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My very first baseball game, Ugliest Animal named :(, April fools pranks you can

6:15 I told the story of my very first baseball game in Atlanta Georgia. My best friend Tanya's uncle was getting married in Atlanta, GA. We took a busload of people from the DC area. We had a few hours on our hands the day before the wedding so Tanya and I decided to "scout out" the stadium which was very close to the hotel. We left and bought $4 tickets in a whim and saw the Braves play someone (who I can't remember). We snuck down into better seats and were forced to move.  After the game, when we got back to the hotel, everyone was very worried about us because we didn't tell them where we were going. This is before the days of cell phones so we didn't think to call or leave a message. We were in a heap of trouble. See, we hadn't actually planned to go to the game. We just wanted to go over to the stadium to see what was over there. When we got to the stadium, we realized we could see a game for really cheap so we did! We kinda didn't think about the fact that everyone would be waiting for us at the hotel. Yeah, a good memory.



6:45 No one likes to be called ugly. Poor Blobfish was voted the Ugliest animal from an online vote. It was conducted from the Ugliest Animal Preservation Society. Read the reset here:


7:15- Hehe. Yes, we are all adults here but that doesn't mean you can't play some innocent pranks on your kids right? Buzzfeed to the rescue!


7:45 Ever heard of whaling? Yeah, it's the newest stupid fad the kids are doing. It does look pretty harmless so I'm okay with it. It's just weird. This is the new trend: Whaling. It's people behaving like whales that jump out of the water. Anyone else think this is dumb? At least it seems pretty harmless.




8:15 The ending of an era. How I Met Your Mother finale is tonight!


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Likeable people get ahead--DUH!, Things your kid will have to do if you give th


According to new research, succeeding in the workplace may really just be one big popularity contest. A study, conducted last year by researchers at the University of Massachusetts, found that “likability” is becoming a bigger factor for getting ahead at a job. In a survey of 133 managers, researchers discovered that if an auditor is likable and gives a well-organized argument, managers tend to go with his suggestions, even if they disagree and the auditor lacks supporting evidence. Meanwhile, another study found that people watching a speaker on a videoconference are more influenced by how much they like the speaker than by the quality of the speaker's arguments. Plus, these days more employers are tracking employees' likability on in-house social networks and chat services. Not sure if you come across as likable or not? Don’t worry! Ben Decker, chief executive officer of training and consulting firm Decker Communications, says likability can be learned. He says the "big three" behaviors most important to a speaker's likability are making eye contact, smiling naturally when you talk and varying your tone of voice to convey warmth and enthusiasm.

7:15 Having a name that is just a little out of the ordinary can be tough. If you have a name that stands out from the Jane's, Tim's, and Mary's of the world, you'll understand this.


Grab some ketchup and mustard and head on down to I-220! A wreck on the Shreveport, Louisiana highway Tuesday dumped loads of corndogs all across the road. The corndog truck flipped and hit a guard rail, and the highway was shut down while crews cleaned up the mess. No one was hurt in the crash, but the fate of the corndogs is unknown.


Friday Toy Memory: Wicked Vans. I remember being a kid when I would be sitting in my moms car and would see a “wicked van” come by. They had the airbrushed pictures on the side. They were very 70's. I imagine (now that I'm old enough to get it) that if you opened up the van, there would be 3 dudes with long hair and mustaches and bellbottoms pouring out...and there being a cloud of smoke and a contact high involved. I never did this mind you, I'm just imagining. Here are a bunch of wicked vans.

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What we do in the bathroom, Rent a room in your home for a night, Ease your Spri


6:15 WHAT WE DO IN THE BATHROOM _ Reading, sending text messages and talking on the phone are among the things we do most when using the bathroom. With the exception of the intended uses, reading is the most popular toilet activity with 39 percent of us taking books, magazines or newspapers into the littlest room in the house. Twenty-one percent of those quizzed for the survey owned up to both sending text messages and chatting on their phone, while 18 percent ponder their next meal and six percent say they 'meditate'.


6:45 Would you rent out a room in your home to a stranger for a night? People are doing it all over the world. It's called “Air BNB”. It's sort of a virtual (but real) bed and breakfast.

After the success of Air BnB, someone thought of Air PnP in New Orleans during Mardi Gras. Meaning you can rent out your potty to revelers during the festivities. Whatever floats your boat. Go ahead and take it for a spin yourself:

7:15 Do you suffer from springtime allergies?

10 best tips to ease spring allergies

It's about that time: Temperatures rise, trees  bloom and your nose starts to run. It itches, too; you keep sneezing or coughing, and your eyes won't stop watering. These are all signs of seasonal allergic rhinitis, also known as hay fever and most commonly caused by tree pollen that iritates your nasal passages. Pollen from birch, cedar, cottonwood and pine are particularly big allergy triggers. And if you feel as if your symptoms are getting worse every year, you're not crazy: Research shows pollen counts are slowly rising and expected to double by 2040. Also, if you suffer from migraines and could swear you get more of them when your allergies attack, you might be right again: Recent preliminary research linked nasal allergies and hay fever to an increase in the frequency and severity of these painful headaches.


