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Why sleep with a fan on?, Purple Purple everywhere, What to do with leftover bee

6:15 Do you need white noise like a fan or something else to sleep comfortably? Why or why not? I've discovered that is was a thing. A guy I use to date always needed to have the fan on and it was rough for me because I'd always need to pull the blankets on me because I was cold, while he slept like a baby. I mentioned sleeping with a fan to my neighbor, and she says she needs to do it. What's that about?

A lot of people sleep with a fan for white noise. I decided to look it up and this is what people had to say on:


and Reddit:

6:45 I guess Ravens Fans would like this. It's an Emporium for Purple People. Ha!
Where can you go to find a purple tea kettle? A purple couch? Purple camouflage underwear? Well you go to The Purple Store, of course! Adam Sheridan opened Purple Store in Seattle WA and online because people who prefer purple had trouble finding purple things and were excited when they did. Rather than unusual stuff, Purple Store customers seem to want ordinary everyday items, only in purple. And business is good. The store survived the recession and Sheridan says that, with more fans discovering Purple Store everyday, there are now plans to add more products and locations. (Where else would you find a plush purple panda bear?)
You can see the online store here: . I first read this story on


7:15 The weekend is over, you may have some leftover beer. Other than drinking it, what can you do? Here are some great ideas courtesy of Rodale News and Samuel Adams beer. (They should know...) /r/c/r?2.1.3MK.2oN.1CWbwI.i%2ajw%2ai..H.KXRw.6es%5f.bW89MQ%5f%5fDQVGFUJ0

8:15- Pole dancing for kids? I find this questionable at best. Despite the fact it looks like good exercise, I think since pole dancing has a connotation of strippers, it's hard to justify letting little girls do it. Sorry, this one is an epic fail in my book! Here's what I read:

Little girls often take up cheerleading, dance and gymnastics, but would you let your six-year-old take pole dancing classes? A studio in the UK is under fire for offering pole dancing classes to girls under the age of 13.  The website for the LaKita Dance Academy boasts that one of their 12-year-old students placed third in last year's world pole dancing championship and shows the video of a 6-year-old performing in competition to the song "Pound the Alam" by Nicki Minaj.  Critics worry that young girls performing sexualized dances in skimpy outfits with full-makeup will be left open for exploitation. But Lauren Kenealy , who runs the classes, told The Sun: 'It is just like gymnastics but using a different piece of apparatus. It's got nothing to do with being sexual.'

Here is a look at a competition featuring a 6 year old. What are your thoughts? You can e-mail me at  I'm still thinking Um...NO!


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What is your song of summer?, Girls Love Shoes duh., Mosquito facts, I'm like le

6:15 What defines your song of summer? Hans (remember my co-host?) sent me this from USA Today. It was fun. After taking the quiz twice, my song of summer turned out to be:


You are 32% Summer Nights (from Grease)

If humidity levels are off the charts this summer, we’re blaming you and your steamy thoughts! Whether you’ll admit it or not, your priority is to find love — even if it’s over before Labor Day.



If you want to take it for yourself, go for it!

6:45 Let me just say that we girls love our shoes. I mean reeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllyyyyyyy love our shoes. So much so that when surveyed, experts found this:


A new survey of 1,000 women aged 35-to-44 confirms that women really do love their shoes … perhaps in ways that are a little surprising. A sampling of the findings …
• 20% admit they’re more ‘aroused’ by new shoes than by their significant others.
• 50% admit to judging someone else based on their shoes (half were negative).
• Half of women are willing to lie about what they really paid for their shoes.
• 32% buy 4-to-7 pairs of shoes annually (a total of about 500 pairs in a lifetime).
• 25% won’t quit wearing heels, no matter the pain (even if it means popping a pill for relief).
(Some women are now resorting to surgery in order to wear designer heels.)



7:15 In this time of the year when mosquito bites are the norm, I thought I'd share some interesting stuff about the little pests! I betcha didn't know THESE things about mosquitoes! I've put a few tidbits below but go to the page for all the neat stuff about them.


Mosquito is Spanish for “little fly.” The word reportedly originated in the early 16th century. In Africa, mosquitoes are called “Mozzies”.

  • There are more than 3,500 species of mosquitoes. About 175 of them are found in the United States, with the Anopheles quadrimaculatusCulex pipiens, and Aedes aegypti(Asian tiger mosquito) among the most common. The Anopheles is a malaria carrier, and the other two are known to spread various forms of encephalitis.

  • West Virginia has the fewest species of mosquitoes. There are 26 in the mountainous state, while Texas has the most with 85. Florida is a close second with 80 identified species.

  • Only female mosquitoes bite people. Both male and female feed mainly on fruit and plant nectar, but the female also needs the protein in blood to help her eggs develop. Once she's had her fill of blood, she'll rest a couple of days before laying her eggs.

  • Mosquitoes don't have teeth. The females “bite” with a long, pointed mouthpart called a proboscis. They use the serrated proboscis to pierce the skin and locate a capillary,  then draw blood through one of two tubes.

  • A mosquito can drink up to three times its weight in blood. Don't worry, though. It would take about 1.2 million bites to drain all the blood from your body.

  • Female mosquitoes can lay up to 300 eggs at a time. Usually, the eggs are deposited in clusters – called rafts – on the surface of stagnant water, or they are laid in areas that flood regularly. Eggs can hatch in as little as an inch of standing water. Females will lay eggs up to three times before they die.

  • Mosquitoes spend their first 10 days in water. Water is necessary for the eggs to hatch into larvae, called wigglers. Wigglers feed on organic matter in stagnant water and breathe oxygen from the surface. They develop into pupae, which do not feed and are partially encased in cocoons. Over several days, the pupae change into adult mosquitoes.

  • Mosquitoes hibernate. They are cold-blooded and prefer temperatures over 80 degrees. At temperatures less than 50 degrees, they shut down for the winter. The adult females of some species find holes where they wait for warmer weather, while others lay their eggs in freezing water and die. The eggs keep until the temperatures rise, and they can hatch.

  • The average mosquito lifespan is less than two months. .


Also, this whole thing started because I was looking at the background of the word mosquito from the American Heritage Dictionary.



8:15 SAYING 'LIKE' ALL THE TIME ISN'T ALL BAD _ Those who speak by packing their sentences with words such as "you know," "I mean," and "like" aren't being ditzy -- they're being conscientious. So suggests a new study (in the Journal of Language and Social Psychology) whose authors say that such "filler words" tend to be used by people who are more thoughtful than most. 




8:45 Friday Toy Memory: See and Say. Remember this? This was a sure way to keep me occupied for at least an hour as a kid.  This was a fun one. Check out this old timey commercial.




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Ridiculous things said to Flight Attendants, Get out of work for World Cup, Mode

6:15 Most ridiculous things said to flight attendants: 


1. “Do they pay for your hotel rooms?” I love this one. Can you imagine if the whole crew was staying in different places and the junior people were grabbing a park bench to sleep on, or couch surfing in their uniforms? Yes, the airline pays for hotels and arranges transportation to and from the hotel. Otherwise, every flight would be late while we figured out where so and so was staying. 

2. Where are the lines between the states? You would be surprised how many people think there are actual lines between the states like on a map. 

3. On night flights we will go through the cabin with trays of orange juice and water. Passengers will look at the tray and say: “Which one is the orange juice and which is the water?”

