shoppers who have a dog take their pet in the car at least once a month. Here’s their new ranking of pooch-friendly rides based on easy access, fold-flat seats, under-floor storage, roomy cabin, and other features (listed alphabetically) …
✓ BMW X3
✓ Honda Odyssey
✓ Kia Soul
✓ Nissan Juke
✓ Subaru Outback
✓ Volkswagen Tiguan
✓ Volvo V60
Read more here:

The unattractive pouch long associated with American tourists and embarrassing dads has become the Renaissance bag thanks to a few cool celebrity endorsements. Most recently movie star Matthew McConaughey gave the fanny pack his stamp of approval at a Red Sox game in Boston over the weekend. His advice: “You kind of got to put it on the side to make it look not-as-nerdy.” A month ago, no less a macho man than Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson endorsed the fanny pack by posting a photo on Twitter showing him donning one back in the 1990s. And Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie has been photographed in a quilted leather Chanel fanny pack that is ‘far superior to the neon nylon styles of decades past’, according to one review. (The key is to charge an obscene amount of money … then people think that it’s cool.)


8:15 Hagerstown Suns will honor first responders on 9/11. This Thursday!

The Hagerstown Suns are offering free admission to current and retired first responders on Thurs. night September 11, for game 3 of the South Atlantic League Championship against the Ashville Tourists. General Admission is $3 and Reserved seating is $5. Also, it’s also a Thirsty Thursday.



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Old School beauty products, Help me Rona, Principle cancel dances because of twe

6:15 Old school beauty products that are alive and kicking!

Just played the song by MKTO “Classic”. Well these products are exactly that these things are still being sold. Who knew “LA Looks” hair products are still kicking among others?

  • Lip Smackers

  • Wet n Wild

  • Herbal Essences.

  • Ha!

Check out the page of stuff we all used to use, that is still around.

6:45 I love this kind of stuff. I got an e-mail that said,

Hi Rona,


This may sound crazy, but there is a song out now that you play occasionally that has a very fast beat and singing. It was played the other day. The music is high pitched and sounds a little Asian and is sung by a male. The only part I know is "I don’t wanna let it go". It is not Weezer which comes up when searching the web. I am sure you think I am crazy for asking such a thing but I love the song and it is one of those things that will drive me insane until I figure it out. Thank you.”


So I think it's great that people can give me so few details and they think I will always know the answer. Ha! Joke's on them. I Google it. This is what I sent in response to the above email.

I first goggled it (like you apparently did) and got a few leads. Then, in the drop down Google box, half the lyric was there with this suggestion... 

Is this it? Let me know. (still awaiting a response).

American Authors - Believer - YouTube


7:15 Did you hear about this? Principal Cancels School Dances Because She Hates Twerking


Kids are known for ruffling the feathers of their elders, but how far is too far? A high school principal from Vermont has seen too much twerking at the school's dances, and has decided to cancel all dances until the craze passes. Principal Sue Maguire explained her stance in a letter to the editor of the Bennington Banner newspaper, writing:


"Over the Over the past couple of years, since Miley Cyrus took the stage "twerking" at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, our students' dancing behavior has crossed the line of what we can condone as appropriate behavior at a school. Twerking is dancing to popular music in a sexually provocative manner involving a low squatting stance and thrusting movements. Students do not face one another or remain with the same person for the length of the song."

Maguire also noted that it's very difficult for chaperons to intervene at the dances and get the kids to stop twerking. Maybe if the kids took up line dancing they could get their dances back?

Read more here on Gawker.

Here's are my thoughts:

  1. kids are going to do what they want—no matter what you do.

  2. It seesm stupid to cancel the entire dance because you can't find a way to stop twerking. Make a rule that kids can't bump n grind/twerk/freak or whatever it's called this year. If the students don't abide, throw them out of the dance. Have more chaperones and make that happen.

  3. Miley just made it popular but that dance has been around for at least 10 years before she brought it to MTV. personally, I think it's already hit it's peak BUT, the fact is, she can ban the dance all she wants, it will always be a new dance that kids are going to do.


So....How do you feel about twerking in general?


8:15 Are you a SUPERTASTER?

Are you a ‘supertaster’? According to a Yale University study, about 25% of us have acute sense of taste due to a high number of taste buds. Supersensitive taste influences what people eat. Researchers have found that supertasters tend to avoid strong-flavored foods and also tend to be slimmer because they don’t crave fats or sugars. The downside – supertasters may not eat enough bitter vegetables, believed to protect against cancer. (You can bet you’ll never find one in a spicy Thai restaurant.)


**Note: I believe we do have a supertaster in our office, but I'm not outing anyone about it, I'm just sayin. :)


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Don't be a social media jerk! Friday Songs, Weirdest Food by state, Skinny Jeans

6:15 Share your joys and successes on social media without sounding like a big old jerk. Sounds good to me! I got this on, which I love!