7:45 Whats the deal with people posting something about I just won $7,000 in scratchers. Tommy Jordan

Why is it that a ton of my Facebook friends have posted that they won $7000 on a scratcher?? Where are these scratchers at??? Tell me!!!!!


Rona Mensah I noticed that too. What the heck? Is it one of those "I'm going to Canada on a moose" type of hidden message and it means something else?


Tommy Jordan Yeah I'm starting to this we are missing something here Rona lol


Rona Mensah Yeah, I'm always outta the loop.


Jennifer November Yeah it is one of those stupid things. Chain letter type stuff.


DeAnna Smith I think its one of those tag games. You like or comment then they inbox you that youre it and then you have to pick from a list of statuses, then continue the vicious cycle


Mellisa Robinette Zaluski

Another stupid fb game |

Another stupid fb game - So I commented on a friend's status and was sent this. ...See More


Tommy Jordan Awww boooooooo....I fell for a stupid FB tag game??? I just got dumber by 90%




OCEAN CITY, Md. (AP) — No cussing like a sailor on the boardwalk. Visitors to Ocean City this summer will be getting a reminder to watch their language. The Maryland resort's town council has approved "No Profanity Please" signs. They'll be posted every block along the boardwalk and available to business owners who want them. The city attorney advises that passing a law against foul language wouldn't be constitutional. But Councilwoman Mary Knight says the signs will show that "Ocean City cares."

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The new face of telemarketing, It's snowing, Love in flight, Girls Night,

6:15 Yesterday, I received a robocall for a home security company. I almost didn't know it was a robocall. I'd received one before. But the fact is, these are interactive. They're made to sound like a person on the other end of the line and they react to you. Ugh.


6:45 So I know the date is March 26th but isnt it nice that we still have temps in the 20's and snow flurries this morning? Yes, I'm being sarcastic. I got a call from someone on Rt 7 and she reported that it was affecting the roads. In fact Frederick Co Virginia schools are on a 2 hour delay today. :(


7:15 Woman looks for love in flight. Does she find it? She won't say! Argh. I need a conclusion to this! 

Have you ever met someone on a flight and wanted to keep in touch? I know I have. In fact, I was on an international flight about 5 years ago. I met a guy and we've kept in touch. While it isn't romantic, it was a unique situation. Weird right? Hope the woman finds love in Clauco.


7:45 Margarita and a Movie! With What's NXT. Girls we are setting up for a GNO! "Girl's Night Out" with our buds at What's NXT. The date is April 25th at Leitersburg Cinemas for the a Margarita (yum) and a movie (fun!). Get your tickets now!


8:15 EMPLOYEES WASTE TIME ON FACEBOOK? NOOO! _ Checked in on Facebook? Then you're among the many being blamed for $260 million a day in lost productivity, according to a study (of 3,500 UK companies). The study concludes that 233 million hours a month are squandered because employees are "wasting time" on social networking sites. 

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Dogs expect gourmet, We get more casual as the week wears on, Quit Over-sharing


You already treat your pet like a human, so don’t be surprised when it starts acting like one.  A study found dogs are actually pretty picky when it comes to food.  In fact, at mealtime, it’s all about quality over quantity- researchers found that when presented with a choice of a larger meal or a smaller, better treat, dogs are capable of a) knowing the difference and b) opting for the better food.  Previously, this ability has only been witnessed in humans and monkeys.




It seems the best cure for a case of the Mondays is a sharp outfit.  A survey revealed nearly three quarters of female professionals choose more formal outfits at the start of the week.  But as the week goes on, fewer women get dressed up for work.  By Tuesday, more than 30% of women admit to spending less time and effort on their hair and makeup.  And by Wednesday, 65% of women have swapped their high heels for flats.  The downward pattern breaks on Thursdays, with 70% rocking a stylish ensemble- probably because it’s a popular night for after-work drinks.  More than 30% of women take the term “casual Fridays” seriously, wearing jeans at the end of the week.




5 ways that oversharing on social media can lead to identity theft! I mentioned my friend Joey, who puts his home address on social media, checks in to all kinds of places, and leaves the location on every place he goes. He never thinks about the fact that he's establishing a routine online, creating a log of when he is home or not home, and so much more. I had my opinion validated by this article from ABCNEWS.COM


They invited a guy to try and hack into their personal know what he found? It was easy to do simply from info that was posted on social media. This is how they hacked into his account. Cray. Here are the 5 things to stop doing:


  • 1. Geolocation Tags on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

  • 2. Posting a Picture of Your Financial or Personal Data...You'd think this was obvious, but

  • 3. Opening Your Home and Car to Strangers with Sites like Airbnb, Airpnp (for bathroom-sharing -- how can you not love this?!) or Lyft. They encourage people to make money off their existing physical assets -- cars, extra rooms or conveniently-located bathrooms. But they can also engender a false sense of security

  • 4. Checking In Everywhere

  • 5. Happy Birthday to Me!





