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Alan Thicke has a new TV Show, Men buy new underwear every 7 years, How and wher

6:15 Alan Thicke has a new show on TV Guide Network (TVGN) called “Unusually Thicke”. It airs on Wednesday nights. They seem pretty fun! Here's the website.

Here's the interview:


6:45- MEN HANG ONTO THEIR UNDERWEAR FOR 7 YEARS _ Some less-than-appealing news from Britain: There's a decent chance the guy sitting next to you is wearing 7-year-old underwear. That's the average length of time men hang on to their undies before buying new ones.

A survey that was actually released in Britain two months ago has finally reached U.S. shores and it's causing quite a stir., an online shopping catalog, asked men about their underwear habits and it seems that the relationship British men have with their knickers often lasts longer than many of their marriages.

For instance, men say they hold on to their underwear for an average of seven years with nine percent admitting that they've kept one pair for ten years or more.

Meanwhile, more than two out of ten men say they've worn the same pair for multiple days in a row. Perhaps it's because about half of all guys also acknowledge sniffing their boxers or briefs to determine if they're still clean.

And in perhaps the most interesting finding of all, one in seven claims that they have worn their partner's underpants when they couldn't find a clean pair of their own.

7:15 How do get your music? I remember going to the record store and buying 45's, then cassettes, then CD's and now nothing. I really don't buy music. I don't even really download it much.

Music fans still prefer to buy CDs, vinyl records, and cassettes than MP3 downloads, even though many are left in their wrapper and never actually listened to.

Online digital sales have cornered a large part of the music industry, with 22% of people buying from Amazon in the last month and 11% from Apple’s iTunes store.

This is surprising.... CDs remain dominant, according to a new poll, with 57% of people having bought a physical album during the past year.

The figure for MP3 downloads is just 39%.

And, strangely, vinyl records are now a growing part of the music industry, with 1-in-10 having bought an LP over the last month, up from 1-in-20 last year. 1-in-20 people have even bought an old fashioned cassette during that time period

How do you get your music? Do you still peek through the aisles?.


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7 Weird things women do that we never talk about, Self cleaning car, Benefits o

6:15 Seven Weird things women do but we never talk about.

Guys, I'm giving you a little bit of insight into who we are. Don't worry, I'm pretty sure, you'll hear these things and A) wish you hadn't and B)not get it anyway. Ha! The video is hilarious.

  •  Mascara face
  • Have a Pinterest Wedding page
  • Secret Tampons and other feminine products (hiding them to get to the ladies room)
  • Secret De-Wedgy-ing
  • Secret hiding places for keys, lipstick, id (BRA)
  • Getting “done up” made up—to stay in
  • Connect to Celebs (I did it yesterday mentioning George Clooney is engaged)
  • Using your handbag to avoid people
  • Taking pictures with the “side pose”

6:45 NISSAN DEVELOPS A SELF-CLEANING CAR _ Tired of washing your car? Engineers at Nissan are using a new paint finish called Ultra-Ever Dry on the new Nissan Note supermini that can repel water and oils, as well as dirt, dust, mud and grit. The paint uses nanotechnology to create a thin air shield above the surface of the car that makes rain, road spray, frost, sleet and standing water roll off the car without tainting its surface at all. Nissan is currently attempting to determine if the material is durable for long-term use on vehicles -- and if it will hold up in different weather conditions around the globe. 


7:15 My friend Michael Judd who is a whiz at landscaping and (all things natural) has just come out with a new book called “Edible Landscaping with a Permaculture Twist”. He chatted with me about some fun projects that you can do in your yard to produce amazing results.

Here's his website:

Here's the Facebook page:

Here's a longer web exclusive version of our interview where Michael goes into more detail about the book.


8:30- I liked these. The fact is that we always think of work giving us just money, but there are many things that work gives us. For instance:


✓ It’s the easiest place for finding and making new friends.
✓ The experience makes you more valuable on the job market.
✓ Working exercises your sense of standards, giving the satisfaction of doing something well.
✓ Work improves mental health, offering goals, and accomplishments, as well as a comforting sense of routine.
– Adapted from

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Americans are weird, Kittyo --kitty babysitter, Coffee makes you honest, Online


Folks in the U.S.A. may think the rest of the world is weird, but our habits suggest we’re the odd ones out.  Check out some interesting stats about American behavior:


-We’d rather live without sex (20%) than our mobile phones (26%)

.  In fact, 44% of us sleep with our cell phones, and almost 70% check our phones even when they’re not ringing or vibrating.

-We’re increasingly lonely- the number of Americans living in single-person households is on the rise- and almost 60% of us sleep with our pets.

-More than half think it’s harder to eat healthily than do our taxes.

-43% have assigned seating in our living rooms.

-We collectively spend more than $7 billion a year on greeting cards for no particular occasion.


6:45 The new Kittyo is a remote kitty babysitter. With this new gadget, you can feed your feline, talk to them through a speaker, and even occupy them with a laser pointer. Read more about it here:


7:15 Drinking Coffee When You're Tired May Keep You Honest

Caffeine as the ultimate truth serum? It certainly seems to make people less inclined to be dishonest when they feel tired, according to three professors from the University of North Carolina's Kenan-Flagler Business School.

Michael Christian says that sleep deprivation weakens people’s resolve to be ethically strong, such as when a supervisor tells a worker to do something that’s not entirely on the up-and-up. 

In fact, Christian and his colleagues speculate that people who work the hardest are the most susceptible to the power of suggestion because they also tend to be the most tired, thus increasing both hostility and dishonesty. 

In an experiment, 171 nurses who worked long shifts were divided into two group in which one received plain chewing gum while the other chewed gum laced with caffeine that was the equivalent of two cups of coffee.

When encouraged to “go along with a lie in order to earn some extra money," the caffeinated group consistently refused to accede to the request.

Christian says this shows that “caffeine can help you resist by strengthening your self-control and willpower when you're exhausted.”  Just the same, the researchers recommend employers don’t overwork their workers or put them in positions when significant control is needed when long hours can’t be avoided.


7:45 Nearly One-in-Five Say Personal Data Online Was Stolen

Americans are clearly concerned that their online privacy can be easily compromised.

According to a Pew Research Center report, 18 percent of 1,000 adults polled in late January said they've had personal information swiped off the Internet that included their Social Security numbers, credit card data or information about their bank accounts.

The problem appears to have gotten worse in a relatively short time because when Pew asked the same question last July, just 11 percent reported a breach of personal information.

Meanwhile, 21 percent reported that online data pertaining to their email or social media accounts has been attacked, about the same as it was six months earlier.