4. “When do I change the time on my watch or will it change itself as we go?” 

5. “I don’t mean to scare you, but something out there has been following us for hours!”  It’s the light on the wing. 

6. We ask, “would you like cream and sugar in your coffee?” and they hesitate like it’s a difficult ‘Jeopardy’ question. 

7. It takes years before you realize you can answer people’s questions with the wrong answer and they never know the difference. When they ask what river they are looking at, I always say Mississippi—no matter where we are in the country. Same thing with the circular irrigation circles you see in farm areas. “What are those circles out there?” Private helicopter landing pads.

8. What country is Hawaii in?

9. We point to where the bathroom is and the passenger just stands there. I’ll point to it again and they will say “it’s vacant.” They have no idea what the word vacant means, I guess we really shouldn’t use such fancy words like vacant. 

10. “Have we landed yet?” 

11. “Do you have a writing pen?” 

12. We no longer have pillows in the economy cabin. A passenger asked me for a pillow and I told him they were discontinued. He asked “were people choking on them?” 

13. “How do I move my seat  forward?”

14. “When did you guys start wearing uniforms?” 

15.  On the customs and immigration form it says: Sex M-F. Passengers will ask if it means how many times they have sex Monday to  Friday!!!


6:45 By the way, if you're looking to watch the US vs Germany World Cup game today. Here's your "get out of work note" courtesy of the coach of the US team. Game time is noon.




A few tips on proper behavior from Amy Alkon, author of “Good Manners for Nice People Who Sometimes Say F*ck” …

• Think twice about throwing a birthday party in a pricey restaurant, unless you’re picking up the entire tab … or all your friends are kazillionaires.

• It’s bad form to break up via text. Once you’ve spent more than a few naked hours with somebody, you can text them to tell them you’re late … but not that you’re never coming back.
• First dates should be cheap, short, and local. Meet for coffee or happy-hour drinks for an hour or two at most. This keeps things from going too fast, and puts a limit to a bad-date nightmare.
• At a business function, introduce yourself with both your first and last name. “Hi, I’m Amanda” sounds like it should be followed by “and I’ll be your cocktail waitress”.
• RSVP. All it takes to keep your host from feeling you don’t give a bent crap about them is 20 seconds of your time to respond right away or mark your calendar to respond in a few days.
• Send thank-you notes. It’s simply good form after a job interview, after a party, anytime someone has gone out of their way for you. You can do it via email, but snail-mail is classier.
• Friends don’t post photos that make friends look like crap. Even if the main focus of a photo is you looking radiant, resist publishing it if it also captures your pal in an awkward moment.




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Pantene's "Sorry NOT Sorry" campaign, Move over Smartphone, now theres smart BLI

6:15- Have you seen Pantene's new ad campaign? I call it "Sorry Not Sorry". Look at it here and tell me what you think. I think they are trying to create confidence in women similar to Dove products. Interesting.


The latest in wearable technology is Ringly, a new cocktail ring that alerts you to messages and notifications from your phone. This bluetooth-enabled bling is from eBay alum Christina Mercando, whose goal was to fit technology into an item that’s actually stylish. An app lets you choose which notifications you want to receive and how you want to receive them. There are 4 different vibration patterns and lights that can be customized to signal specific senders … a flashing red for a message from your significant other, for instance. The idea is to be able to put your phone away, but still get the alerts you think are important. The rings will retail for $195-to-$260. (Isn’t the whole point of stashing your phone to get away from all this stuff?)
– Sourced from


7:15- Embarrassing moments: How have you handled it?

Yesterday was a very busy day. I ran all day and after a pretty good workout, I head to Target after the gym. I was STARVING. This seems like an appropriate time to mention that there is something to that “don't grocery shop when you're hungry thing”. I went to Target to look for a specific product Asian cole slaw which is pretty healthy. Well, they didn't have it stock at that store so I ended up buying pizza, a burrito, and Pringles. Not so healthy. So I'm in the parking lot shoveling Pringles into my face (3 at a time—crumbs down the front of my workout shirt, it was ugly).

So who pulls up right next to me? Someone I'll call "gym guy". He's always in my exercise classes. He's sometimes on my side of the room, sometimes not, sometimes in front of me, sometimes not. He's got a cute butt and I've noticed him before. Anyway, I look over, see him as I'm eating handfuls of pringles, and turn the other way and lean down like I'm going to avoid seeing him. Or like somehow he's not going to see me. So awkward. It'll be fun the next time I see him at the gym. Ha. It's my life, a total sitcom.


8:15- Why? People why?

Grumpy Cat to Star in Lifetime Christmas Movie (June 12, 2014)

Internet star Grumpy Cat is getting her own TV movie, with The Hollywood Reporter saying the frown-faced feline will star in a live-action Christmas movie for the Lifetime cable channel. The movie, called Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever, will have Grumpy Cat as a lonely cat in a mall pet store that nobody wants to take home, until a 12-year-old girl falls in love with her. Hijinks will, of course, ensue. An actor to provide the voice for Grumpy Cat hasn't yet been cast.

8:45- Today is the 5th Anniversary of the passing of Michael Jackson. He was an original. Enjoy this Vintage Michael. Smooth Criminal. Go to 1:30 to get to the music part. I love and miss him!

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Science is helping get rid of annoying problems, Ugliest kinda cute. Su

6:15 Ever wish you could banish that song that gets stuck in your head? It's called an earworm. That and other annoyances of life are covered here. wants to help you get rid of some of life's little annoyances with the help of science. Check it out here:

6:45 Two-Year-Old Rescue Pooch Wins Ugliest Dog Contest (June 23, 2014)

A two-year-old rescue dog named Peanut from North Carolina was named the winner of the World's Ugliest Dog contest in Petaluma, California, on Friday (June 20th). Peanut's owner, Holly Chandler, says the dog was a victim of animal abuse and was injured in a fire, but is healthy now, according to CBS News. Chandler said, "He doesn't have lips anymore. His eyelids are also gone, and so he can't close his eyes, so therefore his eyes water. The tears drain into his nose and so he has nice little snot bubbles because of it. So it's great, that adds to his character." Peanut's breed origins are unknown.  Awww. I'm so glad he's loved.



7:15 It's summertime and we all are spending more time outdoors. Don't forget to slather on the sunscreen. But sunscreen alone won't cut it this summer. Here are some tips on avoiding the damaging rays of the sun.

Skin Protection Pointers

Dr. Wendy Delaney of Cummings, Georgia-based Vickery Pediatrics offers these recommendations to keep your family safe from the sun:

1. Wear a hat and protective clothing. Look for clothes with an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) of 30 or higher.

2. Cover all exposed body areas with sunscreen. Use SPF 30 or higher. Apply 30 minutes before going outside.

3. Reapply sunscreen every two hours after swimming or excessive sweating.

4. Keep newborns in the shade or a sheltered area when possible. Use sunscreen on all babies more than 6 months old.

5. Avoid the sun’s strongest rays between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

6. Always check the expiration date on your sunscreen.

7. Do not neglect protecting your ears, eyes, lips and nose.

8. UVA rays can penetrate clouds, fog and glass, so protect yourself even on rainy days or when in the car.


10. Avoiding tanning and UV tanning booths.

Read more :


8:15 Today is Left Handers Day. Great! Give us some scissors and a lefty mug! :) What's so funny is that when I posted this online, the comments went nuts! Everyone had funny commentary about being a lefty or being a righty. Who knew people were going to be so funny about it. Here's the story. On closer inspection, this story was posted by a TV station in August of 2013. It's not left handers day at all. :( Bummer. I guess it's more “re-poster fool's day”. Happy Left-Handers Day anyway!