Spoiler alert! The Good Wife killed off a major character during Sunday night’s episode, outraging fans and prompting a letter of explanation from the show’s creators. In the shocking episode, a character opened fire in the courtroom, killing Will Gardner (Josh Charles). Creators Robert and Michelle King wrote in an open letter to fans that Charles decided over a year ago to move on to other endeavors, leaving them with a major decision to make about the fate of his character. Ultimately, they decided that the “brutal honesty and reality of death speaks to the truth and tragedy of bad timing” between Will and Alicia (Julianna Margulies). “Will’s death propels Alicia into her newest incarnation,” they said. It remains to be seen whether their words are enough to help fans get over their grief.


8:15 If you have a cat, you understand cat behavior (sometimes it defies logic). This is hilarious...little jerks!



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What's Oil pulling?, Are microwaves are done for?!, They added Whackadoo to the

6:15 Have you ever heard of this thing called “Oil Pulling”?

Oil pulling is a folk remedy that originated in India (and appears in an early text of Ayurvedic medicine, aka traditional Indian medicine, which is considered alternative medicine, theCharaka Samhita.) You take a tablespoon of oil (many sites recommend sesame oil as the number one best friend of all possible oils, but others swear by coconut or sunflower, while others warn against coconut) into your mouth by morning and swish or pull it around and through your teeth and gums without swallowing it. You do this for about 20 minutes. Then you spit it out. By the act's end, the oil is supposed to go from being clear to a white, milky substance, as it is now loaded with toxins and bacteria it has drawn out via all that swishing. (Here is a great guide to all that written by Dr. Sarah Villafranco, an emergency physician who is also a fan of the technique).



After a decades-long boom, the popularity of microwaves is cooling.  Sales of microwaves have been flat every year for almost the past 10 in the U.S., dropping 40% since their peak in 2004. Experts believe the death of the microwave may be due to the fact that people these days are trying to avoid heavily processed frozen food in favor of fresher, healthier fare.  Also, microwaves seem to be getting edged out by other kitchen appliances, like toaster ovens and slow cookers. Of course, most people currently own a microwave- 90% of American households, in fact.  But that might be part of the problem- try to remember the last time you bought a new microwave. Read the story here:



7:15 Let the record show, that I would love this job. I would want to sit around and figure out words that should be added to the Oxford English Dictionary. My favorite word by far is Whackadoo!

New words in the Oxford English Dictionary


 Word up!  The Oxford English Dictionary’s March 2014 update includes more than 900 new words, phrases and senses.  Among the latest additions…




-Crap shoot









This is the wurst! A charity event in Michigan had participants eat 20-foot-long bratwursts all in the name of art! Twelve competitors turned out Thursday night for the Wurst Challenge to see who could down the sausage the fastest. The event, which was held at a restaurant called The Wurst Bar, raised around $7,000 for the FLY Children’s Art Center. Their stomachs might not be feeling too good, but at least they helped do some good!

Hear the story here:

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TV Show Theme songs changed, New Santana music, Turning water into wine?, Starbu

6:15 This totally took me back in time. I wonder why they changed the theme songs of some of my favorite shows. Now I have a few answers. Check it out, the Top 10 TV Shows That Changed Their Theme Songs. Thanks Mental Floss!!!!

6:45 I've always liked Carlos Santana. He's coming out with new music May 6. The new album features Pitbull, Ziggy Marley, Gloria Estefan, and Miguel. 

Also, he's on tour. He'll be in DC in August#oldskoolrockin!


7:15 Turning water into wine? I'd be down with that! The new Miracle Machine is getting ready to hit the market.


Wouldn't it be neat to turn water into wine? There's a new product where you can do that...sorta. They call this new thing "The Miracle Machine".


7:45 Starbucks wants to see you some beer, wine, and tapas at night. It's called Starbuck's Evening. Huh. Sounds good to me.

Friday Toy Memory: Trapper Keeper! I was rough on my notebooks when I was in school.I think I had one that was whimsical with like a rainbow or something on it. Then I stuffed too many papers into it and the edges of it broke. So my parents got me a much more modest burgundy Trapper Keeper. That one still exists to this day. It was a folder, with a velcro closure. We were excited about it. Remember this commercial? It features a young Lori Loughlin from Full House fame.


