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Moms what they mean, Hello Kitty not a Cat, What do Cravings Mean, Wasp Bed, Sti

6:15 Most moms probably doubt themselves at some time or another. Being a parent is a challenging job. Here are some fun things Moms say, but what they really mean from a great blog for moms called Scary Mommy.

15 Things Moms Say… And What They Really Mean--Here are just a few. To get the full list:

1. “Don’t make me come over there.” really don’t want to get up or stop what I am doing to come over there.

2. “Because I said so.” And I can’t think of another reason.

4. “Stop that this instant!” If you stop now, before I have to get up and come over there, we can forget this ever happened.

5. “Don’t make me turn this car around!” I am totally bluffing, if we turn around now we will be going home without any groceries, diapers or wine. We need to keep this car in route to it’s destination, so please just fall for my bluff and I’ll give you a cookie at the grocery store.

10. “I am the parent and you are the kid.” I am aware that this is super condescending and that you already know who’s who around here, but I’m actually just giving myself a pep talk out loud, I’m not really even talking to you.

15. “I love you.” I love you more than you can know. And I really hope I’m doing okay at this Mom thing.

6:45 Two things:


BIG TRAFFIC THIS WEEKEND-Prepare to battle the most traffic we've seen in six years on Labor Day, according to AAA. That's 34.7 million cars traveling at least 50 miles from home, the highest since 2008 when the recession hit. (and please be safe everyone)


Is Hello Kitty a Cat After All? (Huh?)

There's more confusion about whether Hello Kitty is a cat or not after a Los Angeles Times article shocked fans the world over when it cited an anthropologist who's done extensive research on Hello Kitty as saying she was told by Sanrio Tokyo, the company that created the character, that it's not a cat but a British girl named Kitty. However, Sanrio Tokyo seems to be fudging the issue now, telling the website Kotaku that saying Hello Kitty isn't a cat might be taking it too far. A spokesperson told the site, "Hello Kitty was done in the motif of a cat. It's going too far to say that Hello Kitty is not a cat. Hello Kitty is a personification of a cat." Whatever that means.


7:15 If you've ever listened to the show, you know I love me some salty carby food. Chips, fries, burgers, pizza. Anyway, I got to thinking...what do these cravings really mean. Well thank goodness for Shape Magazine. 

What do your food cravings mean?

If you're craving sweets, salty, creamy, caffeine or carbs, I've got the reason why here!

Also related:

7:45 Woman Finds Guest Room Hosted Five Thousand Wasps  ( WARNING: the pic is kinda disturbing)

A woman from Winchester, England, is lucky to be alive, after accidentally discovering a rarely used guest bedroom was being occupied -- by five thousand wasps.

The potentially deadly insects had made a massive nest out of the bed in the home in Winchester, England, prompting the "terrified" woman to call in a professional exterminator -- and even he was shocked, he told The Mirror. "In 45 years, I have never seen anything like it," John Birkett said. "At one stage there must have been 2,000 wasps buzzing around me."

Because wasps can sting repeatedly, the situation was potentially deadly. "If someone had gone in to the room and not known what it was, it would have been pretty serious," the pest control expert noted.

It took two hours of spraying to kill the giant nest, which took up half of the twin-sized bed. "Afterwards, the entire room was filled with dead wasps," the exterminator said. "It was like the apocalypse."

I couldn't be more skeeved out by this picture: I have chills up my spine and hairs on the back of my neck are standing up!


8:15 So if you cracked open a beer after a long day and all you could taste was “fart smell” wouldn't you be a little bothered? Yeah, that's what happened with IsBjorn Beer from Mack Brewery in Norway. Read on:


After Gaffe, Brewery Recalling Beer that Smells Like Someone Passed Gas

A brewery in Norway has initiated a recall after a botched bottling procedure led to thousands of bottles of beer that reportedly smelled like someone passed gas. According to The Local, Mack Brewery is buying back as much of its "Isbjørn" -- or "Polar beer" -- that it can, and is offering refunds to consumers.

An apparently harmless bacteria -- the kind found in yogurt, the company insists -- got into the beer, leading to the foul-smelling suds. Ewww.

Marsha had a good one liner for this story: Isbjorn is bad!


8:45-- Friday Toy Memory: Those hair ties that you used to wear that had the balls on the ends that looked like gumballs or marbles.

My best friend Sherry and I dubbed them "bunky balls". Why? I don't know. Think back ladies, if you had enough hair, at some point, someone would put those things in your hair and it would look cute but it would be REALLY tight. The saving grace is that you were able to color coordinate.

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Funny Teacher Stories, Yawns are contagious, Top 100 Guitar Riffs, Don't Live in

6:15 Teaching stories. Now that we're back in school, teachers have all kinds of funny stories of things that happen in their classes.  Some of these are NSFW/ you're getting an exclusive here!

Some of these are brutal:

"I had a phantom pooer in nursery for a while. Three Fridays in a row a child would curl one out on the floor in the nursery toilet. The next Friday I camped outside the door most of the day and it didn’t happen. I never found out who it was…"

Here are a couple of other funny ones:


6:45 OPEN UP!

A friend’s yawn is more catching than a stranger’s. Why? Scientists from universities in Pisa, Parma, and Rome have found that the ‘catching yawn’ is caused by a need to understand the feelings of others. The study suggests that contagious yawns are a sign of deep empathy, an emotional bridge that enhances social bonding. The biologists believe contagious yawns are caused by an involuntary re-enactment of the facial expression seen in others. They think ‘mirror neurons’ in the brain fire when certain expressions are seen in other people, prompting us to instinctively copy them. The new research suggests that this ‘mirror system’ is strongest between people who are emotionally attached, enhanced by shared memories. (Whatever, cover your mouth, pal. We don’t wanna see your spit-strings.) That's just nutty!

7:15 BBC2 Radio asks listeners to choose the top 100 best guitar riffs of all time:


A BBC Radio 2 poll, published Monday, has revealed which are the nation's favorite guitar riffs, according to its listeners. Not a lot of surprises there.... did anyone expect anything other than Led Zeppelin to come out on top?

Radio 2 listener's have chosen the Top 10 Best Guitar Riffs of All Time, from a list of 100 of songs selected by a panel of experts, including BBC DJs, music critics and producers. Jimmy Page's powerful intro for Led Zeppelin's 'Whole Lotta Love',  their big 1969 hit, was voted the #1 best ever guitar riff.  

Here are some of the finalists from you agree?

Too Bad they didn't put this one in the Top 10, I’d be all over that! (MMMM Yummy Lenny)


8:15 Don't live in the past at work:


At work, are you ruminator or a forward thinker? (I am!)

As researchers from Florida State University and University of Arkansas point out, one is better than the other and it doesn’t really take much thought to guess the right answer.

In their survey of 600 white and blue collar workers, about two in ten could be considered ruminators while 40 percent fell in the other category. The rest of the respondents were a combination of both.

The drawbacks of being a ruminator, that is, someone who fixates on past transgressions, were pretty clear. Many complained of high stress levels, sleeping difficulties, strained relations with others and feeling isolated, alone or even depressed at work.

According to the researchers, ruminators need to let go of the past before they start thinking forward. Several suggested methods include allowing themselves a set amount of time to go over the day's events while associating themselves with forward-thinkers. They’re also advised to take whatever positive thing they can from an interaction and build upon it.


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In flight FIGHT! Class of 2018 Mindset, Why you shouldn't top off your tank

6:15 Dispute over "Knee Defender" Leads to Mid-Air Fight, Emergency Landing :( This is the link to the product, which is banned on most US flights so...might want to save your money. 

A 22-dollar gadget that prevented an airline passenger from reclining her seat into the knees of the flyer behind her led to an in-flight fight and an emergency landing on Sunday. 

According to the Denver Post, at issue was the Knee Defender, a pair of rubbery clamps that prevent an airline seat from reclining. A woman aboard United Flight 1462 from Newark, New Jersey, to Denver became irate when the passenger using his laptop behind her refused to unhook the clamps, and the dispute quickly escalated to her throwing water at him.

The flight was diverted to Chicago's O'Hare International Airport where Chicago Police and TSA officers met the two passengers, both 48 years old, who were eventually taken off the flight. They were not arrested, though the flight landed in Denver later without them. 

The device isn't against FAA rules, though most American airlines -- including United -- prohibit passengers from using it.  Read more here:

6:45 I told the story of the woman who encouraged me to smile as I drove on Rt 9 yesterday. She was having a one woman, smile, dance (maybe praise?) party! This woman was singing, waving her hands, and yelled at me to smile...all while we were BOTH going 60 mph on Rt. 9 yesterday. Whew. She got me to do it though.