About 10 percent of people write with their left hand – a trait tenuously tied to intelligence and creativity, not to mention inky pinkies. And some experts say this small but steady legion sheds light on the brain. Despite their minority status, lefties are more likely to excel in music, mathematics and athletics, according to studies.


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Ramblin Monday, Clean up your online presence, Are you flirting with me? I'm not

6:15- I got here early...wha? I never do that. I'm so tired today, I can't think straight. Today, I just rambled on about my weekend:

  • I'm really tired. I was out until 11:00pm last night. More on that later.

  • On Saturday, I MC'ed a cornhole tournament. A couple of things that I learned. 1. This is a sport that dudes really love (single ladies listen up), 2. People take it very seriously there are rules, there is an American Cornhole Association. 3. This has a lot of fans. I was surprised at how many people played and stayed even after they were eliminated from the competition.

  • Last night we wrapped up “In the Next Room (The Vibrator Play)”. It was a fun show to be a part of and we had very good audiences most of the 4 week run of the show. As we were cleaning up last night, I was mopping up the floor and at one point, hit myself in the eye with a mop handle. Ouch. My eye is sore but not hurt--if that makes any kind of sense.


6:45 Clean Up Your Online Presence With Social Sweepster

If you're currently job-seeking but worried about some unsavory photos of yourself online, fear not -- Social Sweepster can help you get rid of those drunken college pics. 

Social Sweepster can go through your Facebook and Twitter accounts and find potentially reputation-damaging photos as far back as 2005. Certain objects in photos -- like beer cans and red solo cups, come up as red flags -- giving the user an option to untag, delete or ask a friend to remove the photos. 

  • The service is currently in beta, but you can request an invitation here.



7:15- Are you flirting with me? I can't tell...

The art of flirting is one that is not learned easily, according to University of Kansas researcher Jeffrey Hall.

More accurately, most people don’t seem to pick up the clues when someone else is flirting with them. However, Hall says they are much better at realizing when there’s no flirting going on.

Hall, a communications professor who wrote 
The Five Flirting Styles, put 50 straight, single pairs of college students in a room where guys and gals talked to one another for ten minutes.

Then he had them fill out a questionnaire which asked specific questions about flirting. In eight out of ten cases, the participants correctly knew when they weren’t being flirted with.

However, just 36 percent of men and half that number of women understood when the other person was flirting. 

Hall explains that people don’t like to make a big show about flirting because they don’t want to be embarrassed, adding, “We are not accustomed to having our flirting validated so we can get better at seeing it.”

Later, Hall showed the video clips of the first experiment to 250 people to see if third parties had any better luck at detecting when flirting is going on. The results were pretty much the same with most knowing when there wasn’t any flirting and the minority observing when it was happening. Check out his 5 Flirting Styles here:


8:15 Did you see this Banned Grey Poupon ad? It's gone viral...ha. Enjoy.



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Old Toys going for $ on E-bay, Red wine better than toothpaste?, Sleep More...We

6:15- What is surprising to me is that most of these toys are from the later 80's and 90's. Why is it that Lite Brite is only getting $97 by comparison? Check out some of the ones that were surprising. Find the full list here:

I bet you wish throwing these things away:

  • Polly Pocket--$230

  • Original Cabbage Patch Kid-$1250

  • Transforming Power Rangers-$1100

  • Furbies-$499

  • Lite Brite - $97.

  • Teddy Ruxpin- $349 (man that bear was scary to me, with the eyes all rolling around in his thanks!)



6:45 Who woulda thunk it? Better than Toothpaste? Red Wine May Fight Cavities

The key to better dental health may be to floss, brush and rinse with red wine.

That's not quite what scientists at the Spanish National Research Council are recommending. However, scientists believe there is some connection between preventing cavities and drinking red wine.

The research team says that the compound known as polyphenols in red wine has been shown to fight bacterial growth, specifically the kind that causes cavities.

In a series of lab experiments, polyphenols seemed to block the formation of glucans, which allow bacteria to stick to the mouth.

Moreno-Arribas cautions that tests still have to be conducted on humans to determine if red wine can indeed benefit the health of their teeth.

A couple of caveats: as those who drink red wine can attest, the drink is known to stain teeth. The Spanish researchers also say that white wine is counter-productive because of its enamel-eroding acid.


7:15 If I got 8 hours of sleep, I'd have to go to sleep at like 7:30pm. Not happening. But now that I know this, I might try to get more. It's that simple: Sleep More, Weigh Less

The more sleep you get, the less you weigh. That's the major finding from a study recently published in the journal Appetite. University of Chicago researchers found that the 10 obese men and women they studied showed a "14-percent drop in appetite and a 62-percent decline in desire for unhealthy salty or sweet snacks" when their sleep was increased from six hours or less to eight hours per night.

Scientists say that the hormones ghrelin and leptin are affected when you don't get enough sleep. Ghrelin signals the body when it's time to eat, and leptin tells it when to stop. When you are lacking sleep, ghrelin levels increase and leptin decreases. Other studies have shown that the more tired you are the more likely you are to reach for high-calorie carbs rather than lean proteins, veggies or fruit.

Shape magazine blogger Keri Gans suggests heading to bed 15 minutes earlier each night until you are able to fit in eight hours of sleep. She also says you should put your breakfast "on auto-drive: Have your yogurt, berries, and sliced almonds ready to grab no matter how tired you are."

Check It Out

What Causes Food Cravings:


7:45- Say wha? So those wacky execs at Lifetime (the channel I can watch for hours at a time) are coming up with an Unauthorized Biography of Saved By the Bell. Remember:

I’m so excited, I’m so scared…? Lifetime’s “The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story.”


You know it's going to show that they were all dating each other and other debauchery behind the scenes.


8:15--PRICE HIKE DOESN'T SLOW BACON CONSUMPTION _ Americans ate about 1.1 billion bacon servings during the 12 months ended April 2014. That's a 6% increase in servings over the previous year. That's a pretty nice bump in bacon consumption when you consider that between May 2013 and May 2014, the average retail price for a pound of sliced bacon increased 18.8% to $6.05.



8:45- Friday Toy Memory: The cartoon strips “Bloom County” and it's successor “Opus”. Our Office Manager Susan came in this morning wearing a T-shirt with the penguin Opus (was it a penguin?) lounging on the front. Even though it's an old shirt, it was a great memory for me. Here's a pic of Susan rockin it!

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Deep Thought Thursday, Spanx is coming out with jeans!, The FBI is so hip!, Mob

6:15- I was hanging out with my friends 8-year old twins. Kids think about the most interesting things sometimes. Somehow or the other, the question of 'Why can't we see the ears on birds?' It got me to do some deep thiniking. Here are some other Deep Though Thursdays or Whyzits (Why is it):

BS WHYZITS: (deep thoughts on Thursday)

• Whyzit the pizza box is square; the pizza is round; and the slice is triangular?
• Whyzit cartoon characters wear the same outfit in every single episode?
• Whyzit we feel it necessary to look in the mirror after puking or crying?
• Whyzit we call them ‘chicken fingers’ when chickens don’t have any? (that goes for beef tips too)
• Whyzit people say “Heads up!” when they actually mean “Duck!!!!”?
• Whyzit called a double-‘U’ when it’s actually two ‘V’s put together?
• Whyzit the space bar make a louder noise than the other keys?
• Whyzit we call it a ‘pair of pants’ when it’s just one?
• Whyzit people always moan when they stretch?