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Bob Vila I am not!, Insane Translated Movie Titles,

<======6:15  This guy, I am not! At 6:15, I told the story about my bathroom faucet that was dripping. I ended up watching a how-to video to do stop the drip and I fixed it! Yay me! The problem is that I noticed that I didn't put the handle on correctly, so while it was fixed, it wasn't fixed properly. Next thing I know, I'm dismantling the handles A-gain, I forgot to turn off the water, and I ended up spraying water all over the floor, walls and couldn't figure out how to get the handle back on correctly... and me messing it up. Just to change the washer ended with me having one handle off and the no hot water and no drip.  Ha! Maybe I'll got back to it this afternoon when I get home. The problem is that I got motivated to do this little project last night. I don't know if I'll be interested today.  We'll see. 


6:45 My favorite translation so far in this article is “So, where is the pilot?” for Airplane. Ha!

7:15 Since it's tax season, I thought I'd give you interesting little tidbits about IRS and Taxes.

Also the WV Aging and Disability Resource Centers are offfering Free Senior Tax Credit assistance. You can call them at 1-800-296-5341.


8:15  Where does the time go?  Now we know.  A study broke down exactly how much time American adults spend with digital media.  On a typical day, we pass 11 hours watching TV, using our smartphones and browsing the internet, among other activities.  The number-one source of electronic media is live TV, which we spend more than five hours watching per day.  In second place is radio, which we listen to for two hours and 46 minutes a day.  Smartphones come in third (one hour and seven minutes), followed by internet on a PC, timeshifted TV (shows recorded on our DVRs), video game consoles, DVD/Blu-Ray players and multimedia devices.

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What's your guilty pleasure, 5 second rule, Avoid your friends with this app, He

6:15 What's your guilty pleasure? 'Guilty Pleasure.' What's your guilty pleasure?

I can eat an entire can of black olives.

TV: I really love Lifetime Movie Network. I can watch several of them back to back. It's one of my favorite things to do


6:45 G'head and eat it!


 A new study lends scientific backing to a commonly-held theory: the five-second rule.  It found that the amount of time a piece of food is on the ground does in fact have significant impact on the level of bacteria it picks up!  So go ahead and eat food off the floor- just remember, timing is everything. Read more here:



7:15 When I get out of the gym, the last thing I want to do is see people. I'd do anything to avoid them. Think about it, I'm sweaty, probably wearing something not very flattering and I very well may stink. No thanks to social interactions. Now I have a way to avoid people, there's a new anti-social network. The app Cloak links with Foursquare and Instagram to find out where your friends are and then helps you avoid them. I'm feeling this! Read about it here:


7:45 As you may know, Hedgesville H.S. Boys Basketball team is headed to Charleston on Thursday to take on Parkersburg HS for the State Tournament. Go Eagles!! 

If you are interested in tickets $8/adults and $6/students, they are on sale at the school:

Today(Tuesday) from 8am-3pm

There's also a fan bus. If you have interest in the fan bus, call the school. (304) 754-3354,wv)/basketball/home.htm



Not the breast excuse! A female driver stopped by police in England told them she wasn’t wearing her seatbelt properly because it hurt her boobs. During the traffic stop, officers noticed she had the seatbelt tucked behind her arm. They gave her a warning and explained that wearing the seatbelt incorrectly could end up causing more harm than good. Even if she does have those two airbags in front…

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St. Patricks day, snow and other junk
Today, I just wung it. Is that a term? I think I'm trying to say I did the past tense of winging it. You figure it out! :)

6:15-  Did you ever wonder how we got to celebrate St. Patrick's day? Here's your boildown: IN 493, A.D.- Saint Patrick, a Christian missionary, was believed to have died [it is not known for certain]. Originally from England, Saint Patrick was taken to Ireland as a slave when he was 16. There, he introduced Christianity to the country. Legend has it that he explained the Christian concept of the Holy Trinity by holding up a shamrock with its three leaves combined in a single plant. Now, we observe St. Patrick’s Day on this date. Read more here:

The day doesn't have anything to do with green beer, wearing kiss me I'm irish t-shirts or many of the other things we associate it with today. That doesn't mean I can't wear something wacky. Like my litte outfit?


6:45 Talked about the traffic conditions that I saw on the way in.


7:15 St. Patrick's Day Kid jokes.


also, I introduced the rimshot. Need one yourself?


8:15 I can't even remember what I talked about...hmm. I'm getting old. :)

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Wind has left us with weird stuff on our lot, Cherry blossoms are almost here!,

6:15- All the debris that has ended up in our parking lot and bushes near our building. What the?


WASHINGTON (AP) — It's a sure sign spring is almost here. Folks in the Washington area are getting tired of the cold, snowy winter. But the blossoming of the famed cherry trees is just about a month away. The National Park Service predicts the blossoms will be at their peak April 8-12. That's a little later than average. But James Perry of the park service has some advice for the winter weary. He says, "Relax and let Mother Nature take her course."