8:15 What will they think of next? Add this to the list of ridiculous pregnancy and parenting trends.  Hopeful moms-to-be are now throwing pee parties,” where they all take pregnancy tests and celebrate their results!  Also known as POAS (Pee On A Stick) Parties, these gatherings allow groups of women who are hoping to get knocked up around the same time to make a usually private moment very public.  The worst thing we can imagine about a pee party?  No booze.


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What are your kids doing online, Students helping the needy, Stink bugs are jerk

6:15 Do you watch what your kids are doing online?

In the internet age, the kids are all right- that is, as long as their parents pay attention to their online activities.  And according to a poll, most of them do.  It found almost 80% of parents talk to their children about internet safety.  That’s a good thing, seeing as 95% of kids between the ages of 12 and 15 own at least one smartphone, tablet or other media device.  And kids in that age group spend 17 hours on the web in the average week.  So what exactly are young peopledoing with their gadgets?  Texting is the number-one activity for eight-to-15-year-olds, followed by phone calls and taking photos.  Still, you can’t protect your children from everything, and when it comes to the internet, that’s even more true.  The poll found almost 60% of kids have accidentally accessed some kind of inappropriate material online.  And nearly 20% of 12-to-15-year-olds know how to disable parental controls.  So much for that.


6:45 I love “good news stories” Way to go! CAFETERIA-LEFTOVERS CHARITY

SHIPPENSBURG, Pa. (AP) — Leftovers at one Pennsylvania college aren't going into the trash. Students at Shippensburg University are collecting uneaten food to help feed the hungry. Senior Christina Qawasmy (kuh-WOZ'-mee) and some fellow students have saved 260 pounds of food from lunch on Fridays. WGAL-TV reports they're boxing it up for the Kitchen of Grace, a program at the First Church of God a few blocks from campus. Students are hoping to expand the program and are looking for more area churches that can use the food. Here's a video about it:



7:15 Let's face it, those Stinkbugs are jerks!!!! They spend all their time walking around and stinking. I got this page of Frequently asked questions about stinkbugs and learned a lot about why we are seeing them so much right around this time of the year. Here is a the FAQ page:

Here are some natural ways to rid yourself of them:


Here's a guy that has an awesome and cheap way to get rid of those little stinky dudes: check out this news story. All you need is about 4 household items and about 7 bucks.


8:15 Yeah, they've just created this stuff...Palcohol.

Friday Toy Memory: Pinball Machines. Remember the days of playing pinball machines and having other people stand around transfixed. We had a C.H.iP's one at our local pizza parlor. Danielle says she had one in her house. Maybe it looked like this?

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Vending Machine Tattle Tweet, Cam does no deo, Tastebud intel, Smithsonian Sleep

6:15 Dieters best friend? A vending machine that tweets your choices to the world. Mwaahhhaaaaa (maniacal laugh). Gulp. :(

6:45 No Deodorant For Cameron Diaz (April 24, 2014)

Cameron Diaz doesn't believe in wearing antiperspirant but insists that she knows how to avoid giving off b.o. The Body Book author chatted with E! Online at the premiere of The Other Woman on Monday (April 21st) where she revealed her secret to avoiding potent pits.

Cameron explained, "I don't believe in antiperspirant. It's really bad for you. I haven't used it for almost 20 years. You're stinky, because you use antiperspirant. It keeps all the stink in. Let it go and just trim your armpit hair so it doesn't hold onto the scent."

  • The 41-year-old made headlines recently for vocalizing her opinion that women who get laser hair removal on their pubic hair should consider that being hairless down there is just a recent trend and may not always be in vogue. (<==========Rona's, who cares what she thinks about other people's personal hygiene and body care? This is why I think celebs come across as so self important.)



New research answers an age-old question about why airplane food is so terrible.  As it turns out, it’s not the food- it’s you!  Scientists say that human taste buds are affected by altitude and dry cabin air.  When you’re on a plane at 35,000 feet, your sensitivity to taste is lessened.  That explains why most airplane meals taste so…well, tasteless.  Guess it’s not such a bad thing that you’re lucky to get a bag of peanuts on most airlines these days.


Speaking of taste...


 Ever notice how some foods just taste unhealthy?  A study found the texture of food influences our perception of its calorie content. Not only that, but it may also affect how much of that food we end up eating.  Specifically, we tend to associate creamy, soft foods- think ice cream or mashed potatoes- with high calorie counts, and hard, rough foods- like raw carrot sticks- with lower calorie counts.  It all comes down to fat, which affects food texture by making things smoother, softer and thicker…and more delicious.



WASHINGTON (AP) — A "Night at the Museum" will be the real deal at the Smithsonian in Washington this summer. The Smithsonian Associates will host Smithsonian Sleepovers, at the National Museum of American History and National Museum of Natural History. The program is for kids 8 to 12 and their chaperones. The Smithsonian says they will explore the exhibit halls at night. The kids will also be solving a mystery through an interactive game and watching a movie. Tickets start at $120 for museum members.



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Administrative Pro's day!, Let US name your kid, Get your Parcels on your time

6:15 This is Administrative Professionals week and today is Administrative Professionals day. There are millions in the workforce that provide for us so much. It's great to celebrate and recognize the hard work they provide on a daily, weekly and yearly basis. Here a few pages that provide some fun facts about Administrative Professionals:



These parents set up a website where people could vote on what they should name their new baby. Unsurprisingly, the choices they ended up with were…strange. Suggestions included Megatron Salad, Streetlamp of-the-sea, Yana Don’t-Blink and Chalupa Batman. The winning suggestion, out of 150,000 votes, was “Cthulhu” – which is also the name of a tentacle-faced science-fiction monster. The full winning name was Cthulhu All-Spark, but that was ultimately vetoed by the parents in favor of the much more normal Amelia Savannah Joy McLaughlin. Bo-ring! ?????

Thank GOODNESS, common sense prevailed here.

7:15 Nothing like being neighborly, huh? This very nice guy "Chris" sent his new neighbor a wonderful note welcoming her to the building with some "stuff you should know". He also gave her a gift card from Applebee's to boot. It's unfortunate that people don't see the good in others anymore. The woman posted the note on Reddit and it went viral. People are saying the guy is trying to score and all kinds of other nasty things. THat makes me a little sad.



Ever since a letter from a tenant to his new neighbor went viral, the internet has been debating whether it’s sweet or creepy.  In the letter, a photo of which was recently posted to Reddit, a man named Chris welcomes his neighbor to the building, sharing useful phone numbers, info on trash collection and other helpful tidbits.  He even offered to help the neighbor with her gas tank and included a gift certificate to Applebee’s. (That part has some wondering if the whole thing isn’t a marketing stunt.)  Chris writes, “I know getting settled can be crazy and time consuming, so dinner is on me. Have an evening without having to worry about cooking. Happy house warming.”