7:15 It's that time of year again where we re-visit the Beloit College Mindset List for the class of 2014. Each August since 1998, Beloit College in Beloit, Wis., has released the Beloit College Mindset List, providing a look at the cultural touchstones and experiences that have shaped the worldview of students entering colleges and universities in the fall.

Behind the light humor of the Mindset List there are always some serious issues about the future of the class and their role in the future of the nation. The digital technology that affords them privacy from their parents, robs them of their privacy amid the “big data” of the NSA and Google. How will the absence of instant on-line approval impact their performance in the classroom and work place? Will this generation continue to seek reliance on prescription medications to address challenges and adjust reality? Prepare to feel old..uh, older. Here's the list:

Not only that, they also have: Visit and The Mindset List on Facebook for more lists and commentaries and guides for use as well as information on Tom and Ron’s books: The Mindset List of the Obscure: 74 Famously Fogotten Icons From A-Z (Sourcebooks, 2014) and The Mindset Lists of American History: From Typewriters to Text Messages, What Ten Generations of Americans Think is Normal (John Wiley and Sons, 2011).

8:15 I've got a little tip from you from Daily Are you one of those people that tops off your tank when you get gas? You shouldn't and here's why.

When you continue to fill up the tank after the thing clicks off, you're most likely sending gasoline back into the pump.

Also, the reason it clicks off is to give the gasoline vapors room to expand in your car. See the video and read the reasons why here.

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Sleep Drunk, Perfect Looking Pizza Pie, Line Painting debacle, New Music from Pr

6:15 Have You Ever Been "Sleep Drunk"? (my answer: YES! Definitely!)

We had no idea this was a thing. Apparently, one in seven people suffer from being sleep drunk, meaning that they have trouble coming to full wakefulness after sleep, accompanied by confusion and disorientation. The disorder sometimes even comes with amnesia and violent reactions. 

A research project out of Stanford University's school of medicine asked 19,136 adults (18 and older) about their sleep patterns and behaviors and found that 15% of participants had experienced an episode of sleep drunkenness in the past year. Of those people, 84% also reported a sleep disorder or mental health disorder, meaning that the two could be related.  Read the whole article here:


7:15 Have Scientists Figured Out the Secret to the Perfect-Looking Pizza?
Sometimes you can convince yourself that a pizza is going to taste good just by the way it looks.

A study by the Institute of Food Technologists say that what people like to see is a golden cheese pie with both dark toasted-cheese patches and glistening oil in other spots.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? But how to attain it? IFT researchers think they’ve got the right formula, which was developed through a machine vision technique rather than mere human trial-and-error.

By using different cheeses, the perfect-looking gourmet pizza can be attained by mixing cheeses such as Gruyere, Emmental and provolone with mozzarella, giving the pie a less burnt appearance.

To achieve color uniformity, the pizza also needs the right amount of elasticity, free oil, moisture, water activity and transition temperature.

This entire analysis is available to pizza makers. Since it sounds complicated, it's best to leave it to the pros.

Read more here:


7:45 Laughable Line-Painting Causes Highway Headache

Seemingly lifted right from the Seinfeld episode in which Kramer adopts a section of highway, traffic was snarled in Fairfax County, Virginia, after crews laying road stripes did an awful job.

According to WTOP-TV, Monday morning's commute on Interstate 66 was snagged when drivers couldn't follow the erratic, and in some cases zig-zagging reflective road lines.

According to the Virginia Department of Transportation, the blame fell on the reflective material itself: a temporary tape that is supposed to stay put -- but as thousands of delayed commuters could attest -- did anything but. The agency's public affairs director, Joan Morris, said of the snafu, "We apologize profusely to all the motorists who have been negotiating the very unsafe and messed up lanes."  Crews were dispatched to fix the lanes, and their work continued into the night.


8:15 Prince Releasing Not One but Two Albums on 9/30

The always-prolific Prince has announced that he'll release not one, but two new studio albums September 30.  One's a solo album titled Art Official Age, while the other, PlectrumElectrum, features his band 3RDEYEGIRL.

Both discs are now available for pre-order now, including instant free tracks that you can unlock on each record.  In addition, Prince plans a series of global "very special events" that will be announced shortly.

Art Official Age is described as a "classic" Prince album, wholly produced, arranged, composed and performed by Prince and Joshua Welton, and featuring soul, R&B and funk.  PlectrumElectrum was recorded live with 3RDEYEGIRL, and is described as an "electrifying funk-rock statement."  Many of the songs were recorded during Prince's Hit & Run tours of the U.K. earlier this year, which saw him popping up unexpectedly in small clubs.

The albums mark Prince's return to the Warner Bros. record label, where he began his career.  While he and the label have feuded for many years, it appears they've buried the hatchet, especially given that Warner Bros. returned the master recordings of Prince's '80s albums like 1999Purple Rain and Sign 'O the Times to the artist.

Here are the albums' track listings:

Art Official Age
"Art Official Cage"
"The Gold Standard"
"U Know"                
"Breakfast Can Wait"
"This Could Be Us"
"What It Feels Like"
"affirmation I & II"            
"Way Back Home"
"Time "                   
"affirmation III"


Here are the winners of the EMMY Awards last night. I totally missed most of them. Shocker/spoiler...Breaking Bad won big.



  • OUTSTANDING WRITING FOR A DRAMA SERIES: Moira Walley-Beckett, Breaking Bad 
  • OUTSTANDING DIRECTING FOR A DRAMA SERIES: Cary Joji Fukunaga, True Detective 


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Back to school rap, YOLO to the dictionary, Facekini's, Beer as your resume, Fr

6:15 "BABY GOT CLASS" IS HOLDERNESS FAMILY'S LATEST VIRAL _ The Holderness Family is cooler than yours. Back at the holidays the family of four dressed in Christmas jammies and gave us the digital version of a family newsletter. The video has been watched more than 14 million times. Now the Holderness Family is back with a back-to-school video that parodies Sir Mix-a-Lot's Baby Got Back. Check out the video below:



6:45 Added To The Oxford Dictionary: YOLO, FML & More

Yesterday, Oxford Dictionaries announced a slew of new words and slang terms that have been added to including cray, side boob, listicle and binge-watch.

In addition to the slang words, abbreviations like FML (f**k my life), YOLO (you only live once), ICYMI (in case you missed it) and SMH (shake my head) have also made it into the dictionary.

When are these dictionaries going to stop adding pop culture words? Ugh.

Read more here:


7:15  Behold the Facekini.

Okay, we all know it's important to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun, but would you wear a “facekini”? I wouldn't. It looks like a robber's mask!

Facekini Is China's Solution To Sun Protection

There's a new way of protecting facial skin from the harmful effects of the sun, but be warned -- it's not pretty! People in China are sporting something called a facekini, a colorful robber-like mask that completely covers the face and head except for eyes, nose and mouth holes.

Yahoo! reports that one of the reasons the trend is catching on there is because Chinese people, particularly women, consider a pale complexion to be "a prized possession."

The facekini inventor, 58-year-old
Zhang Shifan, told Qingdao Television website that the mask was not originally created for sun protection but rather to protect against offshore sea crabs.

A magazine edited by the former
Vogue Paris editor, Carine Roitfeld, called CR Fashion Book, made facekinis a part of its swimsuit photo shoot called “Masking the Sun.” Models' faces were covered in masks with bright colors and prints paired with expensive jewelry and the season’s hottest swimsuits.

Since the August publication of
CR Fashion Book, facekinis have been the subject of almost 12 million posts on Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter. (Yahoo)


8:15 This guy was uber creative and it ended up landing him a job. Beer AS the resume.  A graphic designer from British Columbia has produced a CV to make him stand out from the crowd by printing it on … a custom-made 4-pack of beer. Brennan Gleason started work on the idea during his final year at the University Of the Fraser Valley. Each bottle shows examples of his portfolio, with his personal details on the cardboard crate. Did it work? Uh-huh. His new job is Creative Director for Vancouver-based digital marketing agency Techtone.  See his work here.


8:45 Friday Toy Memory- JC Penney Catalog. Marsha and I began talking about the ginormous
Sears catalog that would come your house each year. It was a sight to behold with all of it's fashions, household items, and anything you could want. I loved the catalog during the holidays especially. We both discussed how at that time, we all just stared at the catalog trying to figure out what outfits we wanted for Back to school or what Christmas gifts we wanted. Here are some gems from the catalog.