7:15 Interview with Steve Kleinedler., Executive Editor of the American Heritage Dictionaries. We chatted about the new book “100 Words Every 4th Grader Should Know”

Here's are review of the book from


Turns out tech jargon goes over most Americans’ heads…like, way over.  In fact, according to a survey, 11% of people think HTML is a sexually transmitted disease!  (FYI, in case you’re one of them…HTML is a website coding language.)  More than three quarters of Americans don’t know what SEO stands for (search engine optimization).  And almost 25% think an MP3 is aStar Wars robot (wrong again…that’s either C3PO or R2D2.  An MP3 is, of course, an audio file).  Close to 30% think a gigabyte, which is a unit of storage measurement, is a South American insect.  Fifteen percent think software refers to comfortable clothing, and 18% think Blu-ray is a marine animal.  But the best part?  More than 60% of people surveyed believe it’s important to have a strong understanding of technology in this day and age.  Go figure.  Read more here:,0,1188415.story#ixzz2vBysm4q8

Or here:



You may soon be able to get drunk and feel good about it. A Canadian beverage company has reportedly created a new low-alcohol beer that is packed with protein, nutrients, antioxidants and electrolytes. The “recovery ale,” created by food scientists at Vampt, is going to be marketed as a sports drink and will bill itself as a healthy alternative to traditional suds.   The company hopes to market the drink to beer fans with an active lifestyle.  That sounds like an oxymoron to us.

Read more here:!zELj0


8:45- Friday Toy Memory: Friday Toy Memory: Bermuda Bags. These were all the rage in the 80's...along with Izod shirts, those belts with the whales, the Preppy handbook and plaid everything.

I had one that was olive green corduroy and was a white plaid on the other side. The good part about the handle is that if you got yourself into trouble, you could slug somebody with the wooden handle and run. I guess.

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Teachers reading tweets by their students...about them ,3-yr old kid that argues

6:15 I love this! Teachers read tweets about themselves made by students. Awesome!

The final pic says 'Be careful what you post online, you never know who might read it”.

Such a great way to get the point across!

6:45 Basketball terms laying around. I always wondered how sports dudes found such colorful ways to describe a simple making a basket or running up the field for a touchdown. Well, I learned something recently when I found a list of terms for play-by-play commentary. There were all these terms that made it clear, that these dudes rip off each other an there's a little bit of a cheat sheet. Hmmm. When sports dudes sound like this: )

I have no hope (but I do if I have a cheat sheet). :)

7:15 Saw this video that irked my nerve!

Kid calls his mother by her first name and is argumentative.

Danielle said her kids never have called her by her first name. I rmember being afraid of adults and always calling them Mr. Or Mrs so and so.

Or Aunt so and so if they were friends of my mom NEVER by their first names. :)


8:15 Aw, this is too bad if it's true. I feel like school dances are a rite of passage. It appears that teens are ditching school dances.

School dances used to be some of the most-anticipated events of the year.  But it seems they’re becoming a thing of the past.  Many schools have started canceling dances due to lack of attendance.  According to one school administrator in New York, students don’t go to dances anymore because they’d rather stay home and interact with one another via text, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat.  Plus, while teens of the early 2000s were limited to the family computer if they wanted to chat with their friends online, these days most kids have their own laptops and smartphones, which means they can do so from the privacy of their rooms.  School officials say that while dances used to be a prime opportunity for kids to socialize, technology has changed all that.   Fortunately- or unfortunately, depending on how popular you are- most schools still at least hold an annual prom.

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We spend a lot of time primping, Pot weddings?, You did what behind the wheel?,
Blah blah blah...

6:15 So interesting. Boildown: Women spend 6 ½ hours a week on our appearance. Men spend 4 ½. Teens girls spend almost 8 hours a week and Teen boys spend 4 hours. (no surprise there).



 Looks may not be everything, but they sure do take up a lot of time.  Women spend an average of 55 minutes per day  on their appearance- that amounts to six and a half hours a week, or about two whole weeks a year!  In fact, women worry more about how they look than their finances, health, relationships or careers.  

The majority of women have complained about their appearance to someone else at least once in the past month.

 And almost half say social media makes them extra self-conscious about how they look, with

60% having negative thoughts about their appearance every week.  

Of course, guys aren’t entirely innocent of self-obsession- men spend four and a half hours a week on their looks, and 36% have negative thoughts about themselves weekly.  Here’s one thing men and women can agree on- both sexes worry about their stomachs.  Women’s top appearance concerns are their skin, thighs, hair, cellulite and butt, while for men, it’s their hair and skin.  



In Colorado, having an open bar is no longer good enough for a wedding. With this year’s legalization of marijuana, more and more couples are finding ways to incorporate pot into their special day. Options include vaping stations for guests and pot leaf bouquets for the bridal party. And instead of just Bud in a glass,  groomsmen can enjoy  “bud-tonnieres,” made with a cannabis bud.  Explained  Edible Events founder Jane West, “After the formalities of the ceremony, they can remove the item, put it in the wedding party gift, which is a pipe, and smoke it." And it sounds like guests are all for it. A recent poll on The Knot showed that 67% of those asked would love to go to a weed party. Well, it certainly would be a smokin’ hot bash. Oh dear...