It's a shame we are all so suspect these days.

Have you ever moved in and been creeped out by your neighbors?


8:15 If you order a bunch of junk online...Have you heard of this new service?

Now THIS is customer service. A new company seeks to end the vicious cycle of missed deliveries. Parcel ensures your online orders will arrive at a time when you’ll definitely be home to receive them. Here’s how it works: go to Parcel’s site and set up a free account. Your account is associated to a Parcel-specific shipping address. The next time you buy something online, enter that address instead of your own. Parcel intercepts your package, then texts you to arrange a delivery between the convenient-for-most hours of 7 pm and 11 pm on weeknights. The total cost? Five bucks a package. Sounds like the best delivery deal since Amazon Prime. Want to know more?



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Landau Murphy's coming to town!, Its Earth Day!!! Let's take a selfie., Repurpo

6:15 Interview with West Virginia's own Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. Winner of America's Got Talent. He's coming to town this Thursday, April 24th, at Spring Mills High School. Get your tickets here.

Listen to the interview here. 


6:45 I saw this cool thing that NASA is doing to celebrate Earth Day. They want you to take a selfie, post it to your social media and tag it #GlobalSelfie. Then, they'll make a mosaic with all the pics that are posted. Sounds cool. Here's the article I read.

NASA has come up with a thoroughly modern way to celebrate Earth Day this year, and it’s waaaaayyy easier than planting a tree or taking the bus. The most cutting edge scientific agency in the world wants you to take a selfie. Yes, seriously. The project is called #GlobalSelfie, and here’s the lowdown from NASA’s website:

Here's mine.

7:15 Unusual Ways to Repurpose your garbage

How about using your old shoes or boots as a vase? Look at this... <>

 Used Dryer Sheets
You can't compost dryer sheets because of the chemicals they contain and some dryer sheets, like Bounce, can't be recycled. Check the container to confirm if the sheets are recyclable or not.


Lint Brush: You can roll up some used dryer sheets to fashion a lint brush. This is a useful tool for removing hair and lint from your clothes.

Dust wipes: Whether it’s for your windshield or television screen, these dryer sheets make for great anti-static wipes on all types of surfaces.

Packing Peanuts
Packing Peanuts are that random thing that you receive in mass and may feel guilty tossing in the trash. If you do not wish to receive packing peanuts at all, you can request an eco-friendly or biodegradable option. If not, here are some fun ideas for these packing peanuts.


Substitute Drainage: Instead of using heavy gravel to drain your potted plants, an inch or so of packing peanuts will do the job. This is an instance where the biodegradable type is preferable.

Costumes: If you ever need a belly, you can use packing peanuts to stuff your costume. This is a great way to reuse packing peanuts for holidays from April Fools to Halloween<>!

For non-vegans, eggs are present in a variety of foods from breakfast to desserts. However, the only parts of the eggs that aren’t used are the eggshells. Luckily, we can compost egg shells, but there are also other ways to use eggshells.

Face Mask: Grind eggshells and whisk the remnants in egg white. Use this as a face mask<> and only take off when it has completely dried. This will give you healthy, tight skin.

Pest Control: Eggshells are a great way to deter slugs<>, snails and worms. Just sprinkle crushed eggshells around your flowerbeds to deter all unwanted pests without the use of chemicals. This is also good for anyone having trouble with deer eating plants because deer apparently hate the smell of egg.

Pantyhose...And you thought there was only one purpose for pantyhose? Here are another two!

Food Storage: Store your vegetables and flower bulbs in your pantyhose and hang them. This improves air circulation and prevents rotting.

Artsy Projects: Pantyhose have interesting and unique textures and patterns. Use the pantyhose as a stencil of sorts to recreate these shapes while painting<>.


8:15 According to AP, Soon, poop will help power DC and we're not talking politics. D.C. Water is building a sewage treatment plant that will turn number-two into electricity. Sewage will go into huge tanks called digesters that extract methane gas used for fueling the electric generators. Officials say the leftover solid material will be dried and used as fertilizer. D.C. Water's George Hawkins says their new facility could be a clean energy model for the rest of the country. The new power-generating sewage plant is to be phased into operation starting next month.



8:30-- Did you hear? They are doing another Beverly Hills Cop Movie. No lie. Clearly they have run out of ideas in Hollywood.

To boot, Eddie Murphy's ready, and soon the script will be, too. Beverly Hills Copy 4 should begin filming at end of summer or beginning of fall. A source says Eddie's character heads back to Detroit.


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Tax Organization tips, Best digital Easter Eggs, Allergy meds for hay fever suff

6:15 So...are you a mess when it comes to your tax files? Yeah, me too. I never know when to throw that stuff away. Instead, I just keep it all. 

I came across an article from that spoke directly to me...The boildown: Throw it out! (well, after 6 or 10 years throw it out!)


6:45-- Things are going to be so busy here this week. Movie tix, Administrative Professionals day, Marg and a Movie


7:15- Let's keep Easter going a little. Waste a little time at work and try these...

In the tech sector, an ‘Easter egg’ is a prank or joke hidden in a web page, videogame, or a general application. To find Easter eggs you just have to know the right commands. Here are a few you can activate using the Google search engine …
• Search the word ‘Tilt’ and watch what happens to your screen image. Same is true if you search ‘Askew’.
• Key in ‘Do a Barrel Roll’ at Google search, then hang onto your seat!
• Search ‘define anagram’ and check out Google’s ‘did you mean’ alternative.
• Key in ‘Once in a Blue Moon’ and find out what it equals.
• Google ‘The Answer to Life the Universe and Everything’ and you’ll find out it is … ‘42’.



8:15- New Allergy Medicine for grass allergies. Just pop this baby under your tongue and roll in the grass. You'll be golden. Read more about this new drug that could help you here:



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Who was your celebrity crush as a teen? , Work stress leads to poundage, Did you

6:15 Who was your celebrity crush when you were a kid or teenager? I was online and saw one of those quizzes asking which Duran Duran member you were crushing's the quiz if you need a time waster:

Mine were:

  • -Rockwell
  • -Michael Jackson
  • -I send a fan letter to Malcolm Jamal Warner on the Cosby show

I did not crush on but had posters of:

Leif Garrett

  • Fonzie
  • Shawn Cassidy
  • The General Lee from the Dukes of Hazard.


6:45 FAT CHANCE---


Your job could be making you fat!  A study of American employees found likelihood of obesity depends in part on job field and work environment.  Specifically, people who work more than 40 hours per week and who are exposed to a “hostile” work environment- meaning one in which they feel threatened, bullied or harassed- are more likely to be obese.  Obviously, working long hours means less time to hit the gym.  And experts believe heavier people’s weight may make them a target of hostile behavior at the office.  The fields associated with higher obesity rates include healthcare and social assistance, architecture and engineering, public administration and government, community and service work and protective services.