6:45 Yesterday, I talked about the new thing Neo-tensil (they are calling Spanx for your face).

Spanx Rolls Out Jeans (June 13, 2014)

If you've dreamed of a pair of jeans that would suck and tuck you in like your beloved Spanx, it's time to wake up! Your dream is about to become reality with Spanx's announcement of two different styles of jeans set to hit the market on July 25th. reports that the Signature jean is described as "high-waisted with a wide waistband (meant to be hidden under a shirt) and a side zipper." The Slim-X jean is "a traditional five-pocket jean with a lower, but still high, rise that shirts can be tucked into."

Both cuts of jeans have "patent-pending hidden shaping features that create a perky rear and all-around slimming fit."

The Signature and the Slim-x will be offered in skinny, straight and bootleg cuts. The jeans are priced to start at $148 and will only be available in Spanx stores and online at In the meantime, you can grab yourself up a pair of spanx leggings which are already on the market. Click here to see em.


7:15 So, the FBI's been collecting internet slang. So that they spy on us better, I guess? The FBI's 83-Page Glossary On Slang - (

Here's a little of what you'll find in the article: Among the other head-scratching terms the FBI considers can’t-miss Internet slang:

  1. AYFKMWTS (“are you f—— kidding me with this s—?”) — 990 tweets

  2. BFFLTDDUP (“best friends for life until death do us part) — 414 tweets

  3. BOGSAT (“bunch of guys sitting around talking”) — 144 tweets

  4. BTDTGTTSAWIO (“been there, done that, got the T-shirt and wore it out”) — 47 tweets

  5. BTWITIAILWY (“by the way, I think I am in love with you”) — 535 tweets

  6. DILLIGAD (“does it look like I give a damn?”) — 289 tweets

  7. DITYID (“did I tell you I’m depressed?”) — 69 tweets

  8. E2EG (“ear-to-ear grin”) — 125 tweets

  9. GIWIST (“gee, I wish I said that”) — 56 tweets

  10. HCDAJFU (“he could do a job for us”) — 25 tweets

  11. IAWTCSM (“I agree with this comment so much”) — 20 tweets

  12. IITYWIMWYBMAD (“if I tell you what it means will you buy me a drink?”) — 250 tweets

  13. LLTA (“lots and lots of thunderous applause”) — 855 tweets

  14. NIFOC (“naked in front of computer”) — 1,065 tweets, most of them referring to acronym guides like this one.

  15. PMYMHMMFSWGAD (“pardon me, you must have mistaken me for someone who gives a damn”) — 128 tweets

  16. SOMSW (“someone over my shoulder watching) — 170 tweets

  17. WAPCE (“women are pure concentrated evil”) — 233 tweets, few relating to women

  18. YKWRGMG (“you know what really grinds my gears?”) — 1,204 tweets

In all fairness to the FBI, they do get some things right: “crunk” is helpfully defined as “crazy and drunk,” FF is “a recommendation to follow someone referenced in the tweet,” and a whole range of online patois is translated to its proper English equivalent: hafta is “have to,” ima is “I’m going to,” kewt is “cute.”


Seattle-based company MagicalButter unveiled its mobile marijuana meal-serving truck at the ‘Cannabis Cup’ pot event in Denver CO late in April. The truck, dubbed ‘The Samich’, has since returned to its home base of Washington state, where recent changes in drug laws have opened up the marijuana market there as well. The food truck’s menu includes things like grilled cheese sandwiches with a side of tomato soup, pulled pork, and peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. Each serving contains butter, cheese, or oil infused with THC … the main psychoactive chemical in the cannabis plant. (If you eat THC, don’t you get even hungrier?) (Rona's thought...that is freaking brilliant!!!!! The business owners are very smart!)


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Song facts from Classic songs, Spanx for your face, Things you should clean cau

6:15 I learned a lot about these classic songs from Mental but the best thing is I learned the REAL lyrics to "You're So Vain". I always thought it was "“You had one eye in the mirror as you watched yourself go by.” It's not. Read on to find out what it really is.—explained



A new product called Neotensil is being touted as ‘Spanx for your face’. The anti-aging skincare treatment is from Living Proof, the company that actress Jennifer Aniston both co-owns and serves as spokesperson for. The new product  is meant to reduce puffy and saggy skin, especially around the eyes. It’s a wearable polymer film that mimics young skin’s strength and elasticity and sits atop loose skin to reshape it. Neotensil isn’t an over-the-counter beauty treatment; you need a prescription. It’s also not cheap … 7 weeks of young-looking skin will set you back $500. The effect of each treatment lasts for 16 hours. (At which point you turn back into a pumpkin and go home.)


7:15 Yeah, the other day, I woke up and realized how lame my pillow is. It's just matted down and I need some new pillows. In my search I came across the article on Things you should clean or replace because they are absolutely vile!

8:15 A friend of mine posted this on Facebook yesterday and it got me to thinking about how easy it is for us to be reminded of times in our lives just by what was going on at the time. His post said, “20 years ago tonight, bar-backing @ Fran O'Brien's in Rehobeth Beach, DE watching the white bronco...Where were you???”

I was in City Limits Nightclub and they had it on all the TV's in the place. Everyone was watching it and no one was dancing. I even think they turned the music off for a few minutes when they were showing it.


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Graduates, peep this! What was your worst summer job?, Would you eat a spam donu

6:15 Now that Pomp & Circumstance has gone from your mind. Recent graduates might feel pressure to immediately get to the business of getting to work. Well The has some different advice:

• Take a few weeks off after graduation to enjoy the feeling of being ‘done’. Focus on putting finals, professors, lectures, and all-nighters behind you.
• There’s no shame in living at home. The job market for new grads sucks, so if you can tolerate your family members you’ll be saving a lot of loot in the long run.
• Hold onto your Starbucks job while you job hunt. It will keep you busy, motivated, and you’ll have some spending cash.
• Say goodbye to Spring Break and Summer vacation. Most entry-level jobs won’t offer you the luxury of regular time off.
• It can take 60 résumés to land 1 job interview. Yes, you’re talented and bright and eager, but so are the thousands of others who graduated at the same time as you.
• Put any monetary graduation gifts into an emergency fund. Life happens. Be ready for it.
• If you hate your first job, learn from it while you search for a new one. If you do your basic, crappy, low-salaried job with dignity, you will be respected.
– Adapted from


6:45 I got to thinking the other day, there are all these grads and students out there looking for summer jobs. It made me reflect on my summer jobs.
The worst summer job I ever had was sorting film at a film processing plant. It was in a hot warehouse, I didn't much like my co-workers, it was mindless, just sorting film rolls, and my walkman cassette player (yeah, it was THAT long ago) kept losing battery power. Can you imagine 8 hours on your feet just opening up envelopes of film and sorting them into boxes? The managers had no time for my shenanigans when I'd try to talk to them about the states the film came from, like “Oh, this one is from Maine?...they don't have film processing plants in Maine?” They'd give me a dirty look for trying to think outside of the open, sort, repeat. 
☎ What’s the most interesting (or worst) Summer job you ever had? I got no calls. Sniff sniff. Nobody loves me! :(

7:15 Ew. Would you eat a spam donut? I wouldn't! I saw that this had been created in the UK and couldn't understand why someone would find this delicious. Donuts are cut in half (like a sandwich) then, they slice the spam and put it “in” the sandwich and fry it. Ewww. Take a look at this. How gross. The fact that I wouldn't even eat it, is saying something.