7:15 I'm a serial flirter and eater behind the wheel. Not at the same time mind you. Clearly I'm not alone! People have admitted to getting busy on the roads (in their car)

A new online survey measures just how much actual living goes on in cars -- whether it is eating, applying makeup, flirting or having sex.

As a result, according to the Harris Interactive survey conducted for a company called Scout GPS, drivers are still distracted despite all the attention paid to the risks.

The survey finds that

-11% of the the 1,832 U.S. adults participating in the survey admit to "having participated in a sexual activity while driving." (getting freaky)

-Predictably, men were three times more likely to admit -- boast? -- that had, at 17%, compared to women, 5%. By a percentage point, those age 35 to 44 were the leading age group for acknowledging their sexual exploits in moving cars. Those 18 to 34 were next.



-Some 19% say they have eaten using a fork, spoon or knife while driving,

-10% have applied makeup and

9% have flirted with another driver.

Those who have read a book behind the wheel represent only 4%.


While Harris is a respected polling organization and 1,832 is a lot of respondents, the results are not considered scientific. But they are interesting.


7:45 Yesterday there was a press conference to announce the new concert with Jim Avett, Grace and Tony, and The Christian Lopez Band. Cool. This is a great “get” for him and the band. And for us who gets to go to the show.

8:15 We've got remotes coming up. Come see us somewhere!

8:45- Have you seen this video for “First Kiss” it's so.... read this then watch the video

STRANGERS KISSING VIDEO GETS 7 MILLION VIEWS IN A DAY _ How does a clothing brand get 7 million YouTube views in one day? By getting 20 strangers to kiss each other. The video, titled First Kiss, features strangers - all wearing L.A. fashion label Wren's fall 2014 clothing collection - meeting for the first time and kissing on camera. Yeah, that's it, but there's so much more. First the people meet, realize they have to kiss each other and cope with those feelings. There's lots of awkward banter, nervous laughter and hesitant movements. Finally, the couples start kissing, and the game changes. Some kisses are hesitant, some are quick, some are intimate.


RONA'S THOUGHTS===========>The best quote I've hard about this so far “It's like the hipster Bachelor.

These people are models who have been hired to portray strangers. Nevermind, that loses some of the kitsch and cool factor for me. Also since I didn't see this before and think it was a
real social experiment, I'm okay with knowing it's a set up for a clothing ad.




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Heartwarming story of kid giving soldier $, National Kidney Month and Walk, New

6:15 KID GIVES SOLDIER FOUND $20  heartwarming story

For an eight-year-old, finding $20 is a big deal. But for Myles Eckert, what he did with that $20 is an even bigger deal.  Myles found the bill in the parking lot of an Ohio Cracker Barrel and originally planned to use it to buy a video game. But when he saw a soldier dining at the restaurant, Myles, who was just five weeks old when his father, Army Sgt. Andy Eckert, died in Iraq, changed his mind.   He decided to give that $20 bill to the soldier, Lt. Col Frank Dailey,  with a note that read, "Dear soldier — my dad was a soldier. He's in heaven now. I found this 20 dollars in the parking lot when we got here. We like to pay it forward in my family. It's your lucky day! Thank you for your service. Myles Eckert, a gold star kid." Dailey couldn’t believe such a gesture came from someone so young. “It's incredible being recognized in such a manner,” he said. “I look at it (the note) every day."  Dailey says he learned a big lesson from Myles and decided to give the $20 away and plans to do more. He also hopes Myles’ story inspires others across the country to give as well.   


6:45 The Bachelor: This is exactly what I posted on my personal Facebook page...check out the commentary that commenced. I changed the names in case there is some problem with posting real  people's names comments here:

I said: Who cares if Juan Pablo did not tell the woman he's in love with her on TV? Isn't that his decision and between the two of them?


  • 9 people like this.

  • Therese- I'm on #teamChrisHarrison and #team sean on's the whole point of the show! JP needs to get over himself...

  • JB-- Huh?

  • Raye - Personally. I think he's a pompous a$$hole.

  • Sam- Not when you put your stuff on TV. He is a D-Bag and she is the dumbest chick I have seen in awhile, lol. Just sayin

  • Carly-I agree with Raye! I dont care that he didn't say I love you... he just wasn't genuine these last 3 weeks.. it was like personality 360.. Jekyll and hyde

    Kim- Nikki is cute, but she is pretty dumb if she thinks this is going anywhere! He makes my skin crawl. His conversation level with anyone is around 1st grade.

  • Rona-I never even watched an episode of The Bachelor this season. All I'd heard is how much people disliked Juan Pablo. So when I happened on the finale, I was curious. I watched and couldn't believe how invested people were getting on social media. I suppose I'd want a satisfying outcome if I invested in watching it for a season too. I found I had an opinion too, so I guess the producers of that show got what they wanted...another invested viewer.