7:15 Weird inventions

April is “Worldwide Innovation Month”, so here’s a look at some preposterous products that have actually been patented. Whether they’ll ever make it to market is a different matter.
• ‘The Arm Mitten’ – A solar-proof mitten that extends from the fingers all the way up to the armpit, for people who drive with one arm leaning out the car window.
• ‘The Bumper Dumper’ – A port-o-potty that connects to the trailer hitch of your vehicle, said to be perfect for campers.
• ‘The Diaper Alarm’ – A sensor that straps onto diapers so that when baby wets, a mild electrical conduction along his/her skin activates blinking lights and an audible alarm.
• ‘Floating Shade’ – A helium-filled 3-foot disc that’s attached by strings to the shoulders, thus floating overhead to provide hands-free personal shade.
• ‘The Spoon Truss’ – Basically a spoon with an attached bracelet, so parents don’t have to be continuously picking up a utensil tossed from a toddler’s highchair.
– PA News


8:15 Chocolate Bunny Time-- USED 4-18-14

If you’re average, you consume about 5.5 kg (12 lbs) of chocolate per year. Out of 4.24 million tons of cocoa produced last year, the largest amount came from the African nation of Ivory Coast (1.51 million tons). On the other side of the equation, the Netherlands (one of Europe’s leading chocolate producers) led importing nations, bringing in 0.72 million tons of cocoa, well ahead of the USA’s 0.45 million tons.

The cocoa trade has come under criticism recently for the use of child labor in Ivory Coast, among other places. US State Department estimates over 100,000 children work in the cocoa industry. What can you do about it? The ‘Fairtrade’ logo indicates chocolate made by paying cocoa farmers a ‘fair and living wage’. (But doesn’t necessarily prevent enslavement.)
– “The Guardian”


8:45- Friday Toy Memory: S & H Green Stamps- You'd get them from the grocery store and stuff and could trade them in for products. They were around for about 50 years and people went wild for them. I remember when I was a kid, we had a whole drawer full of them, but I don't know if my parents ever traded them in for things. Hmmm.


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KFC Chicken Corsage, Jellybean Flavored Milk just in time for Easter, It's a Sma

6:15- I bet you never thought you'd see this. KFC Chicken corsage! Imagine the chicken chain trying to make it easier for teens to get a prom date. They have this new product, it's a corsage with a drumstick and baby's breath attached. Can you imagine the smell of the gym? Ewww!

I can see this greasy mess now dripping all down your arm and prom dress. No thanks.

6:45 We've got chocolate milk, strawberry milk and now Jellybean flavored milk. Just in time for Easter...Jellybean Milk. Ew.
JELLYBEAN MILK _ Chocolate and strawberry milk are already a fake-nutritious thing, so why not Jellybean Milk? we have Prairie Farms Dairy to thank for this. Those who've tried it say it takes like, yes, candy.

Spring into NEW Seasonal Flavors!

Introducing Easter Themed Old Recipe Holiday Milks and Easter Nog.

Now, enjoy the perfect milk for any season with our exclusive collection of Old Recipe Seasonal Favorites.  

Just in time for Spring, we welcome back Old Recipe 
Egg Nog and introduce two new flavors Jellybean Milk and Chocolate Marshmallow Milk. Old Recipe Jellybean Milk is low-fat milk delicately sweetened with a sugar/monk fruit juice combination and bursting with fruity jellybean flavor. At only 150 calories per 8-ounce serving, it's the perfect guilt free sweet treat anyone can enjoy. Old Recipe Chocolate Marshmallow Milk is delightfully rich and creamy chocolate milk with just the right blend of marshmallow flavor. 

Old Recipe Seasonal Favorites are produced in small batches and are available for a limited time - so savor the spring flavors while you can!

- See more at:

7:15 So in Disney, they decided to celebrate 50th Anniversary of the DisneyWorld theme parks by having a sing off of “It's a Small World”. I'd be so pissed if I got there and there were people in the pretzel shop, in every attraction, in line and in every location singing that song. Ugh! They did. Everyone seemed happy with it. And if they weren't happy with it, they didn't put it on the official Disney website. See for yourself




8:15 I”m wondering if anyone has “cut the cord” with their cable bill? I'm thinking about doing it but I want to be able to watch certain shows. Live. I know it'd be cheaper and I have a friend that recently did it and he likes it, buuuuuuutttt ...I'm still not sure.


I asked for your help and Melody said she cut the cord 5 years ago when she moved to Martinsburg from another state. She said that the cost was much more here for cable so she made the decision. She said, “just think if you're paying $100/month, that's a $1,200 savings a year.”. When you put it that way, I can get some cable and figure it out I guess. But then I'd need a laptop, a service, or a new tv or all of them I think. I think I still need to think much more about it.

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33 things that tell you, you're turning into your mother, scratch and sniff jean

6:15 Ha! Here are the 33 ways to know you're turning into your mother. These are very on target.

I am completely #12-- You talk about how cold it is all the time. Wait, are they watching me or something? How do they know that?

Which one are you?


6:45 Margarita and a Movie Promo with mention of Access Hollywood.Last night, I saw that gals from the movie "The Other Woman" on Access Hollywood and they were so funny. It's  gonna be a fun movie. Margarita and a movie is coming up next Friday at Leitersburg Cinemas. Get your tickets now at:


7:15 So now I've heard everything. Scratch and Sniff Jeans...for men only. So if you're thinking that you might want your denim to be a little fresher than that “just worn” smell. Well this might be your answer.


All you need to know about them is here:

Want to buy them?--


I covered two things: Pharrell's Happy. Oprah had the hatted hero on her OWN Network the other day and showed Pharrell several videos of people singing along and dancing happily to his infectious hit “Happy”. Here's a look at the video (Hint: Grab a tissue, you'll probably need it).


2nd Thing, There is a youtube video series where they present kids (under the age of 12) with relics of old like typewriters and stuff and ask them to comment on it. It's called "Kids ReIt's a modern day “Kids Say the Darndest Things”. It works. It's funny. Today, it's the Walkman cassette player.


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Tax day freebies, Egg Heist...Yikes!, New versions of Baby Got Back, Help for yo

6:15 Here's a Tax Day stumper: Would you rather pay your taxes — or eat a cookie?

Pay your taxes — or get a massage?

Pay your taxes — or sing for your supper?

Oops. Did we forget to mention that on April 15, these all will be free?