Other stuff: This Sunday is the MTV VMA's. The show will be at 9pm. In 2004, the awards show had a cast of colorful characters. Check out some pics from 10 years's hard to believe it's been that long.


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Clothes-Ugh, Kids Drawings, Be More Productive at Work
6:15 I was recently  trying on some clothes...I was pissed because it should have been the right size but NOOOOO, the clothing designer made it much smaller than the it usually runs. I was pissed. I feel like trying on clothes is such an ordeal sometimes and this is why. Clothing designers make you feel like a cow whne they make most clothes small. It's funny that I had that experience because then, I saw this: (someone made me feel very validated with this)...

Clothing Designers Make Me Feel Fat When I'm Not

I am a size 12, two whole sizes below today's national average woman, and yet when I'm trying on clothing in stores, the size Large isn't big enough. Clothing sizes, especially in high-end stores, are just not realistic! Statistically, only eight percent of modern women have figures like Hollywood's leading ladies, so what we're seeing in movies and on TV is the exception and not the rule. I'm so frustrated! When will today's designers cater to the us real women and quit making us feel fat! (

7:15- Kids' Early Drawings May Predict Later Intelligence

How much of your kid's art hangs on your fridge? New data finds that some of those scribbles could be telling of your child's intelligence. Researchers looked at nearly 8,000 pairs of twins, and asked the four-year-olds to draw a picture of a child. They found that the more accurate and detailed a drawing the kid produced, the higher his or her intelligence level was at age 14. Researchers judged the quality of the drawings based on the amount of detail added, not on aesthetics. Study author Dr. Rosalind Arden explains, saying, "Through drawing, we are attempting to show someone else what's in our mind. This capacity to reproduce figures is a uniquely human ability and a sign of cognitive ability..." Arden added that parents shouldn't worry if their child draws badly, saying "drawing ability does not determine intelligence, there are countless factors...which affect intelligence in later life."

8:15- Want to be more productive at work? Do this!

A Surefire Way to Maximize Your Work Productivity

Give yourself a break at work, literally, if you want to be the best possible worker.

That’s the advice of Julia Gifford, whose Latvian-based Draugiem Group is an umbrella organization for many IT-related companies.

Using the time tracking app DeskTime, Gifford says the best formula for maximizing your time on the job is 52 and 17: that’s 52 minutes of full-steam-ahead work followed by a 17-minute break or “recuperation,” as she puts it. 

According to Gifford, it’s not about working longer, it’s about working smarter with frequent breaks. 

During those 52 minutes, the most productive employees work with purpose and take a well-deserved break so they can hit the ground running again in what Gifford labels “the 100 percent dedication theory.”

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Don't Ignore Mom, Aromafork, No story time for you!, Facebook Messenger app, MTV
6:15 Mom's never have to worry about NOT getting a hold of their teens again. There's a new mom created app...App Forces Kids To Pick Up When You Call

If your teen never picks up when you call, you need the app "Ignore No More." The app is the brain child of a New York Mom who hired developers after being fed up with her teenagers not answering her calls. The app is $1.99 and allows parents to lock their kids' phones from a separate device, forcing them to call a list of select numbers in order to gain access to the device. The application's website reads, "No calls to friends, no text, no games, notta' until they call you back. When they do, you can unlock their phone if you choose to do so. How's that for parental control?"


6:45 Wouldn't it be great to enhance the experience of taste? What am I talking about? It's called the “Aromafork”. Read on friends, read on.

Aromafork Makes Scents for Mealtime

What's better than tucking into a nice, juicy steak? How about if that meat tasted simultaneously like berries, or mint, or bubble gum? The gastronomic geniuses behind the company Molecule-R have cooked up the Aromafork, a utensil that uses specially-designed scent diffusers to enhance your meals with various scents.

Taste buds can only recognize five primary tastes -- salty, sweet, sour, bitter, and a fifth known as umami -- sort of a catch-all for savory flavors. However, much of taste is based on scent, and noses can pick up far more aromas. According to the product's website, "The AROMAFORK provides a flow of aromas upon inhalation, therefore doubling the flavors your brain can [analyze]!" Basically, the product's scents trickling up from the fork trick the brain into combining the smell and the taste into one different taste.

One 59-dollar kit includes 4 Aromaforks, 21 selected aromas, scent droppers, papers for diffusing the scents on the fork, and one "multi-sensory evening program."

7:15 Little girl Chloe Smith gave her parents a piece of her mind and it went viral. I wonder what they did to piss her off? Regardless she tells her parents a note that she will not be participating in reading with them tonight. Boom! Tell em Chloe.


8:15 See, the Facebook messenger app isn't as bad as people think it is. Mainly because we already give away all this information but we don't normally pay attention to it.


8:45 MTV Video Music Awards are coming on this Sunday, August 24th. I used to always look forward to it, but the fact is, the older I get, the less I know the artists and I feel out of touch. This year however will prove to be much better than last year's with (Miley twerking...remember that?) Maroon 5 and Beyonce and I'm excited to see Sam Smith are slated to perform. Read more here:

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Get rid of Skeeters!, New Sleep drug, Cast Suck!, Quit wrecking your diet at din

6:15 Yesterday, I went to water my plants in the backyard and you know what? I got 6 mosquito bites. What the? This is what I need...


Want to repel mosquitoes? Several new phone apps emit ultrasonic frequencies designed to mimic the sound of predators, such as dragonflies, to frighten biting females. The software can also produce the sound made by the wings of male mosquitoes, which females are thought to avoid once they’ve mated. The official name for such apps is electronic mosquito repellents, or EMRs. The most popular is the ‘Anti Mosquito Sonic Repeller’. Its developers claim that the pitch of the sound it produces is so high, most humans don’t notice it. Experts have concerns about using EMRs as a standalone repellent, however, as none of them are 100% effective.

Related: Funny, I came across this story from 2003. (whats old is new again huh?)


With mosquito-borne West Nile Virus expected to be a worry again THIS SUMMER, it may be a good time to pick up on a promotional gimmick we first heard in 1997. Both USP-FM in Sao Paulo, Brazil and Compiège FM in northern France experimented with transmitting a high-pitched ‘anti-mosquito frequency’ simultaneously with their normal on-air fare. The ultra-sonic signal is unheard by the human ear but reputedly intolerable to blood-sucking female skitters, repelling any within 10 meters of a radio speaker. Does it work? Listeners interviewed during the broadcasts had split opinions, but one thing was for certain – it sure got people talking about the radio station!


6:45 Having a hard time sleeping?

Insomniacs Get a New Sleep Aid Move over Ambien, Lunesta and other sleep aids. There’s a new kid in town.

The FDA has given its approval to a drug called Belsomra, which helps insomniacs get to sleep and stay asleep.

Belsomra, which should hit the market later this year or in early 2015, will be available in dosages of five, ten, 15 and 20 milligrams with doctors expected to prescribed the lower strengths to help patients avoid drowsiness the next morning.

Those taking Belsomra should do so within 30 minutes of going to bed with the expectation of sleeping seven hours.

Although the drug proved far more effective than a placebo in clinical trials, it wasn’t tested against the sleep aids already on the market.

It’s estimated that at least 60 million Americans suffer from insomnia.


7:15 I'm a cat lover! I had a cat for 17 years. When she died I just couldn't bring myself to get another one. Well, if you are a cat lover, this may upset you. If you are NOT a cat lover, this will come as no surprise to you and probably validate your dislike for the little furry jerks.


8:15 So are you trying to lose weight but just NOT seeing the scale move? Here are 7 things you're doing at dinnertime that is probably making your weight loss efforts fail. (<====BTW, I'm guilty of the wine and the carb loading...not to mention the TV watching business). See the whole list here:


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Back 2 School organization apps, Illusionist Mike Super, Ultimate Dining Hall Ha

6:15 Today is back to school day for Berkeley County Public Schools. Can you believe the summer has already gone? Sad. Aaaannnyway, since it's that time, everyone has got to get their head back in the game when it comes to getting organized and ready for school. Here are 6 great apps that will help with everything from waking up on time (I have that app and I love it!), to getting home schedules synced up to homework assignments and help creating flashcards. Check it out: 6 Back to school apps from Real Simple Magazine


6:45 My “bud” the Lavenous Illusionist Mike Super has been advanced on America's Got Talent. He was the winner of the NBC TV Show called “Phenomenon” a few years ago and now he's on America's Got Talent. I saw him live a few years ago and he's pretty awesome. He's also NOT that creepy illusionist with the “eyebrow thing” they do.