7:15 Melissa Clark from the National Kidney Foundation. Western Maryland Kidney Walk 2014 is coming up May 4th so Melissa was telling us all we need to know about it.

7:45 First, Pharrell has partnered with the UN for International Happiness Day on March 20th! Yay.



Replacing Brooke Burke isn’t the only change Dancing with the Stars is making. On Good Morning America recently, host Tom Bergeron revealed the show has added a new twist this season – for the first time ever, viewers will be allowed to vote to switch celebrities and their pro partners.  As for those celebrities, this year’s competitors include: Real Housewives of Atlanta’s NeNe Leakes; Olympic Gold medal-winning ice dancing pair Charlie White and Meryl Davis; former NHL starSean Avery; former Full House star Candace Cameron BurePrice is Right host Drew Carey;The Wonder Years’ Danica McKellarStar Wars’ Billy Dee Williams; double amputee snowboarding champ Amy Purdy; Australian pop singer Cody Simpson; long distance swimmerDiana Nyad and Big Time Rush’s James Maslow. Click here to find out who the stars are partnered with.


8:15 THE 4-DAY ICE CREAM CLEANSE _ If you've ever tried to lose weight you've probably at least considered a cleanse. There's the Master Cleanse, Dr. Oz's 48-Hour Cleanse, the Colon Cleanse... and so many more. But my new favorite is the diet cleanse made entirely of ice cream. Yep, it turns out there's a vegan ice cream shop in Los Angeles that's offering a four-day, ice cream only-diet cleanse that's supposed to be good for you. For $240 (correct) Kippy's Ice Cream Shop will give you 20 pints of its coconut-cream based, raw, organic, non-dairy ice cream, in a variety of flavors. The cleanse works out to one pint per meal, five pints per day, for four days straight.


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Wake up and smell the bacon, Is it skunk season or what?, Bill Cosby is coming t
I was chock full of things to say today. While everyone all weekend was kvetching about losing an hour, I'm rested and rarin to go! WOo-Hoooo!

6:15 Wake up and smell the bacon!!!! Bacon App. Bring it! NOW (for Android too Oscar Mayer).


6:45 What's up with all the skunks? I encountered no less than 3 this morning on my way to work. I smelled them before I could see them. Naturally. Of course I can google it and find this:


Yes, Rona, it's Skunk season.



7:15 4 Things your doctor doesn't need to know...   (his happened to me just this past weekend, they asked for my SSN...I declined)

7:45- Bill Cosby coming to the Maryland Theatre. First show at 8pm sold out in a matter of hours. Now a new show has been added and tickets will go on sale tomorrow.




8:15 Knit a sweater for a penguin! KNITTERS NEEDED FOR PENGUIN SWEATERS

You’ve heard of the penguin suit, well how about the penguin sweater? The Penguin Foundation, based in Australia, is asking knitting fans to make sweaters for penguins that have been caught in major oil spills. The pullovers are needed to help the penguins stay warm and to stop them from using their beaks to clean off the oil themselves. And you don’t have to be an expert knitter to help out. The Foundation says they’re easy to make, and even provides patterns.   Not to mention they are adorable!

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Man eats only pizza for 25 years!, Dark Horse vs Art of Noise, Men prefer being


Pizza is delicious, but could you really eat it for every meal? This guy could – and has been doing so for the past 25 years! Dan Janssen, a 38-year-old from Maryland, claims to have eaten nothing but pizza since he was 13 years old. He eats it for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and – get this – he only eats cheese pizza. He doesn’t even spice it up with different toppings! His all-pizza diet started when he became a vegetarian as a teen for “ethical reasons” and decided he didn’t like vegetables. He says he never gets sick of pizza, but all that cheese and dough can certainly make you sick. Janssen has health problems and is currently seeing a therapist to get to the root of his food aversion. What this guy needs is a slice of reality.

6:45 Katy Perry's song “Dark Horse” reminds me of the Art of Noise song “Moments In Love” it came out in the 80's. Here's Katy's Song and then Art of Noise.



Anybody else hear resemblance?

Now, someone has mixed the two of them. Okay, whew, it's not just me! Compare.



A new study suggests the reason there are more male bosses than female ones is because everyone prefers it that way.  It found that men generally prefer being in charge, while women are more likely to want to work with their equally-ranked peers.   While previous research reveals this pattern time and again, experts warn that women’s instinct to cooperate with their equals could prevent them from becoming mentors for other women in the workplace.  And studies have shown that women benefit career-wise from the guidance a mentor provides.

8:15 People thing Daylight Saving time is harmful. Phooey I say!


Friday Toy Memory:Happy Friday Y'all! The Friday Toy memory: Old School Pencil Sharpeners. I was in an old building the other day and I saw one of these attached to the wall. Wow!