It's been created by making sandwiches with a slice of the canned pork product in between the two halves of a glazed donut, then batter and fry that baby to hold everything together. It has been so popular that the creator of the masterpiece said he "might start doing a whole range of Spam creations." You'd have to take a plane to try the conconction though. It's only found in England at Mister Eaters Fish & Chips which has has previously grabbed headlines with other unlikely concoctions such as the 30,000-calorie, 5-foot-4" Pie-Scraper Burger, which stuffed a series of beef patties with pizza and pies to reach a world record.

7:45 In the chapter called “Bacon, why do you smell so good?”, we learn why now!

WHY DOES BACON SMELL SO GOOD? ( I don't know but I'd love to smell it everyday!!!!)
It’s a fact that nothing will get your mouth watering like the smell of bacon cooking. But why? The simplified version is this: When you throw bacon in the pan it undergoes something called the Maillard Reaction, which is what causes foods to turn brown and gives it its flavor. With sizzling bacon, the process causes sugars to react with amino acids. That reaction, combined with the meat’s melting fats, produces the aroma compounds that make you salivate more than Pavlov’s dog after a bell. (Now, about cinnamon buns …)

8:15 The government is finding even better ways to spy on us. The US Secret Service has put out the call to smart folks to come up with software that can detect sarcasm on social media sites. They put out a RFP (request for proposal) that can sift through Twitter, Facebook etc and detect whether or not you're being sincere or snarky. Wha?

And in their words “ability to detect sarcasm and false positives.” Yeah, I don't know about this you guys. Read more here:



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Give kids some dirt to fight allergies, Dogs appreciate treats when they worked

6:15- I don't know if I buy it but, considering I had terrible allergies as a kid and suffered a lot, I might be open to it with my own kids...should I have kids. Infants who are exposed to unsavory things like rodent and pet dander, roach allergens and household bacteria during their first year are actually less to suffer from allergies and asthma, Johns Hopkins researchers say.

A new study published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology shows that being exposed to allergens before a child turns one can benefit them from allergies. To reach these findings, the researchers studied 467 inner-city infants in Boston, New York and St. Louis. They tracked their health over three years, and visited their homes to calculate the levels of a variety of allergens. They also conducted allergy tests on the children and collected bacteria from dust gathered in their homes.

The kids who lived homes with mouse and cat dander as well as cockroach droppings during their first year had lower rates of wheezing by age 3. The kids with a greater amount of bacteria in their homes were also less likely to wheeze and were less likely to have environmental allergies.

Kids who were completely free of allergies were also most likely to grow up in homes with the highest amount of allergens and bacteria in them. In contrast only 8% of kids with both allergies and asthma were exposed to the substances by the time they were 1.  Read more about it here:


6:45- Dogs Appreciate Treats (duh)... More When They Work for Them

Although dogs are man's best friend, they don't necessarily want a handout.

That, according to a study from University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden, which says that canines better appreciate a treat if they have to complete a task to receive it.

Researchers trained beagles in learning how to operate various pieces of equipment, and dogs that figured out the puzzles had a choice of rewards: food, a human who would pet it or another beagle.

Not surprisingly, the dogs picked food over the other rewards but the researchers also noted a high level of happiness when puzzles were solved, such as tails wagging and excitability.

The researchers thus concluded, "Opportunities to solve problems, make decisions, and exercise cognitive skills are important to an animal’s emotional experiences and ultimately, its welfare."

In other words, they don't mind challenges as long as it leads to a doggie treat.


7:45- I laughed so hard when I read some of these! Some of my faves are: (Heartburn, Classic Rock, Concert, Backache...clearly whoever wrote the list, knows me.)


• ‘Backache’ – Used to mean something you got after working out or lifting something heavy. Now it means something you wake up with every freaking day.
‘Being Single’ – Used to mean being the fun one who could flirt up at a storm at the bar. Now it means being the only one not posting photos of your toddler on Facebook.
• ‘Classic Rock’ – Used to mean The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and CCR. Now it means music you listened to in high school.
• ‘
Dark Circles’ – Used to mean something you’d wake up with under your eyes if you didn’t get enough sleep. Now it means something you wake up with.
‘Getting Up Early” – Used to mean waking up at 9 to ‘pregame’ before the football game. Now it means waking up at 6 to get to the farmers market early. (The good tomatoes go SO fast.)
‘Hotel’ – Used to mean a hostel or the Super 8. Now it means anywhere with a decent bed and points you can get on your credit card.
• ‘Late’ – Used to mean 3-4 am. Now it means anytime past 11 pm.
• ‘Metabolism’ – Used to mean a blessing that lets you eat and drink whatever you want. Now it means a sluggish curse that sends every slice of pizza directly to your thighs.
• ‘Passed Out’ – Used to mean an alcohol-induced coma. Now it means crashing on your bed from exhaustion while still wearing your work clothes.
• ‘Sunscreen’ – Used to mean SPF 8 you slathered on your nose before hitting the beach. Now it means marinating your entire body in SPF 60.
– Adapted from

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Stop Dad Pants!, Caxirola, Stop Saying this to Dads, Friday Toy Memory: Garanima

6:15-Stop Dad Pants! Ha. This funny little video is something all women can relate to.

Join the movement! In January, Sarah Harbaugh, wife of San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh, went public to proclaim she deserved no blame for her husband's fleece-tucked-into-pleated-khakis appearance. Now, her crusade has gone to an entirely new level with this video and Dockers' â€ª#‎StopDadPants‬movement. Watch:

Can you say #viralforfathersday?

6:45- Since the rest of the world is occupied with the World Cup games in Brazil, I figured, I should include something world cup related. Well remember that annoying tube shaped instrument from the last world cup...the Vuvuzela?



Well, move over vuvuzela now it's the caxirola (pronounced: Cashy Rolla). It's noisy and is supposed to resemble a rain stick. Check out this news story about the instrument and the video of the President playing it.

7:15 Since Fathers kinda get the shaft when it comes to their big day, I came across this blog about what you shouldn't say to dads. From a father.


8:45- Friday Toy Memory: Garanimals. Coordinated seperates of the day. I had them. Who didn't? Even though you can't see the garanimals markers on the shirt, I wanted an excuse to show this incredibly cute picture of me when I was about 5 ½. Really. Stinkin. Cute.

Also, there is so much awesomeness in this commercial, I can't stand it...the music, the narrator, the kids, the groovy bellbottom coordinated seperates!!! YES!