A few years ago, he did a magic trick with my co-host and I on the radio. He sent us a set of playing cards in a FedEx package. We opened the package in the studio and got on the phone with him. He guessed what cards we'd choose AND had video proof of the card that we'd choose on youtube. It was creepy and cool. I was dumbfounded like “how did you do that?”. You should check him out.


7:15 It's back to school time! For the older kids going off to college, they are going to have to eat in the dining hall. That means picky eaters might have a hard time. Well, Priya Krishna has the book for you...Ultimate Dining Hall Hacks: Create Extraordinary Dishes from the Ordinary Ingredients in your college meal plan.


Here's our interview:


Find Priya online at: Twitter:

Get her book here:




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Personality Dating, Help Me out Rona!, Maroon5 Lullaby, Drive the deck chair, F

6:15 Willow, that focuses On Personality first. Willow dating app hopes to get its users to look beyond the photo and focus more on personality. Willow, forces users to answer personality questions before allowing them to see member photos. One of the most common user-generated questions is “What is the first thing you would do if you won the lottery?” And the 23-year-old founder Michael Brunch told Elle that one of his favorite questions is, “If your hair was a type of pasta, what kind would it be? (And don’t say angel hair because that’s a cop out.)” (Jezebel)

  • What personality questions would you ask?

  • What would be your "dealbreaker" answer to the question, "What would be the first thing you would do if you won the lottery?"

  • Would you date someone if the personality questions and answers were good but the photo was bad?

Read more about it here:



6:45 I told the story of Ronnie Pierce. He's the listener who called and asked me to help him find out the name of the song with the banjo...and the singing. That's all he had. He tried to looked it up on our website's most recently played songs and still couldn't find it. With the banjo, I was sure he was talking about our sister station 95.9 The Big Dawg in Country. He wasn't he was talking about 97.5 WLTF. Well after putting on my thinking cap, I figured out that it was Mumford and Sons, I Will Wait. Whew. Glad that's over!


7:15 Got a new baby at home? Are you a fan of Maroon 5? Put them to sleep with Maroon 5 Lullabyes. Ha!

Maroon 5 has recorded some nice ballads in their career, but "Moves Like Jagger" isn't one of them.  Still, that hasn't stopped it from being included on a new album called Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of Maroon 5. (<====== my faves are This Love and Payphone!)

The album, due out August 19, features soothing instrumental renditions of Maroon 5's biggest hits, including "Payphone," "She Will Be Loved,"  "Love Somebody," and "This Love," as well as "One More Night" and, yes, "Moves Like Jagger."  While it's hard to imagine any baby drifting off to sleep to that particular song, it becomes pretty mellow when it's stripped of its lyrics and played on a xylophone. 

A promotional video for the song shows a cartoon teddy bear walking a red carpet, dancing, standing onstage and even spinning in a big red chair, just like Adam Levine on The Voice.

The Maroon 5 lullaby album is the latest in a series of discs the Rockabye Baby company has been putting out for a while.  Over the years, acts ranging from Michael Jackson, Elton John, KISS and David Bowie, toQueen, Pink and Coldplay have gotten the lullaby treatment. Head on over to RockabyeBabyMusic.comto hear the lullaby versions of all your favorite Maroon 5 tunes.


The world’s first ‘driveable deck chair’ has been unveiled on the beach in Brighton, England. ‘The Ultimate Deck Chair’ was designed by artist Solomon Rogers to provide sun-seekers with an unrivaled beach-based experience. It’s equipped with a refrigerated slushy machine, built-in boom-box, even a GPS umbrella … that moves with the sun. The open-top, 4-wheeled vehicle also has a sandbox up front, so you can make castles while en route to your next destination. Wanna buy one? No such luck … this motor-powered deck chair was commissioned as a one-off promotion by car rental website Holiday Autos. (Darn it.)
– “Travelmail” See a pic of this thing (that I thing they ought to make!) here:


8:45- Friday Toy Memory-Friday Toy Memory: Jack in the Box. It's fun and all but after you do it a few times, you're pretty much on to what is going to happen next. I guess it's made for younger kids?

I love that I had brain fart on the air and couldn't think of the name of it...I called it a "Clown Box". Ha! --Rona

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#IceBucketChallenge, BOOM!, Hear Hot or Cold?, Twitter-vorce

6:15 #IceBucketChallenge...what is it? Here are 6 not silly questions you've been asking about the #IceBucketChallenge

6 Not-Silly Questions You've Been Asking About the #IceBucketChallenge

You can't go on Facebook or Twitter or Vine lately without seeing some mention of the#IceBucketChallenge — are we right? If you're like us, you have plenty of questions about the viral social media trend (Who started it? What's it all about?). Before you "like" or retweet, get in the know with this breakdown of six not-so-silly questions and answers.


  1. What Is It? It all starts with a bucket of ice water, obviously. People get nominated by friends on social media to pour it on their heads and share the video as proof. If they don't go through with it within 24 hours, they're supposed to make a donation to raise money for ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) or any another cause that's called out. Each person who participates nominates more people, who challenge more friends, and so on.


  1. Who Started It? Word is that it began when Pete Frates, a former Boston College baseball player diagnosed with ALS in 2012, got nominated for the challenge by friends of friends. He posted a video encouraging others to participate, and the trend took off like whoa.


  2. Who's Doing It? Anyone and everyone.


  3. 4. Is It Really Helping?-Depends on what your definition of "helping" is. An article called #IceBucketChallenge: Why You're Not Really Helping refers to is as "slacktivism," meaning it's a trend that just gets people totalk about a cause and nothing else.

Others say simply raising awareness about a misunderstood disease like ALS is a victory in itself. Although not everyone who accepts the challenge does so, participants are supposed to name the cause and give a brief explanation of what it is to educate others. In terms of monetary influence, the ALS Association's national president said that the challenge has led to a 1,000 percent spike in donations.


5. Wait, What Is ALS?

Part of the reason some are skeptical about the #IceBucketChallenge is that many people still don't understand what ALS is, even after seeing the challenge take over their feeds.

ALS, also referred to as Lou Gehrig's Disease, is a neurodegenerative disease that targets nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. This leads to loss of muscle movement control and problems with speech, swallowing, and breathing that can lead to death. The cause is not completely understood, and there is currently no cure or treatment to fight it.

6. How Can I Participate?

While you can certainly take part in the #IceBucketChallenge and laugh at friends who pour ice on their heads, you can also take it one step further and support the cause by volunteering or donating through the ALS association.


6:45 I took a kick butt exercise class yesterday at X-Treme Fitness. The class is called BOOM! I felt like I was in the club shaking my booty. There were about 12 women in all different shapes, sizes, abilities and ages having a great time. Here's a description of the class and a link to find out more:

BOOM! Is the newest dance class at Extreme. It's high intensity, high energy, hip hop, reggae, booty shaking dance cardio. With party lights and music, instructors Shaquita and Michelle bring the hottest, newest songs to make a workout that feels more like hitting the club than being at the gym. Boom classes are not listed on the site they are:

Tuesday evening at 6:15pm

Wednesday morning at 11:00am

Friday at 5:00pm . Awesomeness!




7:15 I wasn't sure I bought this until I listened to audio clips. Let's do a little experiment:

Can we hear the difference between hot and cold? Turns out, yes we can. Hear for yourself …

It really pisses me off that they don't give you the answers on the Soundcloud page. But this is so interesting. I can totally hear the hot and cold...I think!? This is a recording of water being poured into a glass. Is it hot or cold?

The study:

Condiment Junkie and Oxford University have completed a research study proving we can all tell the difference between hot & cold liquid, just by the sound. Having defined the sonic properties that communicate hot & cold, we can design sound and environments that enhance temperature perception.

Condiment Junkie is a marketing company that focuses on triggering all of your senses in order to sell you stuff. (pretty sneaky guys). Go to their site:


8:15 I'm on Twitter but I don't use it regularly enough for it to affect my relationships. If you're a constant tweeter, check this out:


Twitter use can have damaging effects on romantic relationships. A new study from the University of Missouri has found that people who actively use Twitter and argue with their partners over Twitter-use are more likely to have relationship problems, which can result in cheating, break-up or divorce. A related Pew Research study has found that 27% of couples say the Internet has had an impact on their relationships, but the majority say the impact has been positive. Only 20% of couples think the impact has been negative. (Seems some view technology as a source of tension, others as a source of connection.)

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Bridezillas, U R 92% Crap, Camel Fun facts, Multi-tasking

6:15 Why you're not invited to my wedding.