Remember cranking these things and having to dump them shavings?...those sweet sweet shavings?
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What's your state's Fave band?, Arby's Buys Pharrells Hat,Smartphone Do's and Do

6:15- What's your state's favorite band? In the dub v (WV) we like Matchbox Twenty. Okay.

Every state has a favorite band according to Time Magazine. In WV it's Matchbox 20, in MD it's Kelly Rowland, and VA it's Dave Matthews (make sense right?).

Check out the rest.



Hats off to Pharrell Williams!  The “Happy” singer made headlines a few weeks ago when he rocked a ridiculously large hat to the Grammy Awards.  Then, he donned a similar topper during his performance at Sunday’s Oscars.  But now he’s turning a viral meme into a philanthropic opportunity.  It hasn’t gone unnoticed on social media that the logo of fast food chain Arby’s bears a striking similarity to the hat.  Appropriately, the chain just bought it in an eBay auction for more than $44,000!  The money is reportedly going to the children’s arts and technology charity From One Hand To Another.




A new etiquette survey reveals the top dos and don’ts of mobile phone use.  The majority of people surveyed said they know someone who exhibits bad smartphone behaviors...and many are probably guilty of these transgressions themselves.  So hold the phone and check your manners!


Consider your ringtone and its volume.

Have conversations about sensitive subjects in private.

Be careful while walking and texting.

Turn your phone off during funerals, weddings, movies etc.

Mind your language when talking on the phone in public.

Surrender your phone when you’re drunk to avoid embarrassment.


Use your phone while on the toilet (almost half of people admit to doing this! Here’s a tip- the echo of the bathroom totally gives you away).

Talk on the phone while making a transaction at a store, coffee shop, bank etc.

Be overly distracted by your phone while you’re physically with another person.

Let more than an hour go by before responding to a text.

Break up with someone via text message (ouch).

Overdo it with the abbreviations, like LOL.

Use your phone while eating a meal with family or friends.

Text or email in all caps.



I’m working on my core — with friends Ben and Jerry. The ice cream brand upped its game by giving usnew ‘core’ flavors — two ice creams, one cup. With amazingness in between. If you ever contemplated what is better than sex…,0,3838486.story?utm_source=Daily+Skimm&utm_campaign=2aea2d46f5-daily_skimm&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_74efee6205-2aea2d46f5-22978749#axzz2uTI1ytFX

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Snow day 3-3-14 Oscars, Best Cars. Stock photos, The Boss does a cover


In what some people felt was one of the closest Oscar competitions in years, the 86th Annual Academy Awards were pretty predictable. As expected, Best Picture went to 12 Years A Slave, which also won for Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Supporting Actress for Lupita Nyong’o.Matthew McConaughey continued his award season winning streak, taking home Best Actor forDallas Buyers Club, as did Cate Blanchett, who won Best Actress for Blue Jasmine and Jared Leto, who nabbed Best Supporting Actor for Dallas Buyers Club. Other winners included: Frozen,Best Animated Feature; Alfonso Cuaron, Best Director for Gravity and Spike Jonze, Best Original Screenplay for Her.



Start your engines! Consumer Reports has named their top car picks for 2014. The expensive yet efficient Tesla Model S electric sedan came in first overall. Other category winners include…


Best small car: Subaru Impreza

Best midsize car: Honda Accord

Best small SUV: Subaru Forester

Best large SUV: Hyundai Santa Fe

Best minivan: Honda Odyssey

Best pickup truck: Chrysler Ram 1500

Best luxury sedan: Audi A6

Best sports sedan: BMW 328

Best green vehicle: Toyota Prius hybrid


7:15--I have waaaaay too much time on my hands but I started noticing all the stock fotography pics I see. There was one a few years ago that had to do with salad that had a lot of women, looking at their salads and laughing. It made me think that there are a ton of cliches with that kind of thing. For instance: Salad IS Hilarious!

1. Multicultural team of close talkers --in the workplace

2. Headset hottie (attractive woman w/headset meant to make you think of a call center or Julie your time life operater)

3. Techno yogi (woman doing yoga at her laptop)

4. The Hurdler --Can you help people overcome their biggest hurdles or obstacles? Why not show them with this stock photo of a businessman jumping over an actual hurdle?

5. The Frustrated-at-Technology Guy--Do you want to remind your customers about the pitfalls of your competitor's products? Do so with an image of a frustrated man, woman, or child (you can take your pick; you have plenty of options in stock-photo land!).

6. The Eureka Moment Use this photo when you want to convey how truly life-changing your product is.

7. The AARP Couple Is your target audience over 50? Be sure to feature a couple of silver foxes on your site to make Boomers feel at home there!

8. The Whiteboard Thinker--I've never seen someone write on a clear glass whiteboard in real life, but I've seen it hundreds of times on the Internet (including on our own site... no one said we were innocent!). Use this photo whenever you need to showcase strategic thinking!

8:15- Bruce Springsteen covers Lorde Royals in concert. Cool!

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