Have a good Father's Day weekend!
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Parenting Hacks, History of the word "dude", The Intern Queen, Short dudes live

✓ Remove a splinter easily by applying a paste of baking soda & water, then waiting several minutes for it to pop up out of the skin.
✓ Organize a bath by placing your toddler and toys in a plastic clothes basket, then immersing the clothes basket in the water. It provides a back support and helps coral all the tub toys.
✓ Keep a fine-mist spray bottle full of water in the car to cool seatbelt buckles. Even if the water becomes warm, its evaporation will cool the hot metal and plastic quickly.
✓ Place a styrofoam pool noodle along the edge of a child’s bed under the fitted sheet to keep the little nipper from falling out at night.
✓ Use Velcro strips to fasten floor mats, making them less slippy for little busybodies running in the halls.
✓ Bake cupcakes directly in ice-cream cones. Makes them more fun and easier for kids to eat.
(And what’s your little secret for bringing up kids just a little bit easier?)
– Source:



6:45 Let's check ou the history of the word “dude”.

For some time now, we have known the basic outline of the story of “dude.” The word was first used in the late 1800s as a term of mockery for young men who were overly concerned with keeping up with the latest fashions. It later came to stand for clueless city folk (who go to dude ranches) before it morphed into our all-purpose laid-back label for a guy. What we didn’t know was why the word dude was chosen in the first place.


7:15 The Intern Queen: Lauren Berger.

Now that the students are out of school, you can't have the older ones sitting around, playing video games and collecting dust all summer. If an internship is in the cards, you'll like my next guest Lauren Berger. She took on 15 internships and used that experience to become known as “
The Intern Queen”. She has tips for business looking to hire and for students who want to internships. She's the author of two books...check out here interview here:
   You can find out more about Lauren and get her tips here:


It’s true! A long-term University of Hawaii study, the largest of its kind and involving more than 8,000 men, conclusively shows a direct connection between short height and long life. That’s because short men are more likely to carry FOXO3, the so-called ‘longevity gene’ that protects from the effects of aging. As well as enhancing lifespan, FOXO3 seems to lead to smaller body size during early human development. The gene has previously been proven to enhance lifespan in animals but has never before been linked to variations in height in humans. In the study, people 5 ft-2 in and shorter lived the longest. (Yay for Prince!)
“The Independent”

8:45- Today is National Jerky Day and some "dudes" (see what I just did there?) created"Meat Rushmore" 

Thursday, June 12 is National Jerky Day, and to celebrate the occasion, Jack Link's has commissioned "Meat Rushmore," a jerky-covered replica of the faces of George WashingtonAbraham LincolnThomas Jefferson, and Teddy Roosevelt.

The construction of the meat replica of the South Dakota landmark has been cataloged online; the meat mountain will be unveiled in New York City's Columbus Circle on Thursday.

Like National Jerky Day itself, Meat Rushmore celebrates, "rich history, the immense popularity, and the nutritional value of meat snacks," according to the project's art director, identified as Alex.


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Hand dryers vs paper towels, More stressed at home vs work?, DinnerTime App, Hei


When you’re in a public restroom and need to dry your hands, do you grab a paper towel or use the high-speed dryer?

Hopefully, at least one of these options is available to you and as University of Buffalo students who conducted a study found out, two thirds of their classmates used paper towels. 

If there is such a thing as a right or wrong choice, the majority made the wrong selection.

Collecting bacteria samples from towel dispensers and Dyson Airblades inside four men’s and women’s lavatories, the UB students discovered the dispensers contained six times more bacteria even though the towels themselves were sanitary.

In addition, the cost of using the Airblades for a year was under $28, compared to $900 in paper towel costs annually.

So why do more people use towels? It’s all about the perception that regular hand dryers are somehow dirtier. In fact, the Dyson Airblades inside the UB restrooms were found to be much cleaner than other dryers. Read the findings here.

6:45- MORE STRESSED AT HOME THAN AT WORK? _ Many people find home life more stressful than work. In the new study (Pennsylvania State University) researchers had 122 people swab their cheeks three times a day, so they could measure the participants' cortisol levels. Cortisol is a key stress hormone, and rises when we're in stressful situations. They also asked the people to rate their moods at home and at work. Read about it here.

7:15 DinnerTime App! Awesome! App Forces Kids To Unplug For Dinner (June 11, 2014)

If it's a struggle to get kids to put down their tablet or smartphone to eat dinner, you'll love this new app. It's called DinnerTime, and locks all gadgets at meal times. The free app can show kids how long they have until their phone will lock, and then tells them how long they will remain locked. The app is activated by the parent and pauses all of the device's capabilities. The company behind the app, ZeroDesktop, says, "Technology offers us an incredible source of information  at our fingertips, as well as connecting people around the world. Yet at the same time it poses significant challenges in its addictiveness, and can cause a barrier between people. For years people have been saying that technology makes us anti-social-- this is something we hope to change."


Check It Out:


7:30- Ford and Heinz have gotten together to make car parts from discarded tomatoes. Really.

These pellets look more like cat food than what's left over after tomatoes have been made into ketchup!  Read more here:

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Technology can't get rid of these things, What's a Quesarito?, Get rid of tick

6:15 There are so many things that technology is making obsolete these days. Here are 7 things that technology (so far) can't seem to make obsolete.

10 Awesome Things That Technology Will Never Make Obsolete (meh) -

1. Shop Vacuum (Sawdust? Check. Wet sawdust? Check. Water? Check. Mud? Check.)
2.Duct tape
3.Frying Pan
4.Map and Compass
5.Cast Iron Skillet
6.Original Swiss Army Knife

My favorite on this list is the cast iron skillet. Who doesn't love cornbread done in the cast iron skillet? <== Check out the recipe for it here.

TACO BELL released the “QUESARITO” yesterday. Now you can order something called the Quesarito off the Taco Bell menu. It's basically a burrito-quesadilla hybrid, meaning that it's your basic burrito, but with a grilled, cheesy tortilla wrapped around it. Yummm. Here are 5 little things your should know about the Quesarito. I'm making plans for lunch!

Let's investigate it:


7:15 How to get rid of ticks...really. It's tick season around here, and many people remove ticks the WRONG way! DO NOT, do not, do NOT put anything on the tick to make it "back out on its own!" That's the most dangerous time for the host, because t

Protect yourself from tick-borne disease by removing the disgusting little buggers CORRECTLY. Please share! Read about the right way to remove a tick:


8:15- Dads Doing Housework Is a Boon to Daughters

Fathers who vacuum the living room, wash clothes and cook meals are apparently doing their daughters a big favor.

And it's not because the kids get to lounge around while dad does the housework.

The example fathers set for their daughters seems to motivate girls to pursue loftier career choices, according to a study by researcher Alyssa Croft from the University of British Columbia.

Croft found after studying 325 children ages seven-to-13 that "girls grow up with broader career goals in households where domestic duties are shared more equitably by parents," compared to home where moms gets stuck with most of the chores.

The shared responsibilities seem to motivate girls to study for careers in business, law and other professions that for years, women would shy away from.

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What are you doing this summer?, Facts of Life Stars Reunite, National Donut Day

6:15 Where We're Going, What We're Doing This Summer (I personally am hoping to reach the beach at least once this summer!)

About nine out of ten Americans plan to take a summer vacation this year, according to a TripAdvisor survey of more than 2,500 travelers, about two-thirds of whom plan to travel domestically.