I don't want to call this woman a bridezilla or nothin but...

What happened to civility huh? Read what this woman posted on Facebook in ADVANCE of sending out her wedding invitations.=====>

I think sharing it on facebook showed her lack of class personally. What happened to the days when you just didn't get invited to someone's wedding and you sucked it up and that was that?


I think her points are well taken but I don't think she needed to put it on Facebook. It just says to me that we've gone too far in putting all of our business out there. Ugh.


6:45 WOW, YOU’RE 92% CRAP:
Only 8.2% of human DNA does something important and the rest is just ‘
junk’, according to new research. Scientists at Oxford University in the UK have found that genes make up just over 1% of our useful genetic material. The remaining 7% of important material is littered with switches that control these genes. The rest is junk DNA – an evolutionary hangover that, much like the appendix, doesn’t do any good but also doesn’t do any harm. Much of it is doing nothing at all, according to the landmark study. This is a major overhaul to thinking on the subject. It was previously estimated that 80% of our DNA was ‘functional’. (Now, about your brain …)
– “PLOS Genetic”

7:15 What day is it? Since it's Hump day, I thought I'd provide you with all these wacky Camel Fun Facts!!!  It all started with the commercial on the left. Ha! There are tons more at:


  • North America did once have its own homegrown camels! The camelops is an extinct type of camel that roamed the continent until about 10,000 years ago. Even more surprising to many people, as explained on the US National Parks Service website, "Camels originated in North America about 50 million years ago and their presence in the Old World is a recent event, geologically speaking."


  • A camel pregnancy can last between 12 and 14 months, depending on the season and the availability of food.

  • Camels can close their nostrils to keep out sand. They also have two sets of eyelashes to protect their eyes — one shorter (those set nearest to the eyes) and one longer.

  • Camels have big, flat footpads, which allow them to walk on the sand without sinking.

  • Camels are fast! They can run up to 64 kilometers (40 miles) per hour. But they are anything but graceful. They have an uncommon stride, resulting from walking by using the legs on the same side of their body at the same time (giraffes walk like this, too), which creates a swaying motion that can make riders feel seasick. Maybe it's no wonder they have the nickname "ships of the desert."


7:45 Danielle is giving away tickets to The Capitol Theatre's 6th Annual Pop A Cork for the Capitol event this Saturday August 16, 12pm-7pm. Find out more here and good luck winning tickets from Danielle!


8:15- I know “screen stack” when I watch the TV show Scandal. Who knew there was a term for it?

If you’re the kind of person who can sit through an entire TV show without sending an email, tweeting, skimming your Instagram feed, swiping through some Tinder profiles, or browsing Amazon, congratulations! You have a better than average attention span … and that makes you a little unusual. It seems that using a 2nd screen while watching TV is the new normal. A new survey finds that 48% of people worldwide are now into ‘screen-stacking’ – using a smartphone, laptop, or tablet while watching TV. It’s particularly common in Asian countries, with Japan leading the world in the practice. Fully 79% of Japanese adults report multi-device TV viewing. (How bad is TV getting when we also need other screens to keep us from getting bored?)



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R.I.P. Robin Williams, 11 mundane things more dangerous than sharks (since it's

6:15- Yesterday the entertainment world lost a huge shining star. Robin Williams passed away. Unofficially, by his own hand. This makes me very sad. Not only for the loss to the entertainment world but also because it means the loss of a very serious disease—Depression.


It was widely known that Robin Williams battled alcohol and drug issues over the years. Apparently, some of the old ghosts had come back to haunt him. He was certainly very talented and left a huge body of work for us to enjoy.


About a year ago I saw an article in the Parade magazine about a new TV show Robin Williams was going to be starring in. After reading the article, I couldn't help but feel slightly sad. I guess I never realized some of the things he was talking about. The emotional and financial costs of his divorce, his relapses and what it's like to be an aging actor in Hollywood. Here's a link to the article. Online there are a few video clips of him during the photo shoot where he's cutting up for the camera. And you can hear him being reflective, in his own words.


This story has a video of some of his best movies:



This is how good of a guy he was...he vowed to care for Christopher Reeve's family because they'd made a pledge to do so for each other.


R.I.P Robin, hopefully your soul is at peace now. Thank you for giving so much to so many for so long. We do appreciate it.

7:15---Yikes!!!! It's Shark Week on Discovery Channel. This the 20 year or something like that.!/mon

So this week, people have sharks on the brain (what with the success of Sharknado) are 11 Mundane objects that are more dangerous than sharks.  You'd be surprised. I won't give you the full list but a few are interesting. Read the whole list here.

2. Balloons Not the hot air version, the latex kids' party kind. Every year they kill between 2 and 5 people in just the United States [PDF].

4. Televisions-Shark Week is here, but you might wanna download it: In 2011, 29 people were killed by falling TV sets [PDF].

6. Vending Machines

8. Staircases- Falling down these leads to 1600 annual fatalities. So make sure you’re using those handrails. 

10. Cell Phones--Don’t text and drive. Ever. Go here to find out why.


8:15- So...if you are a baseball team and you have flaky fans who don't show up, you can always do this...

A struggling Korean baseball team has come up with a novel way to improve the atmosphere at home games … a crowd of robot fans. The Hanwha Eagles have adopted ‘bots that cheer, chant, and even perform ‘the wave’. The creators hope the robots can also spur enthusiasm from real fans. The robots have remote applications as well: Supporters not able to get to the stadium can control one online. Users can even upload their own face to the robot so it can be seen at the stadium. It’s thought the ‘bots might also be useful to more successful teams that are perpetually sold out. They could charge disappointed fans unable to land tickets a small fee to participate via robot. (“Pride, passion, proxies!”) It's happening. Here's a video I found on Wall Street Journal's Marketwatch Blog. Wow.


1. Top Music Stars Mourn Robin Williams

The tragic death of comedy icon Robin Williams hit the Hollywood community hard, but top musicians also took to Twitter to mourn the funnyman, who was found dead of an apparent suicide in his home Monday afternoon.  Two of those who shared their grief had just worked with Williams recently: Josh Groban and Kelly Clarkson.


Both singers guest-starred on Williams' CBS sitcom The Crazy Ones, which was recently canceled after one season.  Kelly appeared as herself in the show's pilot, while Josh appeared on the show twice, both times playing Danny Chase, a commercial jingle writer.  "Stunned. Devastated," tweetedJosh. "I treasure my time with him. Robin was and will always be an original and a brilliant kind soul."

Kelly, meanwhile, tweeted, "Devastating finding out about @robinwilliams today. He was an amazing talent and incredibly sweet. So sad."

Another American Idol alum, Chris Daughtry,  tweeted, "A great talent lost. Very sad news. #robinwilliams was one of the most versatile comedians of our time."

Taylor Swift attended the New York City premiere of her new movie The Giver Monday night, but still took the time to tweet, "Heartbroken for Robin Williams and his family." 

OneRepublic, who were also at The Giver premiere when the news broke, tweeted, "Dear GOD. Robin Williams just died. We are so heartbroken we're emotional. No one like him on earth. He is our comedy hero. RIP Robin."  They added, "No one has ever made us laugh harder. We are grateful to have gotten to witness your genius and talent our whole lives."

Pink was very affected by Williams' death, tweeting, "My prayers+sad heart are with Robin Williams' family tonight. Only met him once, but it was one of the most enjoyable moments of my life RIP.  He gave so many of us so much joy. I hope he knew that deeply."

Cher tweeted that she'd known Williams for a long time, and posted a long series of tweets about him. "He was Sweet LOVELY, Man. He ran high voltage, Mind Always Going, It was who he was," she wrote, adding, "Artists (Especially ) R Hard Wired Delicately.I Liken it to a FAULTY EMOTIONAL THERMOSTAT. U Can Set it, But It Goes TOO HIGH THEN TOO LOW."

Attempting to explain Williams' depression, Cher continued, "There is a Great Chasm between on Stage, Film, Fame & Life! One is SUCH Heightened Reality & After Heights there can be Great Depths!"

Here's a look at what some other artists had to say:

Katy Perry: "So sad about Robin Williams..."

* Rihanna: "Heartbreaking news about the late Robin Williams. May his soul now be at peace!"

*John Mayer: "How awesome a contribution Robin Williams made to the world, that millions of people (and I) are now feeling real, deep human loss. So sad."

*Sam Smith: "Rest in peace. Thank you so much for all the laughter and happiness you brought so many people. Forever remembered."

*Miley Cyrus: "I can't take the Robin Williams news. I've never cried over someone I've never met but I can't stop."