Tax Day means lots of things to lots of people, but to most folks it means giving, not receiving. Which may explain why a parade of companies have embraced Tax Day freebies, deals and promos. To brands looking for a star on which to hitch their marketing wagon, almost nothing could be easier than this. "Everyone hates sending money to the government," says brand guru Allen Adamson. But everyone loves free stuff. "It's a theme that unifies." And, just as important, he says, tends to drive social media buzz. Which may help explain this Tax Day loot:

Free dinner. Got a song in your heart? Perform a complete song between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. local time on the live music stage at one of 40 Hard Rock Cafes on Tax Day — and you've just sung your way into a free entree. The chain expects to give away "thousands" of entrees valued at up to $14.95 each, says John Galloway, chief marketing officer.

Free cookies. For those with a bitter taste after filing their taxes, Great American Cookies has a sweet reward — a freebie chocolate chip cookie. OK, the limit is one per person. But no purchase is required, notes Vice President David Kaiser, "nor proof of completed taxes."

Free massage. You need to sign up in advance, but free mini-massages are on tap April 14 through 18 at participating HydroMassage locations. Since the tradition began six years ago, the chain has given away almost 500,000 free massages "in this traditionally stressful time of year," says Paul Lunter, president.

Free shredding. For those with super-secret tax documents to shred, folks who print special Office Depot coupons can shred up to 5 pounds of papers between now and April 29.

Free sandwich. Well, there's a Tax Day catch to getting a free sandwich (The Original) at Schlotzsky's — you have to buy a 32-ounce drink and a bag of chips. But, hey, that's a pretty small price to pay for deli sandwich.

Free fries. Arby's will hand out snack-sized curly fries free on April 15 for guests with coupons from or Arby's social channels. But you won't be able to print the coupons until April 14.

Free chips and dip. At California Tortilla, you can get free chips and queso dip on Tuesday but only if you tell your server these secret passwords: "Taxes Shmaxes."


6:45 Wished my friend Drew a Happy Birthday! Also, I wonder if there was a bunny spotted on the scene of this crime?????



FORT MYERS, Fla. (AP) — It's an egg case Ft Myers, Florida investigators are trying to crack. Someone has swiped a semi-truck with a load of 180,000 eggs. The Lee County Sheriff's Office reports the big-rig was parked behind a 7-Eleven Sunday morning. When the driver returned that night the truck was gone. Investigators tell the News-Press there are no security cameras at the scene. For now, the case of the missing eggs won't be over easy.
Hmm Just in time for Easter---maybe there was a Bunny driving that truck.


7:15 Baby Got's a classic and now, there are tons of other versions. Folk, swing, Rat Pack Sinatra Style, Metal...yeah, I said metal. What's your favorite? This is how I found all of these versions:



8:15 My friend posted this on Facebook last night:

Don't ever buy a wardrobe on-sale from Ikea. 4 hours later,cursing like a sailor, hammering, drilling, no fingernails left...aaaaaaaannnnd straight into the trash heap. Discontinued for a reason “...too bad she didn't know they've finally created the answer to her furniture assembly prayers...

Bout time!!!! Next time you're getting ready to put together that bookshelf named “EKTORP” from Ikea...think of this first


Italian researchers have designed a robot that helps you … assemble IKEA furniture. After all, the frustrating thing about building the stuff isn’t just the little screws or the difficult instructions, it’s the inept person helping you. Through a process called ‘kinesthetic teaching’, the new robot learns the movements needed to complete each project. First, the robot assists the builder in flipping a tabletop over, for instance, then stiffens while still holding it so the builder can screw the legs on. (This could save some friendships!)


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Galileo Vierira from Microsoft with tax tips and apps, I'm Old, French people ha

6:15 This was so good, I decided to run it again. Galieo Vieira Senior Product Marketing Manager, Windows Store Microsoft Corp. He stopped by to chat about several apps that can help you with your taxes and to get your financial house in order. Here is the audio of the interview:



Some of the apps available to make tax time less stressful:

• MyTaxRefund - Quickly check the status of your tax returns after you've filed them, and get an immediate estimate of when you can expect your refund, without even having to be a TurboTax customer!

Bing Finance – Bing Finance helps you stay on top of fast-changing market conditions so you can make the most informed financial decisions. Bing Finance puts your portfolio at your fingertips. Personal Finance – Mint provides real-time updates on financial accounts, bill reminders and personalized money advice directly on the Start screen, anywhere, anytime.

Billminder - Billminder is a minimalist and elegant solution for controlling your expenses. With innovative infographic style display you can see at a glance how much you have to pay.

•  MoBu – Financial Management - MoBu allows you to manage and analyze your financial wealth and your spending and savings. At a glance, MoBu offers different views of your financial assets and allows you to simulate the future, such as obtaining a new loan or a new job.

Yahoo! Finance - The Yahoo! Finance app brings to you a combination of market and stock information, financial news hot off the press and access to your investment portfolios in an aesthetically pleasing package, including Watchlists and Portfolios, latest news and interactive charts.

• Sigfig Portfolio - SigFig is the best free way to manage the most important part of your personal finances: your investments. Sync with your investment accounts and track all your stocks, funds, 401ks, and IRAs in real-time, in one secure personal finance app.

TaxCaster - Use an estimate from TaxCaster to get a quick read on your taxes before you prepare your tax return, adjust your paycheck withholdings so you take home more money, or plan ahead so you pay less tax.

Spending Tracker - By tracking your spending you will be able to stick to a budget and therefore save money.

Office Calculator - Office Calculator is an app designed to optimize office and business tasks. Tax, business and currency conversion functions make this calculator a must have in the office, for working at home or when on the go.


6:45 I'm old. I'm old. I waited for months to see the new Mad Men. I got home at 9:30 last night and ….fell asleep. Old.
So in the middle of the night, I wake up having a hot flash. And I can't sleep. So I turn on the TV and I notice last night was the MTV Movie Awards. I didn't recognize many of the presenters, commentators, and people involved in the show. As I wastched Zac Efrron won the best shirtless actor in a movie award (why don't they have that in the Oscars?). So he wins and the woman that presented the award, runs onto the stage and rips his shirt open.. He looked really good. And he went ahead and ripped it completely off. It was niiiiice. However, I felt a little gross looking at this hot kid. Thinking, Ewww. I'm a creepy coougar.


7:15- Let's be like France in this respect!,2817,2456348,00.asp OFF THE CLOCK

Oh la la!  Trade unions in France have negotiated a policy that prohibits work emails after 6 pm.  This means employees can’t be punished if they don’t respond to work-related communication after 6.  Unlike America, which is known for overworked employees who never unplug (even when they’re on vacation), workers in France already have a reputation for being a bit more laid-back. Maybe we should follow their lead!