Here's what people will be doing and where they'll be going:

Most Popular Types of Summer Vacations
1. Beach / Ocean escape - 45 percent
2. City vacation - 42 percent 
3. National park visit - 21 percent

Top Summer Activities
1. Shopping - 54 percent
T2. Swimming/Water sports - 49 percent
T2. Visiting a historical site or event - 49 percent

Top U.S. Destination 
1. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
2. Las Vegas, Nevada
3. New York City, New York
4. Destin, Florida

5. Ocean City, Maryland

Read more of the study here:

6:45- 'FACTS OF LIFE' STAR TO REUNITE FOR TV MOVIE: Former Facts of Life stars Lisa Whelchel and Kim Fields are reuniting for a new movie to air on the Hallmark Channel. The project, called For Better or For Worse, is an adaptation of a novel by Diann Hunt and follows Wendy, played by Whelchel, as a wedding coordinator who gets a second chance at love following the death of her husband. Kim will play her co-worker Roseanne. Network VPMichelle Vicary said in a statement, "To have Lisa Whelchel and Kim Fields reunite is a big TV event. Hallmark Channel is the perfect place to see these iconic stars together again."  Just to make you nostalgic, here's the Facts of Life show theme:  

7:15- Um, it's National Donut Day. Go get you a donut girl! Reasons to smile today: 
1. It's Friday.
2. It's National Donut Day
3. See #1 & #2!

Get details here:

Locally we have Daily Grind, Krumpe's, Fractured Prune and Dunkin Donuts. Have at it!

Here are a couple of places where you can get free donuts: today:

Yummm. Krumpe's

8:15- Margarita-Flavored Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream? Yes, Please. (June 6, 2014)

Just in time for some warm weather! Ben & Jerry's is debuting a brand new limited-edition flavor called Margarita Pie this weekend. Too bad the only time and place you can get it is tomorrow (June 7th) at the Chipotle Cultivate Festival in San Francisco's Golden Gate park. (<======Rona's thought: BOOOOO!!! Why tell us if we can't get our hands on this delicious goodness?!)

According to GrubStreet, 1,000 lucky people will get to taste the treat which is made of lime ice cream, shortbread-crust crumbles and "tequila-marshmallow swirls." 

Friday Toy Memory: 

Friday Toy Memory: The game called Ball in a cup. It's a stick with a cup at the top. The stick has a ball on a string on it and the goal is to try and get the ball in the cup on the top of the stick, without touching it with your hands. You're supposed to use your dexterity. Apparently this is called “bilboquet”.

Read more about this game here:

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Be a Yard Sale PRO, What do you do in the loo?, Slurpee Mustache Straws rock!, K

6:15 On weekends, some people go to the gym, others spend their time in a more fun way. They go “yard-sale-ing”. Here are some tips to do it like a pro...according to


A few tips on how to become a top bargain hunter …
✓ Arrive Early – While the sign may say ‘8 am-1 pm’, every yard sale aficionado knows the good items go first. Being on time and showing up at 8:01 am is not a bad thing.
✓ Know What to Look For – Yard sales are great sources for clothing & toys for fast-growing kids; gently-used, sometimes antique furniture; kitchenware; and books by the box load.
✓ Don’t Be Shy – When you see something you may be interested in, grab it before someone else picks it up. Then you can take the time to decide if you really want to make the purchase.
✓ Try Before You Buy – Items in a yard sale cannot be returned. If you buy an electronic item, ask to plug it in or bring your own batteries to test it. Last thing you want is to bring home a dud.
✓ Bring Change – Don’t try to pay for a 25¢ purchase with a $20-bill. And when you say, “I’ll give you a quarter for that”, you need to have one handy before the owners change their minds.
✓ Be Polite – Asking for a deal is fine, but keep in mind the items on sale are actually someone’s belongings. Some may hold sentimental value, so don’t degrade them.
– Adapted from

6:45- Shenandoah Summer Music Theatre rolls on. I had tickets to King & I for July 9. Keep listening, who knows when we'll give away more! To purchase tickets and get other information, go to:


7:15-- What do you do....when you are in the loo?


Newspapers and magazines are losing out to digital devices in restrooms too.

Lysol No Mess Max's survey of 1,000 adults says that Americans spend an average of 16 minutes daily reading from their smartphones and tablets while on the toilet.

Overall, 38 percent say this is a normal routine, while 70 percent of respondents 18-34 admit it's part of their daily ritual.

Of course, people aren't just reading the news or a feature while on the pot.  Here's what business they use their digital devices for while doing their "business":

Read a tweet, Instagram feed or Facebook update - 57 percent
Purchased clothes online - 54 percent
E-mailed a boss, co-worker or client - 36 percent
Bought groceries online - 31 percent
Viewed a friend's profile - 27 percent
Viewed a family member's profile - 24 percent
Sent a text - 24 percent
Posted or "Liked" Facebook content - 17 percent
Posted a Vine (Don't ask)  - Five percent

Want to take survey yourself?

Want to read more about the results? Go here:

8:15 I just got the new Slurpee Straw. Al got it for me. It's funny, because it's sort of a brown mustache. It kinda looks like a turd on my face! Ha. :) I love it anyway.



8:30 As she heads into the final stages of her first pregnancy, Kelly Clarkson feels the same way many women do at this point: she just wants it to be over, already.

"Okay my baby girl needs to come on out ASAP. Mama is tired, swollen and miserable hahaha!" Kelly tweeted on Wednesday.  When a fan responded that they understood how she felt, but then added that her own baby arrived three weeks early, Kelly replied, "lucky!! 3 weeks early, I'm so jealous!!"

When another fan commented, "Bad news, you will be just as tired, miserable and swollen, but good news: you'll be able to hold that sweetie!" Kelly replied, "Totally get it but I'm ready for a different kind of miserable ha! AND I want to hold her in my arms."

When yet another fan asked her if she'd looked into ways she might be able to induce labor, Kelly said she was way ahead of her.

"Girl, I have tried everything! I'm still trying everything," Kelly tweeted, adding resignedly, "She has set up camp and is comfy, I guess."

It's thought that Kelly's baby -- her first with husband Brandon Blackstock -- is due this month.  The couple announced they were expecting late last year.




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What was your fave TV show?, Duck Tape/Guiness Record, Cell Phones Hacked and he

6:15- What was your favorite TV show?

After Anne B Davis from Brady Bunch passed away over the weekend, it got me to thinking about my favorite shows as a kid. My favorites were:

-Brady Bunch

-Three's Company

-Soul Train!



Threes Company-


Soul Triain-


6:45- If you're a fan of duck tape, making a stylish outfit could win you $500!
The Avon Heritage Duck Tape Festival is going for a new world record on June 14 in Avon, Ohio. Organizers are looking for at least 250 people to show up wearing a Duck Tape outfit. The maker of Duck Tape is headquartered in Avon.


7:15 Cell Phones, Cell Phones, Cell Phones! Hacked, Killed etc.

Hackers Reportedly Locking iPhones for Ransom

Most people can't go a minute without checking their smartphones, so some savvy hackers are exploiting that by reportedly locking the devices remotely, then texting or emailing a ransom note to unlock the cellys.

On an Apple support forum, one user from Australia reports, "i was using my ipad a short while ago when suddenly it locked itself...I went to check my phone and there was a message on the screen...saying that my device(s) had been hacked...and he/she/they demanded $100 USD/EUR (sent by paypal) return them to me."

It would appear the hackers are taking advantage of Apple's cloud, possibly via official-looking "phishing" emails that trick users into revealing their AppleIDs. With that information, hackers can use the "Lost My iPhone" security measures to lock the devices.