*Avril Lavigne: "RIP Robin Williams so sad :(  you touched so many with your talent."


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Smile--but don't fake it, Pheremone perfume works!, Group Dinner Drama, Wait? Yo

6:15 It's Monday Smile...but don't fake it. That won't make you any happier according to researchers.


What Are You Smiling At?


The old saying “Smile and the world smiles with you” may have some kernel of truth to it but it doesn’t tell the whole story.

University of Hong Kong researchers say there’s nothing wrong with smiling when one feels genuinely happy. However, smiling all the time even through hardships might not be the best strategy.

Marketing professor
Anirban Mukhopadhyay and his team conducted a series of experiments to test this theory, which included asking participants how often they smile and whether people forced themselves to smile. Researchers also asked participants about their own level of life satisfaction.

The results show that those who smile frequently because they're actually happy felt much better than people who did not ordinarily smile often but forced themselves to do so anyway.

Mukhopadhyay says the bottom line is that it may be best for certain people not to smile until they resolve whatever it is that’s bothering them, otherwise it could “make them feel worse, because they may interpret smiling as trying to become happy.”


6:45 Remember back in the 80's and 90's when they came out with perfume with “pheremones” in it? I always thought it was hogwash. Well...I guess I was wrong.


Scientists at San Francisco State University have found that women who wear perfume with synthesized female pheromone in it are more attractive to male partners. Pheromones are the natural chemical substances we secrete to elicit a specific behavior or response from others. In test studies, women who had pheromone added to their perfume reported a more than 50% increase in attention from men. They were involved in more kissing, heavy petting, affection, and, not surprisingly, sex. (Soon all marriages will be saved by … perfume?)
– “Physiology & Behavior”.


7:15 This past weekend, I spent some time with some of my best girlfriends. We decided to get together and have some dinner and drinks on Saturday night. While I love them, we always laugh about not being able to hear each other and how difficult it is to plan anything with the 6 of us. We are just unorganized. It's pretty often that the term “herding cats” comes up. Yep! That's us!
Here are
8 Reasons Why A Group Dinner Is The Most Dreaded Event On A Girl’s Social Calendar (many of these apply to me and my group of friends!)  Check it out here.



8:15 We play the song Classic by MKTO. It's a catchy tune. When I was reading about the song and the group the other day, I found out an interesting tidbit. One of the guys in the group is the same guy that played the kid “Walt” on Lost. Remember the first few seasons, they had the kid and his dad? When the kid started getting too big, they made him disappear into thin air...or he got swallowed up by that imaginary smoke monster thing (had to be a Lost fan to understand what I'm talking about). Anyway, the kid is all grown up and singin and rapping in this group. Cool!

Here's the video for Classic. 

However, this is what I remember from Lost...his dad always looking for him and shouting his name and stuff. Ha.



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Back to school trouble for one teacher, Sundae in a can?, Seinfeld in 2014, We

6:15 Uh oh. Someone is having problems...A teacher friend of mine sent this to me. 

Teacher Shows Up To First Day Of Work Drunk And Without Pants

An Oklahoma schoolteacher reportedly showed up for her first day at work drunk and pantless. As reported by the Tusla World, Lorie Ann Hill came to work earlier this week intoxicated then removed her pants. Oklahoma police were notified by school officials who found Hill "in a room kind of disoriented." By the time the police arrived at Wagoner High School, the teacher was in the principal's office, wearing shorts that school officials gave her. Apparently, after being questioned by the police, Hill admitted that she had been drinking vodka. 


  • Fox23 reported that two Wagner High School teachers found her in a classroom -- which she claimed was her own. The police reportedly found an empty cup in her car, however no DUI charges were filed against Hill because there are no "credible witnesses" that saw her drink and then drive. Hill was released from jail on Monday August 4th. (Newser)

We Gotta Ask

  • Seeing cases like this where your child's safety is being put at risk, would you prefer for your child to attend public school, private school or to be home schooled?

  • What repercussions do you think Hill should face after this stunt?

  • Is suspension from work sufficient? Is this a big deal since she wasn't found by students nor was she teaching a class?



6:45 Dominique Ansel's Latest Invention Is A Sundae In A Can: Cronut creator Dominique Ansel is at it again, this time with a new dessert you never thought you wanted: an ice cream sundae in a can. As a collaboration with fashion designer Lisa Perry, Ansel came up with the “Pop It! Ice Cream Sundae in a Can" which features root-beer and stracciatella ice creams, mascarpone semifreddo, macerated cherries, honey marshmallows and miniature cherry meringues. The aforementioned sweets are stuffed into a chocolate-lined soup can and frozen. The dessert in a can goes for $15. However, true to his habit of creating treats in limited quantities, the Pop It! cans were only available for one day, this past Saturday (August 2nd). (New York Post) Booo!


7:15  Remember Seinfeld? It's hard to believe that TV show that has been off the air for 16 years  but remains in our pop culture. There are so many references like:

  • No soup for you!

  • Airing of the Grievances

  • Regifting

  • Festivus

  • Yadda Yadda Yadda


SO what if Seinfeld were still on the air today, there's a great blog that has Seinfeld episodes but with a twist of 2014. Check it out here.


8:15 WE REALLY LIKE TO DRINK BEER _ Bourbon may be booming and more wineries are cropping up all over the nation, yet Americans still prefer a cold brew over a glass of wine or whiskey. According to Gallup, 41% of U.S. drinkers say they typically drink beer, compared with 31% who generally prefer wine and 23% who reach for liquor. It's the biggest gap between beer and wine in six years.


8:45 Friday Toy Memory: Kool-Aid! I just loved the delicious artificially flavored beverages of my childhood. I remember watching my mom open the packet into the pitcher, the 2 cups of sugar she added, and the fact that I could polish off the entire pitcher in an afternoon. The adverising of the smiling pitcher crashing through walls worked on me. In fact, here's one example. Ha! 

Also, here's Dane Cook with a funny sketch about those commercials. So Funny. There's a little language in it but it's bleeped.

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Deep Thoughts Thursday, Beyonce'logues, When is the best time to buy a car, Brea

6:15 I was doing “Deep Thoughts Thursday”. I posed the question, If you could accomplish anything in the next 12 months, what would it be?

For me it would be to clean up my house!!!!!. Seriously, I'd park a dumpster

up to the back door and start chucking stuff in it. That would make me feel a lot less stressed. Right now I never seem to have enough time or energy to do it, knowing I'd have a year.


I took an informal poll and here are some interesting answers I got...

-work on my social anxiety

-getting fit and healthy

-get into med school

-move away and never come back

-Find a better job so I can support my family (wow)

If you had one year to accomplish one goal and had no barriers, what would it be?

6:45 This lady is awesome! “Single Ladies” was a smash hit for Beyoncé when it was released in 2008. Now actress Nina Millin has covered the song and turned it into a dark spoken-word monologue as the latest in her “Beyoncélogues” series on YouTube. Millin brings a new level of spite and humor to Beyoncé’s lyrics, which she describes as ‘Shakespearean’.

This is Single Ladies:

This is Irreplacable-

When is the best time to buy a car? Experts opinions differ but either August, the end of the year, the end of the month, or end of the quarter...or in the middle of the week. Oy Vey! I don't know!!!!! Read this and see if you can make heads or tales of it.

8:15 So my friend “Charlie” asked her hairdresser to give her a trim because she wanted to let her hair grow out. Unfortunately, at the end of that hairdressing session she was left with a mullet and very upset. After two misunderstandings with her hairdresser, she decided it was time to break up with him. Here are some helpful (if not conflicting) tips on how to break up with your hairdresser. Nothing is more awkward than that!

In fact, breaking up with your hairdresser can be as dramatic—or traumatic—as breaking up with a boyfriend. “When we’re sitting in that chair, it seems more than business,”

Five Tips For Breaking Up With Your Hair Dresser

 1. First, give him a chance to redeem himself. It’s good explain your frustrations with your hairdresser and let him try to remedy the issues before breaking it off with him entirely. “I think it is really important to say—delicately—what you really want to say,” says Lizzie Post, co-author of Emily Post’s Etiquette, 18th edition.

2. If you absolutely must end things, be direct about it. “Don’t lie. It shows disrespect and makes them feel worse,” says etiquette expert Patricia Napier-Fitzpatrick. “Just say, ‘I really enjoyed working with you, but I think it’s time to make a change.’” Adds Post, “Honestly really is the best policy. You shouldn’t feel ashamed.”