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Fun & Crappy Old Commercials, Dove is at it again, Galileo Vieiera with Tax Apps

6:15 Remember these old commercials? Kurt Kronke and I were talking about this the other day and it made me think of how bad the commercials were at that time. For example:


Carvel Ice Cream-Fudgie the Whale you remember and Cookie Puss too?


Mr. Ray's Hair Weave-


Jhoon Rhee TaeKwonDo school-


Mr. Yuk-


6:45 The Dove Beauty Patch

1,394,876 views 1 day ago

Dove soap is at it again...trying to make women feel good in their skin. Look at this!


At Dove, we are committed to creating a world where beauty is a source of confidence not anxiety. So we created Dove: Patches and invited women to discover how the right state of mind can unlock a powerful feeling of beauty that lives inside all women. Become part of the journey that will empower women around the world with the message that beauty is a state of mind.


7:15 Galieo Vieira Senior Product Marketing Manager, Windows Store Microsoft Corp. He called to chat about several apps that can help you with your taxes and to get your financial house in order. Here is the audio of the interview:

Just in case you didn't get to write them all you go!

Some of the apps available to make tax time less stressful:

• MyTaxRefund - Quickly check the status of your tax returns after you've filed them, and get an immediate estimate of when you can expect your refund, without even having to be a TurboTax customer!

Bing Finance – Bing Finance helps you stay on top of fast-changing market conditions so you can make the most informed financial decisions. Bing Finance puts your portfolio at your fingertips. Personal Finance – Mint provides real-time updates on financial accounts, bill reminders and personalized money advice directly on the Start screen, anywhere, anytime.

Billminder - Billminder is a minimalist and elegant solution for controlling your expenses. With innovative infographic style display you can see at a glance how much you have to pay.

•  MoBu – Financial Management - MoBu allows you to manage and analyze your financial wealth and your spending and savings. At a glance, MoBu offers different views of your financial assets and allows you to simulate the future, such as obtaining a new loan or a new job.

Yahoo! Finance - The Yahoo! Finance app brings to you a combination of market and stock information, financial news hot off the press and access to your investment portfolios in an aesthetically pleasing package, including Watchlists and Portfolios, latest news and interactive charts.

• Sigfig Portfolio - SigFig is the best free way to manage the most important part of your personal finances: your investments. Sync with your investment accounts and track all your stocks, funds, 401ks, and IRAs in real-time, in one secure personal finance app.

TaxCaster - Use an estimate from TaxCaster to get a quick read on your taxes before you prepare your tax return, adjust your paycheck withholdings so you take home more money, or plan ahead so you pay less tax.

Spending Tracker - By tracking your spending you will be able to stick to a budget and therefore save money.

Office Calculator - Office Calculator is an app designed to optimize office and business tasks. Tax, business and currency conversion functions make this calculator a must have in the office, for working at home or when on the go.


Friday Toy Memory: What little girl didn't have one of these? Mine was weird, it played "Raindrops Keep Fallin On My Head". How 70's! Do you remember what song yours played? --Rona

Here's a video of one...but of course mine was pink.

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Heartbleed Internet bug is a serious problem, This is what Americans think of mu

6:15- Superbug Heartbleed, could be a big old issue! What you need to do is change your password for all the sites you log into consistently. Just in case. Here are a few articles that give you some insight. It's a BIG DEAL!!!!!!

If you don't believe me, here's a list of the affected sites...there ware TONS of them. Be safe y'all. Change your passwords.

This is a list of all the sites that could be affected. Now you see why it's so important to change your passwords!

This tells you what else to do about the Heartbleed bug: (Good luck!)

6:45 60 Minutes & Vanity Fair took a poll of what we think of music. Surprising results. We basically think:


-new music is kind of um...crappy.

-people want their kids to know music of Mozart or the Beatles

-people want to be the lead singer of a rock band.


Fun stuff. Read more here:


Music to our ears!  A new poll revealed some fun facts about Americans’ musical tastes.  For instance…

-More than 40% of people think the music of the current decade is the worst.

-People are pretty evenly split when it comes to which artist they’d like their children to study- 33% said The Beatles while 32% said Mozart.

-64% of Americans think songs sound best when sung in English.

-About a quarter of people think the guitar is the sexiest instrument to play, with saxophone a close second.

-Almost 30% would most like to be the lead singer of a rock band, followed by the drummer.

-Parents would much rather take their daughters to see Taylor Swift in concert than Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber or One Direction.

-Half think rap/hip hop has reached its peak.

-Nearly three quarters think jazz is more important than hip hop.


7:15 Well, apparently, how I have a total excuse to be the procrastinator that I am! yay! :),0,1353113.story



Why put off ‘til tomorrow something that can be done today?  Because you were born this way!  That’s right- a new study found procrastination may be genetic.  Previous research has found that people who have a tendency to procrastinate also often behave impulsively.  This new study found those two traits may originate from the same genetic roots.  It makes sense, considering both habits likely have evolutionary implications- back when man’s main goal was basic survival, putting off long-term goals to satisfy immediate needs gave us an advantage.

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So THAT'S why we buy cereal?, 11 Strange Doggy Products, This is how you're blow



Cereal companies are up to some dirty Trix when it comes to marketing to children.  It’s a well-known fact that grocery stores arrange items specifically to appeal to target customers.  For instance, more expensive items are often displayed at eye level on shelves so shoppers are more likely to grab them first.  Some stores have recently introduced “man aisles” that feature dude-friendly products like beer and cheese dip.  Sugary cereals are generally placed lower on shelves so as to be eye-level with shorter people (i.e. kids).  But a new study discovered something even more sinister- the cartoon characters on many boxes of cereal are pictured with their eyes pointed downward, so they make eye contact with children.  This is probably to blame for many a grocery store tantrum- as well as plenty of not-so-healthy purchases.


6:45 Yesterday was fun facts about cats: Today was 11 products you can get for your pooch...also from Mental Seriously, who thinks of pet “pawlish” nail polish for dogs? Hilarious!