There's helpful advice on sharing the news of getting a promotion or a new job and how to announce the birth of your first spawn without sounding like you're the first person ever to have had this happen. Just sayin, this guy is on to something! Check it out! 

6:45 Here's a list of songs with Friday in the title. Sometimes, you just need a little Friday music. So I'm scrolling through this list I found on Youtube “Songs with Friday in the title” : and I'm thinking I can't find Johnny Kemp's “Just Got Paid”. Then after going through the list twice, I realized that song does not have Friday in the title. Duh! Also, the best misheard lyric for this song is "Just got paid, Friday night, Holly Hunter...get in line". I still laugh when I hear this song!

I finally found the video. Watch & enjoy! Happy Friday.



7:15 Most distinctive foods by state. Co.Design teamed up with food industry analytics firm Food Genius to mine its database of 88,000 menus and 59 million menu items and build this map of the each state’s true crown jewel food . What you’re looking at isn’t the most popular food by state. It’s the food that most distinguishes them from the rest of the pack. The map shows each state's top ingredient or dish, but Food Genius also tracks sensory terms such as "creamy" and preparation terms like "blended." They've included those words in the Top 5 chart for each state.

  • Seems that in the Dub Vee (WV), we like Ranch Dressing
  • Maryland- it's the Crab Cake, Blue Cheese, and Herb that show up most on menus
  • Pennsylvania-it makes total sense that Hoagie Sandwich is most seen on menus.
  • In Virginia they their produce, I guess. Green Bell Peppers was a staple on menus.

See the map, read the story and other info here:


7:45 Skinny Jeans Are Over! YESSS!!!!!! 

Thank the fashion gods!!!!

Apparently, the skinny jean is over. According to American retailers, the skinny jean has been replaced by "soft dressing" aka "athleisure." The sales of women's pants went up this past year, reaching $8.2 billion -- mostly due to looser fitting pants. Meanwhile, last week, denim sales were down 6% in the U.S.

Wendy Liebmann, head of WSL Strategic Retail says that the death of the skinny jean is due to overweight Americans, saying, “[The] trend fits the size of the American shopper. It is much more forgiving for most or many women.” Read the beautiful news here:

8:45 Friday Toy memory: These things: What wer ethey called again? I used to have them on my dresser but I have no idea what they were called. They were all the rage, kinda like troll dolls then, poof! Gone. Never saw them around anymore. I guess they wore out the cute factor?


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How do you get rid of hiccups?, Professor Thomas Dolby in Baltimore, Anyone want
6:15 Last night I was at the theater for rehearsal and my castmate Brian had the hiccups. We were trying to figure out quick hiccup cures. So another castmate Jack says, “I got it, just take a quick shot of cold water and plug your ears and your nose while drinking the water. Guess what? It worked! Who knew. Brian said that usually he puts a spoon in the freezer then puts it in the roof of his mouth for a few minutes and that sometimes helps to cure them. Hmmm.


Below is the list of unusual cures. How do you cure hiccups?

-Jack- just take a quick shot of cold water and plug your ears and your nose while drinking the water.

-Brian- put a spoon in the freezer then put it in the roof of your mouth until the hiccups are gone.

-Jack- take a shot of vinegar

-Our listener Wade called and said you should either drink Worcestershire sauce and have a bite of a lemon or drink Worcestershire sauce with lemon juice. It sounds gross but he swears by it!

-Rona-have someone scare it out of you.

-Rona- I have also heard- put your head between your legs and hold your breath.

-Breathe into a paper bag.


6:45 .Well, the singer, Thomas Dolby is now the Professor of the Arts at Johns Hopkins Remember his song “She Blinded Me with Science”? #tbt 


He posted this on his Facebook page..

I've taken up residence in Baltimore, MD for my first semester as Professor of the Arts at Johns Hopkins University. I'm teaching a course in sound and music for film, and helping JHU with a massive new media center project slated to open in Fall 2015. But don't worry--it will leave me time for other music projects! (TMDR)”

7:15 I couldn't keep it together after reading some of the names of some of these games of old. May I interest you in a game of Hot Cockles? I've got tears streaming down my face. --Rona

Games that nobody plays anymore from Mental They are so smart!

  • Some of my favorites include:

  • Mumblede peg

  • Able Whackets

  • Bandy Whicketts

  • Hot Cockles

  • Are you there Moriarty?



8:15 Scary stuff really.

Girl Gets Trapped In Washing Machine (September 4, 2014)

A five-year-old girl had to be air-lifted to the hospital after becoming trapped in a washing machine on Tuesday (Sept. 2).The child was reportedly trapped in the washing machine on high speed for several minutes before anyone saw her and set her free. It's still unclear how the girl ended up in the washer or where her parents were.