3. It’s also okay not to tell your hairdresser that you’re leaving them. “You’re a customer, you choose how to spend your money,” says Post. “And you’re not the first person to move on.”

4. If you do want to fess up, act thankful for their past work. Sending flowers or a thank-you note in addition to telling your stylist face to face is a welcome gesture. It’ll make them feel like their work was valued.

5. Always be nice! Because you never know when you might run into your hairdresser again. “Wherever you are, it’s a small, small world,” says Napier-Fitzpatrick. Not to mention the fact that you might well be heading back to them in the future. “People often end up going back.” 


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What would you do? Getting Married on the cheap?, Legos gets girls into Science.

6:15 Remember this awful PSA?

Well, the other day I experience it firsthand. I was sitting in a parking lot and a guy left his dog in the car for about 15 minutes while he went into the car. The problem was that it was about 4:30 in the afternoon and 85 degrees outside. He left only about an inch crack in ONE car window when he went into the store. The dog looked fine but after a while, I did notice him panting. I was so mad. The guy came out with only one thing in his hand and drove off. I was asking our listeners what I should do:

A) should I have confronted him?

B) nothing?

C) call the humane society?


Most people opted for a combo of A) and B). I feel bad that I didn't do anything but mostly I'm glad that the dog was okay. It bugged me. I can't believe  that the dog owner didn't seem to notice or care that this was the wrong thing to do!


6:45 Getting married ? On a budget? SAY YES TO THE (USED) DRESS:

Budget-conscious brides now have another option for ‘something borrowed’ … their wedding dress. Online bridal boutique Borrowing Magnolia lets financially savvy brides-to-be try on secondhand gowns they can then rent or buy. The site is aimed at the modern bride who is trying to cut costs and forgo some of the traditional wedding bells and whistles. Shoppers can look through used dresses to buy or borrow and select 3 to try on for $99. The gowns are then sent out to the brides-to-be, who have 5 days to check them out. Sites such as Nearly Newlywed and Rent the Runway offer similar services. (What happened to your wedding gown after the big day?)

7:15 Aw yeah, get those Legos out and let's inspire the girls to become Scientists! See, this 7 year old little girl wrote to Lego company back in January, and asked them to make toys for girls that were less boring and girly? I wonder if the new toys were inspired in party by her letter? It may have been the reason for the company coming up with the new line of science themed toys!


Here's her letter. I love that she let them have it!




8:15 You often hear of tractor trailers overturning and spilling all kinds of food products all over the road. For instance, recently butter clogged a major traffic artery (haha). Read more below:


Too much butter can be dangerous -- but proof came Friday not from a cardiologist, but from the Indiana State Police after a truck carrying the delicious stuff crashed on Interstate 465.

WISH-TV reports 45 thousand pounds of butter and whipped cream sloshed all over the pavement when the tractor trailer truck crashed along the highway around 3:30 in the morning after the driver reportedly nodded off behind the wheel. The cargo turned much of the roadway into a slick mess that took hours to clear.

It is not yet clear if 25-year-old driver Charles Pryor III will be charged.

Now I read this and felt a little better about road spills....

Do you ever wonder what happens to some of the food that gets spilled on the roads when a tractor trailer gets in an accident? The elephants, giraffes and bears at California's Oakland Zoo got to nosh on African jackfruit and bananas this week thanks to an overturned big rig that dumped 60,000 pounds of fruit. About 35,000 pounds fed humans at a food bank, and another 15,000 pounds fed the animals.


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America's Better Sandwich w/Chef Fabio, Stuff you didn't know about cats,This is

6:15 America's Better Sandwich—spokesperson for the contest is former Top Chef Contestant –Chef Fabio Viviani. He's going to tell us how making the perfect sandwich could help us win big!...$25,000 in the Arnold Bread America's Better Sandwich Contest! There are 4 categories:

  1. 1. Fueling Good

  2. 2. Stealthily Simple (maximum of 5 ingredients)

  3. Meatless Marvel

  4. Creative Classic

Go here to get rules, details and enter the contest:

Chef Fabio was just delightful, take a listen to our interview here:

6:45 I was looking at a picture of these two cats that I cat-sit sometimes. I love them. It had me pondering some of the behavior of cats. Enter Mental Floss's : AMAZING FACTS ABOUT FELINES:

Cats aren’t interested in sweet stuff because of an inherited defect in a gene that controls their sweet taste receptor.

• Even healthy cats can exhibit symptoms of illness (missing the litter box, vomiting, decreased appetite, etc) if there’s a change in their normal routine.

One reason cats paw the water in the water bowl is thought to be that it creates ripples, which makes it more interesting.

7:15 Ever wonder why you are tired All.The.Time? It's not just about sleep. Read the 14 reasons here. I'm guilty of many of these. (here's the full article here: )


Lack of sleep isn’t the only thing sapping your energy. Little things you do (and don’t do) can exhaust you both mentally and physically, which can make getting through your day a chore. Here, experts reveal common bad habits that can make you feel tired, plus simple lifestyle tweaks that will put the pep back in your step.

1.You skip exercise when you’re tired

Skipping your workout to save energy actually works against you. In a University of Georgia study.

2. You don’t drink enough water

Being even slightly dehydrated—as little as 2% of normal fluid loss—takes a toll on energy levels, says Amy Goodson, RD, a dietitian for Texas Health Ben Hogan Sports Medicine.

3.You’re not consuming enough iron

An iron deficiency can leave you feeling sluggish, irritable, weak, and unable to focus.

4. You’re a perfectionist

Striving to be perfect—which, let’s face it, is impossible—makes you work much harder and longer than necessary, says Irene S. Levine, PhD, professor of psychiatry at the New York University School of Medicine.

5. You make mountains out of molehills

If you assume that you’re about to get fired when your boss calls you into an unexpected meeting, or you’re too afraid to ride your bike because you worry you’ll get into an accident, then you’re guilty of “catastrophizing,” or expecting that the worst-case scenario will always occur.

6. You skip breakfast

The food you eat fuels your body, and when you sleep, your body continues using what you consumed at dinner the night before to keep your blood pumping and oxygen flowing.

7. You live on junk food

8. You have trouble saying ‘no’

People-pleasing often comes at the expense of your own energy and happiness. To make matters worse, it can make you resentful and angry over time.

9. You have a messy office

A cluttered desk mentally exhausts you by restricting your ability to focus and limits your brain’s ability to process information, according to a Princeton University study.

10. You work through vacation

Checking your email when you should be relaxing by the pool puts you at risk of burnout, says Lombardo.

11. You have a glass of wine (or two) before bed

A nightcap sounds like a good way to unwind before falling asleep, but it can easily backfire. Alcohol initially depresses the central nervous system, producing a sedative effect, says Allen Towfigh, MD, medical director of New York Neurology & Sleep Medicine, P.C., in New York City. “But it ultimately sabotages sleep maintenance.”

12. You check e-mails at bedtime

The glaring light of a tablet, smartphone, or your computer’s backlit screen can throw off your body’s natural circadian rhythm by suppressing melatonin, a hormone that helps regulate sleep and wake cycles, says Dr. Towfigh.

13. You rely on caffeine to get through the day

Starting your morning with a java jolt is no big deal—in fact, studies show that up to three daily cups of coffee is good for you—but using caffeine improperly can seriously disrupt your sleep-wake cycle.

14. You stay up late on weekends

Burning the midnight oil on Saturday night and then sleeping in Sunday morning leads to difficulty falling asleep Sunday night—and a sleep-deprived Monday morning.

This article originally appeared on


8:15 Why you should start Christmas Shopping right now:

...from someone who got out of $50K of debt.


Talk about Christmas in July. Carrie Rocha has already started her holiday shopping. “A few weeks back I picked up a $60 toy for $4, and, truth be told, I picked up a whole lot more than that,” she wrote in an email. “I spent about $80 total and got $350+ in toys.”


If you think the holidays start too early as it is, you may find her approach a bit overboard. But several years ago, Rocha and her husband dug out of debt, paying off some $50,000 in consumer debt, a process she detailed in her book and website One of their strategies, she says, was to “stop pretending the holidays don’t come every year.”

Whether you want to think about it or not, the fact is the holidays will be here before you know it. So unless you have plenty of money to throw around or plan to forgo festivities altogether, now is the time to start planning for a debt-free and less stressful holiday.

Check out their site. Good stuff (I mean, who couldn't stand to save a buck or two right?)