Credit card interest. The average person owes thousands on credit cards. If you constantly carry an unpaid balance, it’s worth considering whether you’re spending beyond your means.
✗ Designer clothing for babies or children. Does nothing but feed parents’ ego. Kids outgrow clothes and shoes quickly, and they tend to get them messy.
✗ Lottery tickets. The odds of winning on a typical ticket are 1-in-175 million, less than the odds of getting struck by lightning, getting killed by a shark or an asteroid, or being injured by a toilet.
Speedy shipping. Emergency fast shipping is one thing, but paying extra simply for the sake of getting your hands on your newest purchase ASAP is a waste of money.
Unclaimed tax refunds. People who do their own taxes often end up leaving money on the table. Each self-filer leaves behind $460 on average, according to H&R Block.
Unused gift cards. A 2012 study estimated that about $2 billion-worth of gift cards went unredeemed. Why buy them when most people enjoy getting plain old money as a gift?
✗ Wasted energy. Energy efficiency program Energy Star says consumers can cut energy costs by a third if they use the recommendations and suggestions on its to-do list.
.✗ Wasted food. It’s estimated we blow over $500 per person each year by tossing away unwanted snacks and meals.
– Excerpted from “Motley Fool”



Feel like you could use a vacation?  Probably because you need one.  A survey found only one quarter of American employees with paid vacation took all of their allotted days last year.  And 15% took none at all!  On top of that, more than half of people who managed to take time off said they did at least a little bit of work while they were away.  The lesson here?  Take your vacation days, and enjoy them.  After all- more than 20% of American workers don’t even get paid vacation. Read more about it here:


I posed the questions:

  1. Do you take your vacation or leave it on the table?

  2. If you do go on vacation, do you still stay “plugged in”? Answer e-mails/phone calls?

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Tax Tips from EY Tax Guide, Fun Facts about Cats,

6:15-Earlier you heard me chat with Greg Rosica, the tax expert from the Ernst Young Tax Guide. Check out the site, there's great info on:
-50 of the most easily overlooked deductions
-25 common tax filing errors
-Important dates to remember when filing

Get the info here:


6:45- I'm getting a Margarita and a movie! Friday, April 25th at Leitersburg Cinemas. Who's joining me? Get tickets and info at:


A few things even ailurophiles (cat lovers) might find surprising …
• Cats can be allergic to you. Indoor cats in particular can be susceptible to cigarette smoke, dusty houses, human dandruff, pollen, and some kinds of cat litters.
• Cats aren’t always affected by catnip. In fact, half the cats in the world don’t respond at all.
• Cats can actually live with dogs. If they’re introduced while still young – 6 months for cats, 1 year for dogs – they’ll get along just fine.
• Cats have strategies for sharing space. A 2013 study concludes that they appear to ‘timeshare’ territory in order to avoid squabbles between themselves.
• Cat illnesses are often similar to ours. Cats are susceptible to more than 250 hereditary disorders, including their own form of Alzheimer’s.
• Cats get fat just like us. It’s estimated circa 55% of domestic cats are overweight or obese.
• Cats don’t necessarily purr because they’re happy. Sure, they purr when they are content, but also when they’re sick, wounded, giving birth, nursing, or in a stressful situation.
• Cats spend a lot of time grooming. OK, that isn’t surprising but just how much time is – up to 50% of their day. And when they groom you, it’s to show affection and mark you as family.

Most people talk to themselves once in a while, many do it on an hourly basis. Previous research has found that self-directed speech in children can help guide their behavior (talking themselves step-by-step through tying shoelaces, for instance). But can talking to oneself also help adults? In a word, yes. A recent study has found that self-talk can help when you’re searching for particular objects. Saying the object’s name can actually help you find it more quickly. (One advantage of talking to yourself is that you know at least somebody’s listening.)

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Put a hat on or you'll catch a cold! NOT, Punkin Chunkin, Martinsburg--we gotta

6:15 You know how your mom always said “Don't go outside without a hat on your head, you'll catch a cold”? Yeah, that's not exactly right. Here are 10 facts that we all believe are true...but aren't.


DOVER, Del. (AP) — They're movin' Punkin Chunkin. Organizers of an annual pumpkin flinging contest are looking for a new site. The event draws thousands of people to southern Delaware each fall. But the farmer who has allowed the Punkin Chunkin on his land has been sued and wants the event moved. Punkin Chunkin Association President John Huber says he doesn't know where this year's contest will be held. He says one possible location could be Maryland's Eastern Shore.

If there's an intventor in your family. Consider having them participate in the annual Punkin Chunkin festival.

It's a big deal and looks like a lot of fun.


7:15 Gallup Poll shows the fattest and thinnest cities...I have bad news Martinsburg. :( Why can't we show up on a poll that we'd LIKE to be on? This one pretty much says that we are among the top 10 most obese cities in the country. Sad face big time.

Other stuff: Today is Each year, April 7th marks the anniversary of the signing of the Cullen-Harrison Act, which went into effect in 1933 and allowed people to buy, sell and drink beer again—as long as it was less than 3.2% alcohol by weight. Cheers to no more Prohibition!

All week long, listen after the 7:30 news for your chance to win a $25 Glory Days Grill Gift Certificate! Find out more about the Ranson, WV location here.
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We're so busy...and we like it! All Christian Lopez and Story Stomp Grass, Humbl

6:15 GET BUSY 

These days, it seems everybody is SO busy.  Our culture has become obsessed with efficiency, employing technology to make everything- working, eating, exercising, communicating- faster.  But are our schedules really that packed, or do we trump it up and wear our stress as a badge of honor?  Some experts believe the latter is true, and that for all our complaining, we actually like being busy- and talking about it to anyone who will listen.  In fact, some say citing your busy schedule as an excuse for pretty much anything is a passive-aggressive way of saying you expect praise for working so hard.  Move over, #humblebrag…these days it’s all about busy-bragging.

6:45 Kid gets into 8 Ivy League!


7:15 Christian Lopez (love that kid) came into the studio and we had a great time chatting and promoting the the show “Story Stomp Grass” on August 2nd. It's gonna be great with Christian Lopez Band, Jim Avett, and Grace and Tony. Check out the website and get your tickets at:


8:15 If you've never heard this term. I had a difficult time describing it but here's what Urban had to say about it:humblebrag : Subtly letting others now about how fantastic your life is while undercutting it with a bit of self-effacing humor or "woe is me" gloss.

Uggggh just ate about fifteen piece of chocolate gotta learn to control myself when flying first class or they'll cancel my modelling contract LOL :p #humblebrag “

Here's a great page that shows celebrity humble brags: #jerks


Friday Toy Memory: Benji. Need I say more? This dog rocked waaaay before Spuds McKenzie, or that Taco Bell Dog. He had his own movies!