Apple so far hasn't commented on the problem. "More than likely, in Australia, there is a breach that has nothing to do with Apple," Robert Siciliano, an identity theft expert with McAfee, told ABC News.

Siciliano said the hack could have began in a single place, such as at an university or an online retailer, where people may log on using their .iCloud, .Mac or .Me domain email addresses and use the same password. He warned hackers can use iCloud credentials to "own that person" and clones their devices, making copies of personal photos, videos, emails and any other data users back up to Apple's cloud system.

What can you do?: Siciliano recommends that people immediately change their passwords and set up two-factor identification for their Apple accounts. The bottom line, he said, is that, "critical accounts should always have different passwords."

To that end, Smartphone companies making anti theft devices. Many of the major cell phone companies and cell phone providers have agreed to add a “kill switch” to most cell phones. This would make it impossible for thieves to take the phone and reactivate it. It would render it useless. This should be on the market in July of 2015.

8:15-Desk Jobs Really Weighing People Down

Are you becoming one with your work desk?


If you're spending long hours in front of your computer while the rest of the world seems to be doing something else, you're probably among the 58 percent of respondents to a survey who complain they're overweight.

That's how the majority of 2,900 people who are deskbound feel. If it's any consolation, 51 percent of the 1,100 questioned who don't work at a desk also say they're heavier than they should be.

However, the gap is wider when people were asked whether they've gained weight at their present job. Almost half tied to a desk admit they have while only three-in-ten of non-desk workers say they've added some poundage.

Despite their expanding girth, desk workers say there are certain pluses, including earning higher pay, having access to more technology and better communication with their superiors than those who don't sit down to work.

Also read this for more insight:

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Do you know what Vocal Fryyyyy iiiiisssssss?, Life Hacks for dogs, You ate what?

6:15 - Do you know what Vocal Fry is?

Women Job Seekers Should Say Bye-Bye to Vocal Fry


Vocal fry, a guttural-vibration adopted by many young females, might have been cool at one time but it also may be a big turn-off to employers, a new study reveals.

Researchers at the Duke University Fuqua School of Business say the impression hiring managers get when a female applicant comes in speaking in low, creaky vibrations, or vocal fry, is that she's less competent and less educated than a male candidate speaking normally.

Fuqua professor Mohan Venkatachalam says, "In a standard interview setting, gut instinct plays a large role in whether a candidate is hired. Vocal fry could sway that judgment against a candidate."

In an experiment, 800 men and women listened to either seven male voices or seven female voices that switched on and off from a normal voice and vocal fry.

Time and time again, the participants were mostly annoyed whenever they heard vocal fry,

Since millennials are having a harder time than in recent years finding work, Venkatachalam's strong advice to women is that they should check their vocal fry at the door when seeking a job.



7:15- Life hacks for Dogs

✓ Sometimes your owner will make the motion of throwing a tennis ball but will not have actually thrown anything. Still chase after the non-existent ball. There’s a pretty good chance you’ll find an old ball around the area anyway.
✓ Just bark a whole bunch for no reason. People will pet you and give you real bacon from that box that says Beggin’ Strips on it.
✓ Tired of your regular water bowl? The humans have an infinite water bowl that they call ‘the toilet’. Be warned though: Once you’ve tried it it’ll be hard to go back to water that’s ‘unflavored’.
✓ When it’s thundering outside, hide under a table or bed and bark a bunch. This is 100% guaranteed to scare the thunder away within 1 minute-to-8 hours.
✓ Bury your treats in the backyard. That way when you want to eat them later they’ll have that ‘dirt and grass tang’ that we all want in our food.
✓ When your owner is rubbing your belly and asking “Who’s a good dog?” do NOT puke on the rug or bite them for no reason. If you refrain from these natural impulses they’ll say, “You are!”
– Adapted from (


8:15- In the category of: I can't believe I ate the whole thing!


Wholly Cow: Woman Eats Nine Pounds of Steak in Under 15 Minutes A 5-foot-7, 125-pound Nebraska woman has set a record, scarfing down a 72-ounce steak in four minutes and 58 seconds. According to the Big Texan Steak Ranch's Twitter page, not only did Molley Schuyler earn a free 72-dollar steak for her gastronomic feat -- which also included eating a baked potato, shrimp, side salad and a roll, as per the Amarillo, Texas, restaurant's rules -- but she reportedly doubled it by doing it all again moments later because she was still hungry.

The second four-and-a-half-pound steak and sides took a little longer; nearly 10 minutes.

Schuyler's finish at the Big Texan even topped that of current Nathan's Hot Dog eating world champ Joey Chestnut.


In January, Schuyler set another record -- and took home a 22-thousand dollar purse -- after she scarfed down 363 wings in 30 minutes at a competition in Philadelphia.


See her in action here:


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Edible Mist?, Don't wash your jeans?, 8 of your numbers that thieves want,

6:15 Edible Mist Machine -- Great Taste, Less Filling. I'd be all over this if I could afford it. Give me the bacon mist please. Thanks.

Click here to read all about it:

Like an e-cig for food, the minds at Lick Me Delicious have created a gadget that emits an "edible" fog that allows straw-wielding users to "sip" in tastes like bacon and lobster without any of the guilt of actually eating it.

The U.K. based foodie inventors say the spacey-looking machine can emit 200 different "delicious" flavored vapors, that can be indulged with no calories.

Company founder Charlie Harry says the device can also reproduce just about any flavor a user may favor, from hundreds of foods to the cozy smell of old books. The Bristol-based company, which is also behind the recent headline-grabbing Viagra ice cream, is reportedly selling the Edible Mist Machine for a decidedly hard to swallow 8,400 bucks, but is also making it available for rental at parties.

Here's the commercial for it: 

7:15 Don't wash your jeans...(according to the CEO of Levi Strauss) even if they walk to the washing machine and stand upright waiting for you to do so. Ha! It Sounds Gross But Levi's Are Best Left Unwashed (read more here:

If you feel the need to throw your jeans into the washing machine after every wear, you may be doing it all wrong.

According to the man behind the jeans Americans have been wearing for the past 141 years -- Levi’s 501s -- you do not need to wash your jeans as often as you think you do, if ever.

These jeans are maybe a year old and these have yet to see a washing machine,” the CEO of Levi Strauss & Co., Chip Bergh, said, referring to the jeans he was wearing during an interview at Fortune magazine’s Brainstorm Green conference in California.

Despite the potential “ick” factor, Bergh went on to explain that keeping your jeans out of the laundry will help keep their shape and color. “If you talk to real denim aficionados, they tell you don’t wash your blue jeans,” Bergh said.

So how do you keep your jeans fresh without the help of laundry detergent? Experts recommend eliminating odor by spritzing jeans with white vinegar or vodka and hanging them out to air dry.

Another option is to freeze your jeans once per month to kill off the smell caused by bacteria. The freezing option entails turning your jeans inside out and then freezing them either overnight or for two days at a time.


8:15-- Identity theft is a thing. It's real. It happened to a friend of mine. She got a call from the bank telling her that they were suspending her debit card # because it was being used in Indiana. Here are the 8 numbers that crooks want from you so be ca reful!!!!!

  1. Phone number

  2. Dates/Zip Code

  3. Pin Codes

  4. Social Security #

  5. Bank Acct

  6. IP Address

  7. Driver's Licence and passport

  8. Health Insurance Account Numbers

Read the story here:

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