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Remember that song better as a couple, What your pizza says about you, Ridiculou

Today, I felt crummy. You could kinda hear it in my voice. I sounded gravely and was slow on the uptake. I have had allergies my whole life. They've  gotten to the point that they are infrequent so I don't take prescription meds but when they hit me (like they hit other people), it sucks!!!! Sorry the slacking today. As I type this, I'm  planning my early escape cause I feel so crummy. Ugh.


6:15 Sure, I Know That Song...What's It Called?

Like Al Bundy trying to remember the name of his favorite song from high school in a famous episode from Married with Children, we've all been stuck trying to recall the title of a tune or movie.

Nowadays, you can always Google the answer but an even better method is simply asking you spouse or some other loved one.

According to a study published in the journal Memory Studies, working together on trying to remember something either important or trivial is generally more effective than doing it on your own.

For instance, couples got to the answer faster when they tried to remember the name of a musical they saw. The same was true when it came to remembering detailed descriptions of certain events they shared.

The researchers did note that when couples tried to recall words from studied lists, they did as well independently as they did together.

Also, I tried to find documentation for more info about this story but only found myself spiraling into the depths of some journal about Memory. You can look here but, you may be a little overwhelmed like I was.


6:45 WHAT YOUR PIZZA SAYS ABOUT YOU: 0(According to stats from Domino’s Pizza...that I could not find outright so I found this blog with pizza stats on it. I spiraled, I admit)

● Men wearing muscle shirts when answering the door order pepperoni 3 times more often than any other topping.

● People who have pierced noses, lips, or eyebrows ask for a vegetarian topping 23% more often than a meat topping.
(I fall into this category but not always with these toppings)

● Those who have wind chimes on the porch are 4 times more likely than average to want olives.


7:15 I'm going to take my teeth out, sit down and start complaining about how easy the kids have it these days! Do you know what college courses they are allowed to take? I'm old.

Looking for a ‘bird course’ to take this Fall at a higher learning institution? Check out these …
• Staffordshire University, Stoke-on-Trent UK … ‘David Beckham Studies’.

• Columbia College, Chicago IL … ‘Zombies in Popular Media’.

• Georgetown University, Washington DC … ‘Philosophy of Star Trek’.

• University of Durham, Durham UK … ‘Harry Potter & The Age of Illusion’.

• Queen’s University, Belfast, Northern Ireland … ‘Feel the Force: How to Train In the Jedi Way’.

• University of California, Berkeley CA … ‘Arguing With Judge Judy’.

• University of Texas, Austin TX … ‘Invented Languages: Klingon and Beyond’.

• University of Virginia, Charlottesville VA … ‘Gaga for Gaga: Sex, Gender and Identity’ or there’s a 4-week seminar series on “Game of Thrones”.

• Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs NY … ‘The Sociology Of Miley Cyrus: Race, Class, Gender, and Media’.

• Rutgers University, New Brunswick NJ … ‘Politicizing Beyoncé’.

• Liverpool Hope University, Liverpool UK … ‘The Beatles, Popular Music and Society’.

• Whitman College, Walla Walla WA … ‘Mad Men: Media, Gender, Historiography’.

8:15 I got a good idea, if Facebook goes out, don't call the police! Just sayin.

Brief Facebook Outage Prompts Calls to 911

If you can't log into social media for whatever reason, go out and get some fresh air. Read a book. Make actual eye contact with actual friends. Just don't call the cops: that's the message from Los Angeles Police Department Sergeant Burton Brink, who said a 30 minute Facebook system outage led users to dial 911. 

Via his Twitter feed, an exasperated Sgt. Brink said Friday, "Facebook is not a Law Enforcement issue, please do not call us about it being down, we do not know when FB will be back up!"

The outage that affected millions of the social media giant's users was quickly resolved. The panicked users' major malfunctions, however, apparently have yet to be. 




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Consumer Complaints List, Humble Bosses are best bosses, Serve yourself beer ,F

6:15 Complaints, Complaints and More Consumer Complaints

Complaints about pesky telemarketers continue to tick off consumers, making it the fastest-growing gripe of 2013, according to consumer protection offices around the country.

The “To
p 10 Consumer Complaints” list, annually compiled by the Consumer Federation of America and the North American Consumer Protection Investigators, reveals consumers are fed up with everything from being sold a lemon of a used car to dealing with cable bills to out-and-out fraud.

The top grievance belongs to complaints about cars, specifically misrepresentations dealing with buying a new or used one. Bad repairs and leasing and towing disputes are also included.

According to the survey, complaints about telemarketing abuses swelled in 2013, specifically regarding violations of the federal law known as the TCPA, or Telephone Consumer Protection Act. 

Here's the full consumer complaint list for 2013:

1. Auto: Misrepresentations in advertising or sales of new and used cars, lemons, faulty repairs, leasing and towing disputes
2. Home Improvement/Construction: Shoddy work, failure to start or complete the job
3. Credit/Debt: Billing and fee disputes, mortgage modifications and mortgage-related fraud, credit repair, debt relief services, predatory lending, illegal or abusive debt collection tactics
4. Retail Sales: False advertising and other deceptive practices, defective merchandise, problems with rebates, coupons, gift cards and gift certificates, failure to deliver
5. Services: Misrepresentations, shoddy work, failure to have required licenses, failure to perform
6. Utilities: Service problems or billing disputes with phone, cable, satellite, Internet, electric and gas service
7. Landlord/Tenant: Unhealthy or unsafe conditions, failure to make repairs or provide promised amenities, deposit and rent disputes, illegal eviction tactics

8. (tie) Home Solicitations: Misrepresentations or failure to deliver in door-to-door, telemarketing or mail solicitations, do-not-call violations (this is the one that I agree with most!!!!!)
8. (tie) Internet Sales: misrepresentations or other deceptive practices, 9. Health Products/Services: Misleading claims, unlicensed practitioners, failure to deliver

10. Fraud: Bogus sweepstakes and lotteries, work-at-home schemes, grant offers, fake check scams, imposter scams and other common frauds


6:45 Humble Bosses Viewed as the Best Bosses that grumble or get ready for a rumble aren’t as effective as those who are humble.

So says a study from the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University in conjunction with researchers from the U.S, China and Singapore. 

To conduct the study, they interviewed more than 60 CEOs from private companies in China and 1,000 of their managers. The overwhelming response was that bosses who act with humility as well as appreciating and empowering their workers make the best bosses. 

Angelo Kinicki at Arizona State University says that leaders who are controlling and driven by self-interest are typically perceived as the most effective bosses but the study finds otherwise.

Kinicki contends that the humble leaders have unique strengths that trickle down to others and they will freely acknowledge their weaknesses in order to become better bosses.

7:15 The other day, I'm in the grocery store and what comes on? New Edition “If It isn't Love” from 1988. If you need a refresher, here's the song:

I found myself lingering in the produce aisle-nearly breaking into a choreographed dance. Well, that was exactly what the store wanted me to do. See, what I've since learned is that ...

Nostalgia Turns People into Bigger Spenders

Nostalgia is a powerful emotion. So powerful that it can make us spend more money than if we didn’t feel sentimental.

Researchers from the U.S., Britain and France wanted to learn just why we are suddenly more apt to part with money when we feel nostalgic, so they conducted a number of experiments to prove their thesis.

In one case, they found that consumers who were told to think about pleasant events from the past seem to have no problem paying extra for the same set of products than others who did not dredge up old memories.

Pertaining to charities, those who wrote about a previous experience from the past were later inclined to give more money to others than the control group.

The researchers contend this information is especially valuable to corporations looking to boost promotions and products lines, as well as charities that are interested in filling their coffers.

Meanwhile, the use of nostalgia might also come in handy during periods of recession when people are less inclined to spend, the researchers surmised.

Likewise, I think they use music you remember from 80's or 90's say, to get you to sing along.

SO the next time you're in a store and you hear those songs from your teenage/young adult years, it's all on purpose. Also, Studies have shown that slow music makes people take their time and spend more money. Loud music makes them move through the store quickly without affecting sales. And classical music leads people to buy more expensive merchandise. Read more:


8:15 Let's get self serve draft beer machines here! New self-service ‘DraftServ’ machines at the Minnesota Twins’ ballpark let fans draw as much beer as they want … at 38-to-40¢ an ounce.


8:45- Friday Toy Memory: Remember this? Going to the carnival or fair and playing Whac-a-Mole? Yeah buddy! I remember being a cute spindly arm child who went up to the booth over and over and over again trying to lift the huge mallet that was the size of my head. I didn't ever get enough points to win, BUT, the guy running the booth felt sorry for me and gave me a little pink bunny. #cutenesspoints!

I wasn't like this guy!


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