According to police, a woman had tried to use that same machine moments earlier and told a manager it wasn't working properly. She then got a refund and moved to another machine.  Authorities are unaware of when it to work again. Thankfully, the story says that paramedics expect the child to survive. Whew. Read the story here:


Things to ponder:

  • What dangerous situations have you seen kids get into when their parents weren't watching them in a public place?

  • What dangerous places have you caught your kids crawling into?

  • Whoever was watching this girl may only have lost sight of her for a few minutes - Tell us about a time when your kid wandered out of your sight while in public. 

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How much of a 90's girl r u? SBTB Unauthorized, Chocolate Bathroom, Rant, Instag

6:15 I love taking quizzess and stuff on Buzzfeed. This one was called “How much of a 90's girl are you? So much fun. I only got 29 out of 100 so I guess not. That stands to reason because I was graduating college in the early 90's. Fun stuff. Take it for yourself!

Here are the ones I checked on the list of 100.

  1. I had a subscription to the Delia’s catalog.
  2. I wore body glitter.

  3. I used Lip Smackers.

  4. I shopped at Claire’s.

  5. I shopped at Afterthoughts.

  6. I once wore overalls from the Gap.

  7. My signature scent in the ’90s was Gap Dream.

  8. I listened to Ace of Base.

  9. I was an NSYNC fan.

  10. I wore butterfly clips.

  11. I wore Dr. Martens.

  12. I owned a pair of platform sneakers.

  13. I was a member of

  14. I wore bra-strap headbands.

  15. I read Sassy.

  16. I wore jellies.

  17. I had ying-yang jewelry.

  18. I used Hard Candy nail polish.

  19. I wore tattoo choker necklaces.

  20. Clueless”

  21. I wore frosty makeup for dressy occasions.

  22. When a friend and I liked the same boy, I listed to “The Boy Is Mine” A LOT.

  23. I roller-skated to Crystal Waters’ “100% Pure Love.”

  24. And now that you have reminded me of this I REALLY WANT TO ROLLER-SKATE TO THAT SONG.

  25. I wore dark brown lipstick like it was no one’s business.

  26. I played “light as a feather, stiff as a board” with my friends.

  27. Years later, I still have a crush on Liv Tyler’s outfit from “Empire Records.”

  28. When Hanson first came around, I was confused as to whether they were girls or boys.

My results: You checked off 29 out of 100 on this list!

    1. OK, you’re a ’90s girl. But you maybe had other things going on in your life besides butterfly hair clips. I respect that.

Also, this might make you smile too.


6:45 Unauthorized “Saved by the Bell” movie on Lifetime. I caught just a few minutes of it and I fell asleep. So that makes me think it wasn't that awesome.

Is it me or does this cast look like kind of a stretch?


7:15 Chocolate bathroom!

Now I have heard it all. A whole bathroom designed in chocolate. I'm not kidding.Yes, that’s right; you can actually order this bathroom and get it shipped worldwide (note: it’s not functional). The full suite retails for £80,000, or around $133,000 and clocks in at a whopping 9.4 million calories. If you’re feeling a little thrifty, you can also purchase items a la carte, like the toilet for a mere $23,000 and 980,000 calories. I mean, I know I have an extra $133,000 lying around. Get the items here:

Read the article here:

7:35 I went on a little rant about the celebs who have had their phones and accounts hacked over the weekend. Over 100 celebs had pics of them released to the public after the security breach. They had to know that having any kind of naked selfie or whatever on their phones or on their iCloud, could be hacked. If you don't want it out there, don't take it and keep it! I know these pics are for private use but if their career depends on it, then they might want to think of that in advance. It's just like Snapchat, which claims you send a video that goes away after the receiver watches it. It's only hidden, NOT deleted.

So when are people going to start considering that in advance? I'm just saying. They don't get to complain if they don't have risque' pics in the first place. If you don't have it, you can't have it exposed.

7:45 Instagram Introduces "Hyperlapse" -- A Time Lapse App

Instagram has released a brand new FREE iPhone app that will let you turn your shaky videos into smooth, sharp time-lapses using Instagram's own stabilization technology. 

The app allows you to smooth out and speed up your short videos, then share them to Instagram or Facebook. The video saves to your camera roll, so you can share it on other platforms as well. 

Check out these features, listed in the iOS app store:

* Shoot handheld time lapse videos in motion -- while you're walking, running, jumping or falling.
* Smooth out your video for cinematic quality with automatic stabilization. 
* Speed up your hyperlapse to be up to 12 times the speed.
* Share your videos seamlessly on Instagram and Facebook or save them to your camera roll to share anywhere, anytime.
* Start filming immediately with a simple design that gets out of the way of your creativity
* Download and start capturing. No sign up or account required.



8:15- Marsha and talked about the traffic on Queen Street. Construction so be aware of the brief delays. See, we keep you up to date on all kinds of stuff on the 97.5 Morning show (TAFKATWVMS)!


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