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8 Phrases NEVER to say at work, Mom tries to teach her daughter a lesson, Allerg

6:15 8 Phrases You Should Never Say at Work

There are some things that are better left unsaid. DailyWorth shares phrases you should ditch while you're in the workplace. Choose Your Words Carefully Sometimes the little things we say can have a positive lasting impression. Maybe your boss



6:45 This mom tried to teach her daughter a lesson and she was the one who ended up getting the lesson. Mom's Facebook Lesson To Daughter Backfires (March 24, 2014)

A mother who was trying to teach her daughter that photos shared online can be seen by a lot more people than she thinks, has hopefully learned a valuable lesson herself. Last week the mom, Kira, took a picture of her daughter holding a sign that reads, "Mom is trying to show me how many people can see a picture once it's posted to the internet." A day later, Kira posted, "She is pretty miserable! ...And angry! I’m just trying to prove a point. 468 [shares]. The photo has now moved beyond Facebook. It is now on two other websites (that I’m aware of). Lots of messages, and nice people keeping me in the loop with what they are doing with the photo.”

4Chan caught wind of the photo and the story and decided to teach the mother a lesson of her own, by finding her home address and home phone number online. By Wednesday night (March 19th) Kira reportedly received prank calls and pizzas -- something the group has been known to do. (Daily Dot) UPDATE: Sometime after 11pm ET Wednesday (3/19), Kira removed the photo of her daughter from her Facebook page and scrubbed the rest of her profile of personal information.


People with nasal allergy symptoms could one day find relief through a tiny filter worn inside the nose. The contact lens-sized filter, called ‘Rhinix’, would be placed inside the nose each day to filter out pollen and other allergens. The filter consists of a flexible frame inserted into both nostrils. The frame features a filtering membrane for each nostril, with a small plastic band visible at the bottom of the nostrils. Clinical trials have found it helps reduce sneezing, itching and runny nose symptoms, as well as throat irritation. Its Danish manufacturer is currently seeking FDA approval. (Not only functional … but oh-so-stylish!). Do you suffer from hay fever and allergies? There may be relief on the way! These are nasal filters that block allergens from getting in your nose.


Apparently there is a similar product that was on the ABC TV show "Shark Tank". See an interview with the guy here.


7:45 "Happy" parody videos. I tell you, they are going to be the next big thing! Definitely! I'm not going to post them here because some of them can get pretty raunchy.


8:15 Christian Lopez is coming in tomorrow! He'll join me live in studio with a big announcement!


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Hipsters get beard implants, when did you decide to stop being trendy?, Lion Kin

6;15 I recently read that: wannabe hipsters are getting......wait for it..................beard transplants! Get this, if you're longing for a hipster beard, but just don’t have enough fuzz to fill it out, try a facial hair transplant! Apparently, they’re all the rage among young, stylish men. Customers pay up to $7,000 a pop to enhance their scruff. One plastic surgeon estimates he performs three beard implants a week! “I get a lot of detail-oriented people — artists, architects,” another surgeon said, citing that many of his patients hail from Brooklyn. No surprise there! Well, that got me to thinking, I'm not trying to be trendy like that anymore these days. Then I read this: If your hubby has been letting himself go a bit lately, here's why -- men give up trying to be trendy and cool at the age of 46.  Most say they're not in great shape anymore and have stopped worrying about how they look, and a third of guys could care less about the health implications of what they eat. I turned the question to you... When did you finally give up trying to be trendy?

For me, I gave up being trendy when it was painful. For instance, when I could no longer go out and wear high heels, because they hurt my feet.


6:45 So imagine you're on a flight and the cast of Lion King is on the flight. Before take off, the cast gave a mini performance! Lion King singalong makes flying more fun.




Here’s a new way to get people to put down their smartphones. An invention called Offline Glass is a beer glass that keeps people from checking their phones when they’re out at a bar. It features an iPhone-sized notch cut into the base. The glass can’t stand upright without a smartphone wedged underneath, so if you reach to check your phone, the glass will topple and spill the beer. This is also a handy way to avoid drunk texting! So far it’s only available at one bar in Brazil, but it could soon catch on.



New data reveals which states consume the most wine.  People in Washington, D.C. (we’re looking at you, Olivia Pope) drink the most vino- almost 26 liters per person in 2013.  On the other hand, folks in West Virginia drink the least.  Overall, wine is especially popular in the Northeast, out West and in Florida. See the map here:


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Pharrell on the Voice, Cupcake vending machine, I met Roseanne Cash!, Health Ben

6:15 I played Happy by Pharrell Williams (who is going to be the new judge on NBC's The Voice.)



NBC announced yesterday that Pharrell Williams will replace CeeLo Green as coach on season seven of The Voice.  Pharrell has experience on the show, serving as guest mentor toUsher during season four. Sources say schedule permitting,  Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton will all be back for season seven.

Speaking of things that make me happy...a cupcake vending machine. Awesome! New Yorkers now have a way to get a cupcake at any time of the day or night, whenever the need for a little bit of cake and frosting strikes, with the opening of a Sprinkles cupcake ATM this week in Manhattan. Buyers choose from nine flavors -- black & white, chocolate coconut, Cuban coffee, dark chocolate, lemon meringue, red velvet, strawberry, vanilla and vanilla milk chocolate -- and then just swipe their credit card, at a cost of $4.25 per cupcake. Just 10 seconds later, a small door next to the screen rises and the cupcake is there in a single-serving box. The ATM is restocked several times a day to make sure the cupcakes are fresh. This actually isn't the first cupcake ATM; there are others in cities including Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, Las Vegas and Beverly Hills...what no Martinsburg yet? What up with dat?

Wouldn't it be nice if there were vending machines for things we really NEED? Here are 11 things we need in a vending machine. Can I get an Amen on the fingernail polish?


6:45 My adventures working at the Weinberg Center and meeting Roseanne Cash. Last night, Roseanne Cash came and played an amazing concert with her husband John Leventhal. They were just fantastic. Her voice is wonderful, they play and work so well together and the stories that she told about how she came to her new album The River and the Thread, were just so engaging. At the end of the night, you know me, I needed to get a selfie. Also in the picture is her talented husband John Leventhal, and my friend Elizabeth. Ha.


7:15 The amazing Health Benefits of Lemons. That's cool and all but I'm NOT putting some lemons on my feet to sleep. That's where I draw the line! (abolish acne, canker sores cures, corn and callous removal, cold and flu and so much more. Don't believe me read on!


7:45 JUNEAU BACONFEST celebrates it's 2nd year. Awesome! 

JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — Bacon. Bacon. And even more bacon. The meat treat was celebrated at Alaska's second annual Juneau Baconfest. Not all the bacon there was for eating though, some was for wearing. Model Amy George wore a five pound bacon bustier. She says it was actually pretty comfortable. It was created by artist Lauralye Miko, who used pre-cooked bacon. Miko says the tough part was trying to keep her cats away as she made the bacon bustier. The Capital City Weekly reports Baconfest is a fundraiser for the Glacier Valley Rotary.


8:15 Today in History in 1778- Oliver Pollock, a New Orleans businessman, created the dollar "$" symbol. Or I think so.

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